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Good value100% agree

Long battery life100% agree

Small form factor100% agree


Best Smart Phone I've Ever Used.

This is my 2nd Blackberry Torch after my first was stolen. I was so obsessed with my first one I had to immediately replace it when it was gone.

My battery can last about 3 days - which is amazing for a smart phone these days. The set-up is very user friendly, even if you don't know how to use the apps. The camera takes decent quality pictures with different settings and zooms. The phone rarely freezes and always prompts for updates.Read full review...


Excellent smartphone

I love the size and features of the blackberry torch. the touch screen is great.
it is sensitive enough and can be adjusted if needed. this smart phone has all of the features i wanted in a phone: touch screen, qwerty keyboard (touch screen and slide out keyboard), nice camera, memory card, easy to use calendar, and wifi capable. this was my first blackberry and i love it.Read full review...


Recommed it if you want a very secure phone.

This a very good phone, its just that a bis is a must to enjoy all phone feature.

Touchscreen is excellent, camera is very good and the qwerty keyboard is great for fast typing.

The only downside for me is that bis (blackberry internet services) is a must, and the appworld doesnt have lots of app other wise is a very good phone.Read full review...


Four out of five, I would definitely recommend this phone.

For my first blackberry, which I bought because it had most of the features I was looking for at a very affordable rate. The phone is great so far. I enjoy the combination of the touch screen and the full key board. I also enjoy the many apps, and the blackberry messenger. The only thing I would say I was disappointed in was the lack of a camera on the front. But compare to the Nokia I had before it I would say the blackberry torch 9800 is definitely a step up.Read full review...


Great product

Love this phone. Easy to use. Fast. I like this better than the iphone. I love the actual keyboard bc the touch screen keyboard on a lot of phones is not as easy to use and you end up pushing the wrong button. This phone has a great calendar and keeps me on schedule. Love it!Read full review...


super,bar none

This phone is nothing like the past blackberrys ,maybe because of the new operation system , took me a day to get use to, it has a great camera and very smooth speed , the keyboard is a bit odd compared to the CURVE or PEARL, Overall a great phone, i bought because i needed to upgrade and my Blackberry Storm 2 was getting old and turning into a Dinosaur by the day, i dont have any complaints about the Blackberry Torch at allRead full review...


love it

it is an awesome product great value for money. its features are really great and user friendly. Access to the internet without any problems.


Blackberry finally has a phone that's not complete $h1t!

Purchased for my fiance, I hate Blackberry with a passion but she loves them because it's the only brand she's ever used. I always end up having to do the set up for her and normally hate it. The torch was a lot easier than most of their previous models and seemed a lot quicker and user friendly compared to older modelsRead full review...



Height 4.37 in / 111 mm 5.83 in / 148 mm
Width 2.44 in / 62 mm 2.44 in / 62 mm
Depth 0.57 in / 14.6 mm 0.57 in / 14.6 mm
Weight 5.68 oz / 161.1 g 5.68 oz / 161.1 g
1300 mAHr removable/rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Talk time: Up to 5.5 hours (GSM®), up to 5.8 hours (UMTS®)1
Standby time: : Up to 18 days (GSM), up to 14 days (UMTS)1
Music playback: Up to 30 hours
Video playback: Up to 6 hours
512 MB onboard memory
4 GB eMMC + 4 GB media card included2
Expandable memory with support for microSD cards up to 32 GB
Read full review...


good phone is easy of used

good phone is easy of used

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