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BlackBerry Storm2 9550: Simple, not high end but good cell for your parents

Why Smart Phone:
This is all personal preferences. Smart phones are the best choice now a days. You can get all kind of apps to take benefit of smart phone. Pay your bills, check your bank balance, free voice calls, Emails, text messages, pictures, videos are just few example. You don't have to turn on computer, sit and wait, you can do all in few clicks.

Smart Phones Platform:
I use iPhone, I use Android phones. Both are user friendly and navigation is super easy. Android phones are more fancy, more free stuff and intuitive. Apple is more about prestige and you pay for everything.

Blackberry is old school. They are poineer in market, corporate world offices, friends have simple text free services, chat work / friends group you can create. But these things are common and available on any platform now a days. What I like about them, if I have to gift cell phone, I will go for blackberry, very reasonable price. And they all have good features.

Example: Automobile. Any car will take you point A to point B. Whether Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Mazda. They all does the same job. This is all about personal preference. Some people prefer to drive high end Mercedes some people prefer Suzuki, this is all about budget too.

Do I like BB Storm 9550? Simple answer is yes, I do. It does the same job.

I use iPhone 6 plus and Samsung Note 4 and Glaxy S5. Among them I prefer iPhone only. But this is personal choice you made. All phones does the same job.

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Just a temp phone, slow as heck, boot time is crazy slow, it's why I never mess with crapberries.. Just bought this phone for temp use.. No point in using the internet on this device it's super slow and waste of money.. Blackberry could learn a few things from Samsung and Apple and LG the top 3 on the market..Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: smiths578


Not user friendly

Texting is terrible on this phone because the keys don't respond to touch; you have to press down really hard on each key for it to be recognized, and sometimes they don't even work. This makes texting very frustrating. Not worth the money.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: smiths578



I bought this phone and I am pretty impressed with its features but the problem is the screen is kind loose or is it the way storms are made.. the whole screen moves when you touch anything on the screen, unlike other touch screens the whole screen is steady and you can just tap or touch what you want and the screen will respond.. has anybody who has blackberry storm have the same problem.??Read full review...


Wonderful experience denied by failure to access Interenet

BBerry 9550storm 2, was a wonderful to know and exepeience in all operations but since mine is a verizon wireless purchase I am yet to (is it possible?) experience Internet services. I am based in Zambia nd I did request the American Seller on ebay to help get it activated for my use on local GSM mobile network (no CDMA in Zambia) but since he was not registered with Verison but AT and T (had bought it from someone else who was registered but can't be reached though the phone no. does show on one option on the phone). Need help explore more with Internet connection.Read full review...


A real plus was the extra info provided on how to set it up.

Great to have the WIFI, had a storm at first, this works much better with my BB Playbook. The phone came with instructions on how to set it up. I used BB Desktop to transfer my device, but the info sent would have made it very simple for someone new to BlackBerry OS.Read full review...


Quirky but cute - and fun to use

As a Senior I purchased this item for three reasons -
1. To try to keep up with technology and learn about 'smartphones'.
2. To complement my recent purchase of a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.
3. To be able to interact with my tablet and provide seamless connectivity when traveling.
There are many more features on this item than I will ever use and I am now reasonably OK with the phone and sms functions.
I have yet to arrange a suitable ISP plan to cover Internet usage so I can connect to all the other functions available.
I find operating this phone to be a little quirky but interesting and fun. It seems to do everything required of it but not always the way I would expect.
I must say that, at this stage, I am very happy with it and am looking forward to being able to use it for the purpose it was purchased.
I am very happy with the clarity and sharpness of the graphics.
The type characters are not always easy to select but greater accuracy seems to be a matter of experience - as is the intuitive word selection.
I believe it to be a very capable instrument.
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The Reliable BlackBeryy

My experience with the BlackBerry is what I would consider one of reliability. I originally purchased it for family reasons for when im not a round and working and need to know how the wife and child is doing. I can't say myself that I have used it enough to give you every single spec of the phone but I find it reliable because the quick internet access is reliable to where if I ever needed to know anything on the spot youre able to quck type ina matter of minutes even during a phone call or great signal to where when i need to here from my family the most, I can. long story short im sure there's more to it but for my use reliability is major for wen i need it most and the BlackBerry Storm provides thatRead full review...


Great item.

This phone works well. I've been using it as a makeshift mp3 player and it's been great for that. Good battery life, good sound, and good storage when paired with a 32 gb card.



I love this phone very easy to use, light and excellent clarity, design the perfect size for me, I can use it with any sim and it works great

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