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Love it!

I had Palm phones for years (had a palm pilot before they branched into forms) and loved their highly functional devices, especially for business use. However, when the switched to web os, the two phones they introduced just didn't work for me. I moved to Android and that is so NOT a business phone. Hated it! I'm sure there are some people who love the bells and whistles, but it doesn't work if you need FUNCTIONAL.

I was leaning toward Blackberry and wish I had done that with my upgrade, but since I lost my upgrade, I got the 8530 curve from ebay. Love it! It is highly functional and works very well, easily integrates with my office, home, and web email that I use strictly for purchases. It has a few bells and whistles of its own, but I'm not going that way again -- I NEED FUNCTION!

I would have given it an excellent but there are a couple of things that take too many clicks to complete. If i'm in the phone ap and select a contact, and I don't want be given texting options -- I would have chosen text for that! Also, there should be more options available for snoozing an appointment, similar to outlook. 5 minute increments up to 2 weeks would be optimal. If you have are in an environment where your workload is CONSTANTLY being piled on so that you have to sometimes select to put something on the back-burner, you should be able to snooze for more than 30 minutes! This is really a pet peeve for me; I have to end up opening the appointment, which I'm not always in a position to do.

Other than that, I love the other options on this phone. OH, and gthe speaker is so good that I use it for music without headphones, for radio, and for podcast listening.

As for blue tooth, was shocked that when I paired it with my car's bluetooth, it automatically uploaded my contacts! That was really a pleasant surprise.
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Blackberry on Cricket

About the phone.
The curve is a rock solid product. They work and generally work very well. Remember that this is not the most modern phone but rather the first on Crickets smartphones. The gps will work in non assisted mode which is a big plus. Browser works well considering its bbOS 5. Email works extremely well.

The screen could be a bit sharper. Its not awful or unusable but on web pages it could be a bit sharper.
If on Wifi you will crash the phone. This is a common problem on Blackberrys and waiting for Rim to fix it.

Crickets network is after all a limiting factor. They don't support BES, only BIS. BES is when you have your blackberry server, Bis is ones that cricket has. BES is better for Corporates, BIS is for small entities.
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Blackberry 8530

Thanks for the opportunity via this medium to share. I was desirous of getting a Blackberry for my daughter. This work out well, the services offer the quality of the phone. Yet, I made one error, I did not check for the usage through a SIM card. Turned out that i ws unable to use the phone since i live outside mainland USA. My service provides only provide through SIM card.

Nonetheless it was a great buy only regret is i can't use it.

I would like to suggest that this is clearly indicated in the future to avoid this inconvinience to others.

Thanks once again it was nice doing business with you.

Oliver Wallace
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TMobile BlackBerry Curve 8900 Unlocked w/ AT&T Service

I bought a BlackBerry Curve 8900 -- a TMobile-branded phone -- because it supposedly worked with both the AT&T and TMobile service networks. After spending 2 hours at the AT&T store, the manager discovered that although the TMobile Blackberry Curve 8900 UNLOCKED phone does in fact work with At&T's phone, text, email, etc. features, it will NOT work with AT&T's tethering feature (where the phone connects to a laptop and is used as a modem). Numerous AT&T technology support representatives confirmed this fact throughout the store manager's installation efforts. Tethering was one of the main reasons why I wanted this specific phone. Bottom line is that in order to use AT&T's tethering service, I had to either buy a separate AT&T modem or sign a 2 year contract and get the modem for free. Annoying to say the least....Read full review...


Blackberry curve 8900 opinion

I love this phone. This is my first blackberry and I made the right decision by picking this phone. The curve 8900 is sleek and stylish and was within my price range.I also wanted to get away from touchscreen phones so this was the best choice. The camera and sound quality are great. I can hear people very clearly even on speakerphone. This phone has wi-fi, which is a plus. Suprisingly, the bb8900 battery life is great. I don't have to charge it everyday. I would recommend a blackberry to anyone, but most of my friends already have one. I really don't have any complaints about this phone.Read full review...


Blackberry Curve 8530 is a Great Phone

I had used a blackberry curve 8330 with cricket and really loved the phone but decided to switch to the 8530 since it would be able to take advantage of cricket's blackberry plan where features such as apps, email, and such would work. The 8530 is a great phone and is a little more powerful than the 8330. I like the fact it has WiFi and the trackpad is much better than the old trackball. Due to the added features of the phone, the battery does not hold a charge as long as the 8330 did, but using an extended battery gives plenty of battery life while still allowing the use of all the extra features. Call quality is great, the keypad is easy to use, web browsing is pretty quick, and media quality such as music, photos, and videos are great as well. The camera takes great photos and video, but I do wish blackberry had not taken away the flash feature that the 8330 had but this phone does not. The location of the mini sd card slot is much more convenient than the 8330, you still have to remove the battery door to access it, but no need to remove the battery and wait for a re-boot and no tricky latch to deal with, it simply slides into it's slot and slides back out. All in all this is really an excellent phone especially if you are on the cricket network due to the limited choice of phones that will work with all the additional features.Read full review...


Blackberry Curve 8900

I love my Blackberry Curve 8900. It works really good; however, I dislike the fact that I cannot use all the features in my country since my service provider doesn't allow it yet. I understand Blackberries are unique since all the features in other phones can be used once they are unlocked. Nevertheless, the basic features like making calls, answering calls, wifi, texting etc; can be used so I can work with those for now but I hate that I cannot download my emails etc as with other cellphones I have had. And the msn messaging also cannot be used unless I go directly to the internet.Read full review...


Used phone but in great condition

I bought the used Blackberry Curve 8900 knowing that it was a used phone as was clearly stated on the seller's description. The screen is clear, clean and has no scratches. The phone is updated and fast considering it's used. Camera quality is good as expected. Like with any other blackberry, initial setup takes time and a bit of technical understanding of the terms used is needed. Manual and user guide didn't come with the product so i had to search for it online which is relatively easy. Qwerty keypad feels great while typing.Weight and size of the phone doesn't strain the hand after extended use. Clear reception during calls. Wi-fi connectivity detection is at par with other wi-fi enabled smartphones. Menu layout needs to be customized to suit the user's needs. There is no option for timed automatic screen/keypad lock. Profile customization is a bit confusing. BBM is great but will not function without a data plan. Overall the learning curve is a bit high if you're coming from a touch phone such as an iphone or an android phone. But if you're looking for a blackberry that does the basic that comes with a few extra then this is the one for you.Read full review...


blackberry rim 8900

almost perfect just one thing, is not 3G only edge. if you can live with that this is the one.everything you need in this phone you got it except its not a touch screen phone and you have to know how to use it, so you have to read the instruction in the web, once you learn how to use it its all easy,one more thing this phone is a business type phone but you can do almost anything in this phone just add more memory up to 32gb thats right so enjoy this phone while its out...Read full review...


T-mobile Blackberry Curve 8900

This is one of my favorites phone, why? 2 words! WIFI/ UMA calls. If you're looking for a phone that not only looks good, but have featers tha you realy would use every day, this is it. i have mine with out data plan cuz right now it is to pricesy and you can still use it like that. Display is A+, keypad the best, speakers very good, battery A+ that goes all day with the WIFI on and still going. the negative, lacks of 3G and you dont have the freadon to use it the way you realy want on less you have data plan. Overall i recomend this phone 100%.Read full review...

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