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Good value83% agree

Long battery life80% agree

Small form factor60% agree


Blackberry Curve

Purchased this as a backup for my phone...great value and it works just fine.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: brokenbargains



great compact smartphone, easy to use, and easy to learn. Great item for first phone, beginner experience. Would recommend this phone to anyone. Its stylish, light weight, compact, and all around great phone. Can do anything you would need such as email, txt, blackberry messenger, calculator, calendar, as well as games, power point, word, excel.Read full review...


Old but works

As emergency back up is great, until we get a new phone

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: b-and-d


Great starter smart phone with real buttons and big help menu.

this is my first real smart phone. I can watch you tube from WiFi spots anywhere. I didn't even have to activate it. It has a cool camera scroll zoom. I've been wishing for years a phone could do that. My LG chargers work. The real buttons are great. It only has 256mb memory so i have to be frugal on downloading apps. But, that is all new to me too, so it works out. It is simple and has a huge help menu. It is the perfect starter smart phone. it is fairly shiny, so i haven't lost it yet. It cost me $10 and looks and plays like new. I can enjoy it without feeling overwhelmed with features. It has a huge library of ring tones. I liked the keypad on my LG flip and slider phones better, but this has a bigger more visible screen.Read full review...


Very happy

My husband's BlackBerry Curve broke so he was so glad to get this one.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: refurbished | Sold by: qualitycellz


i was lied to

i recieved this item only to find out it has been placed on a lost or stolen list and i cannot use it. you said clean esn and that was a lie

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: brokenbargains


BlackBerry Curve 8530 is a good choice for first-time smartphone buyers

Verizon offers the smartphone in black or smoky violet and ships with an AC adapter, a USB cable, a software CD, and reference material. For more add-ons, please check our cell phone accessories, ringtones, and help page.

Despite being more of an entry-level device, the RIM BlackBerry Curve 8530 comes with a good set of features, more so than its T-Mobile counterpart. As a phone, it offers a speakerphone, voice-activated dialing, smart dialing, conference calling, speed dial, and text and multimedia messaging with threaded chat view. You can also add Verizon's Visual Voice Mail service for an additional $2.99 per month. There's also a link to MyVerizon to get information about your account, such as voice and data usage, account balance, and features. Other Verizon services available on the Curve 8530 include VZ Navigator, V Cast Music, and VZ Navigator.

The phone's address book is only limited by the available memory and has room in each contact file for multiple numbers, e-mail addresses, work and home addresses, and more. For caller ID purposes, you can assign a photo, group ID, and/or custom ringtone. A shortcut to VzwTones is loaded on the device so you can download more ringtones to your device. Aside from the address book, other personal information management tools available on the Curve 8530 include a calendar, a task list, a memo pad, a voice recorder, and a calculator.

The Curve 8530 is Bluetooth-friendly with support for mono and stereo Bluetooth headsets, hands-free kits, audio/video remote, serial port, and dial-up networking. Unlike the T-Mobile version, the Curve 8530 has GPS/A-GPS, 3G, and Wi-Fi. We're certainly happy to see Verizon bringing more Wi-Fi-equipped devices to its lineup as it provides another way of getting online. Now, if only RIM would release a better BlackBerry browser with easier navigation and more features to complete the package. The smartphone is running BlackBerry OS 5.0, however, so there are some slight improvements to the browser, such as quicker page rendering and speed improvements because of faster JavaScript and CSS processing.

As with all BlackBerry models, messaging is the Curve 8530's strongpoint. It can sync with your company's BlackBerry Enterprise server, offering support for Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, or Novell GroupWise, to deliver corporate e-mail in real time. With BlackBerry Internet Service, you can also access up to 10 personal/business POP3 or IMAP4 e-mail accounts. The smartphone also comes preloaded with several instant-messaging clients, including Yahoo, AIM, Windows Live, Google Talk, and BlackBerry Messenger
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This is a good phone which have more features than gemini.

well, before i use this phone, i've used Blackberry Gemini (8520) GSM. this phone has many features than it's previous. It's GPS capable, just install google maps on and will be more accurate than it's installed on Gemini. Wuth EVDO support, data rate transfer is better than gemini.. But you know, it was not RUIM capable, so, for SIMCARD lover, this phone will be avoided.
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Good phone, overpriced though.

I've been using this phone for about 3 days now. My regular phone is a Curve 8900. The display quality is way better in the 8900, this one seems pretty basic. The camera is the only problem I found, 2mp now a days is nothing for this phone, minimum I would suggest a 3.2 to get average quality pictures, also the lack of flash doesn't help either. The only improvement in this phone compared to my 8900 is the trackpad (fails less than the trackball) and also it has 3G speed, which the 8900 only runs in EDGE and GPRS. EDGE is pretty good but doesn't satisfy my expectations. The perfect phone I could have is my 8900 with 3G Speed and maybe a trackpad.. I'm still deciding which one I like better, the ball hasn't given me any problems yet so I'm happy with my purchase. The Curve 8530 is a good phone, but definitely NOT WORTH full price, if you buy it with Sprint and pay 299-399$ (whatever the price is without a contract) I would NOT recommend it. Overall its a good phone, fast with texts, music, etc... I give it a rating of Good.Read full review...


Awesome phone!

I love how easy this phone is to use, while still being a great smartphone. The ability to link your phone to your social accounts (facebook, myspace) is great. I also use this phone for chatting via yahoo messenger, and that is great; many more options make it like chatting on a computer instead of a phone. The email feature is good too; the only improvement I would make is the ability to see ALL mail, not just what has been newly sent to you. TONS of free applications on BlackBerry App World make this phone a great buy. The only thing I dislike about it is that there is no way to "lock" the alt key for typing in numbers nor is there a way to "lock" the uppercase key for typing in all capitals. The battery could last a little longer, i.e. had half a battery and it only lasted about 4 hours, and was hardly using the phone. I decided to buy this phone because I wanted something more advanced, that wasn't a touchscreen. Also wanted something that could handle having a drug handbook (epcrates) on it.Read full review...

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