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Good value100% agree

Entertaining100% agree

Engaging characters100% agree


Benji...like a small, scruffy Lassie

Boy, that Benji is a smart dog. He can care for mountain lion cubs, outsmart a hunter, and set traps for wolves. Meanwhile, my dog won't stop humping my leg. Where did I go wrong?

Anyway, the story goes as follows. Benji ends up shipwrecked after a storm, and while acclimating himself to his current predicament stranded in the woods away from his owner, he witnesses a hunter kill a mountain lion. Well, that mountain lion happened to have a litter of cubs, so what does Benji do? He steps up and takes care of them while looking for a new mountain lion to care for them permanently. In doing this, he purposely keeps from being rescued until he has completed his duty. But just because he takes on this task does not mean it will be easy. Benji still needs to find a way to feed these cats and be on guard for predators and other dangers. But through it all, Benji perseveres.

This movie is interesting in that it is almost entirely animal driven, with very few scenes involving people and even less dialogue. You really have to root for Benji here and be able to relate to him despite the fact that he's a dog. Fortunately, it's not that hard to do.

This is a terrific movie for children and adults alike and worth adding to your collection.
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100% customer satisfaction, one of the best movies ever made!!!

This is truly the best of Benji's movies, and the one I've wanted to own for the longest time and now I have it.
Benji's talent in showing the best of human emotions only the way Benji can do is completely believeable and is so heart endearing.
Truly a must have movie for the entire family.
Benji I thank you for giving me a movie I will cherish for years to come.
God bless you dear one.
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Great Movie for kids

When my children were young, Benji, The Hunted was one of their favorite movies. We watched a pretty poor VHS copy for years and my son, who just turned 21, was especially taken by the film. For his 21st birthday, I bought him the DVD, which I believe has only been available for the past year. He was thrilled to get it and still enjoys it.
The movie is great for children, as it contains almost no dialogue and tells the story of Benji, who is lost in the woods and ends up helping to take care of some baby cougars. It might be a little scary for real young children, as Benji is hunted by a menacing wolf, but will delight children who are a little older (8 to 12 years old.) Highly recommend for the entire family
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Loved it since I was 6!

This movie is a great film for children and those who are children at heart. No matter how many times I watch it, I still get tears in my eyes and want to watch it over again. The acting is incredible (mainly because there is little to no acting done by humans.) For animal lovers, it really feeds the reality that animals do have emotions just as humans do. Benji does an amazing job of portraying those feelings and keeping humans hooked to the very end.Read full review...


Brings Back Memories!

This Movie takes me back to my childhood. This is one of my favorite movies as I was growing up. Hadn't seen it in over a decade. It still has a good story and will bring you back memories if you seen this movie growing up. A+ Movie.Read full review...


film with love

I love this movie. It's exciting and features a dog who does what he can to help these motherless cubs. Very heartfelt!

I'm thinking of purchsing another one as a gift for friends.


This movie teaches caring and compassion.

Beautiful Movie about animal friendship and helping each other. My children and grandchildren loved the movie !


Benji the Hunted dvd

This is one of my all time favorite movies that I remember from my youth. I was so glad that it was put on dvd so that I could add it to my library. Anyone who loves animals should watch this movie. It's heartfelt and definitely a tear jerker.Read full review...


Great family movie!

I actually bought this for my adult daughter who loved the movie so much when she was a kid, she wanted it for her kids! Touching family movie, (especially if you like animals) with a happy ending!


Great for any family!

This is a very sweet movie, kids and adults will like it. For some reason, cats and dogs will really watch it, too. I have compared notes with many other pet owners who have had the same experience!

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