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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use100% agree

Lightweight100% agree


Easy to handle and very clear sound.

We used these mics for an outdoor venue that had 11 Gospel groups handling these units all day long. We did add foam wind covers to them, but other than that, no modification at all. The clarity is very good considering it was an outdoor program and I would definitely recommend these for their ability to handle rough use. Everyone liked the fact they had on/off would be surprised how many mics don't have a way to turn them off.
Thank you for the fast shipping and great product.
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Excellent performance for great price

This is a great sounding mic and rugged as it gets. No isues with the switches. Shure SM@@ quality at half the price!

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Quality for the price

I've always loved Behringer products, and these microphones are no exception. I was completely surprised at the quality of sound that came from these microphones for the extremely low price they were asking for. They really are comparable to the higher end microphones. I tried them next to a Sennheiser e-835, and I literally could not tell any difference. You get, not one, but three for a fraction of the cost of the higher end mics. I highly recommend these microphones.Read full review...

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Behringer XM1880S Microphones will surprise you because they sound great!

I bought this product because Behringer Brand has a very good image as a high quality products manufacturer. I like Behringer XM1800S Micriphones as they look very professional, into a very nice case with three of them and mainly because they perform very well. Microphones have a very clean sound, no noise and high output so they sound louder tan other brands. Because of the very affordable Price, I think that this product is the best choice comparing with other brands with similar prices or even compared with other with higher prices. I highly recommend this product!Read full review...


Great product for the price.

These are a good value microphone...for their price.
They're perfect for DJ, karaoke, garage band, or even a cafe performance where you're putting the mic on a stand.

They fall a little short in two areas - handling noise, and feedback. The cardiod pattern is a little more open than other, more expensive mics...and if you're switching hands, or hand position with the WILL pick that up.

But, if you can keep the microphone up to your face, and secure it (like someone who knows how to use a microphone correctly will do) this is a great microphone!
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Awesome product! Great mics at a LOW price

These microphones are awesome! The sound has a great low end and with a mixer you can adjust a voice with precision. It's great for vocal work; the price is within most everyone's budget to get started with. You will need to buy your own cables, but as far as the mic you can't beat the three pack for such a low price.Read full review...


Sounds Good

I sing through different mics at different locations and I prefer wired mics over wireless. These deliver to my expectation and I was happy to get them in a 3 pack. I will likely buy more in the future to have back ups on-hand.Read full review...

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Microphones performance

Sound is very clear and compare to SHURE SM48 performance. Very good construction. Nice to have a 3 equal Microphones in a case.

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Good price for good microphone

Very satisfied with these microphones. Have to be careful when using to prevent feedback. Not top quality, but priced great.

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Good quality microphones

The mics are great. The carrying case makes it easy to store and keep things together.

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