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Good value94% agree

Entertaining94% agree

Engaging characters94% agree


Dialogue vs. music

All in all a fantastic collection of rarities, worth it for any Beatle fan. The problem is that when the scene involves music the volume goes sky high! A small nuisance that can be overlooked. I do wish that it delved more into their 'Rubber Soul' and beyond era as the early works take up a good portion. Well produced and a definite "feel good" set. Get yours now.Read full review...

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Loved DVDs

Great stuff, I love it. I was glad to get this set. Will be a souvenir some day I'm sure. Very entertaining

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Classic Purchase

The 5 DVD's are in excellent and like new conditiion.

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Beatles A must have

This is a must have item for any beatles fan

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just what i needed



The Beatles

Anyone who is a Beatles fan would like this set. It goes from the beginning to the very end with many photos and words tat you won't find anywhere else.

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Something everyone should see.

Something everyone should see.

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Had to have it.


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Loved this Beatles Anthology set. A wonderful retrospective of their career

I give this set 5 STARS out of 5 STARS and add more star to it because they're the Beatles so 6 STARS out of 5 :)

This is a MUST have set for any huge Beatles fan. It's starts from the birth of the members them proceeds to show how they came together and goes through each period of their career starting with the Hamburg Germany years when they learned how to play and how to structure a good pop song.

First I'd like to say that I personally feel you can draw a direct line from the King of rock & Roll, "ELVIS PRESLY" to "The BEATLES" and on to today's music. John Lennon and Paul McCartney both said the reason they got into music was seeing ELVIS and John also said before there was ELVIS there was NOTHING. George Harrison's idols were Buddy Holly and ELVIS.

I loved how it showed in detail how they grew as a band and shoed clips of the Shea Stadium concert and all kinds of clips from interview with all the Beatles. when this set was produced all the Beatles were alive save John but his voice is certainly heard throughout the set mostly from interviews he had given in his lifetime and then from others who knew and loved him and were close to him.

I think I enjoyed most the parts where Paul, Ringo, and George sat there at a table and reminisced about the days. You know in a perfect world we want everyone to get along and imagine that they were 4 boys who loved each other and were great friends and that's not far from the truth. Yes it was tough when they broke up and there were some years that they didn't talk and were angry with one another but it was all over business and not personal I believe. You can see the love they had for one another all in this anthology.

It is long enough you feel like you have an inside track sitting there going through the years as a 5th Beatle. You'll certainly learn a lot and I think a lot of questions will be answered too unless you've read a lot of Beatles books when in that case you probably know it all anyway and are only watching to see old rare clips and performances.

I think this set stands alone in it's vastness and it's a fitting tribute to the most successful band in the world.

What I didn't like about it.................well nothing. I loved every second of it and you will too. Lots of great performances and shows them playing and recording and acting and why they choose to do this film or that film and why they stopped playing live and you just come away loving each Beatle even more.

they were a rare Band and there never will be another like them and this really completes the Beatle collection if you've already got their box set of albums. You will not regret one bit buying this.

6 stars out of 5 stars
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Beatles Fans "Must Have"!

For the TRUE BEATLES FAN this collection is a must have item. I viewed portions of this on T.V. and liked it immensely. Now that I have had to time to pop in a DVD and sit back and enjoy I LOVE IT! The interviews are excellent but the reflections, observations and sincere heart-felt comments by the individual Beatles are what makes this collection special. I can only liken it to spending a quiet afternoon with John, Paul, George or Ringo simply chatting about what a particular concert, experience, recording session, song-writing session was like. You gain an insight that you would not have had otherwise. In the end, or actually before you even get to the end, the Beatles continue to astound the listener/viewer with the depth of their artistry, humanity and absolute genius. They were so much more than just a rock band or world-renowned band .... they impacted culture, art, world issues, etc. This Anthology helps us to really see events, albums, songs, issues and people through THEIR eyes. Simply an amazing collection. So, grab a cup of tea or coffee or your favorite brew, draw the blinds, get comfortable and be prepared to be taken on a magical journey of enlightenment and pure enjoyment as only a Beatles Fan can truly do when we have the Beatles themselves as our tour guides. Enjoy!Read full review...

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