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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay66% agree

Good value66% agree


very short easy campaign.

i liked battlefield 2 so i bought battlefield 3 but i didn't like 3 as much only because it was no very difficult to pass the missions in single player campaign mode. it wasn't very realistic in the sense that if you are hiding in the dark you are still shot at and a guy with a shotgun can hit you from a mile away. the game basically plays itself. your teammates are game controlled and they do a lot of the work for you. there are probably 2 or 3 missions that you are really involved in. i wish all the missions were like that. the last game i really like was gears of war 2 so that should give you a sense of the kind of gaming I'm into. long campaigns with heavy combat/shooting.Read full review...


Great gameplay, graphics, and story. 5/5

A campaign filled with nail biting, gut wrenching epic moments and multiplayer to back it up, this game is near perfection. The gameplay is the most realistic military shooter i have ever played. If you install the high definition settings the game looks absolutely incredible even on console. Dice was very thorough on the little details that make the game very realistic, including the bullet in the chamber when reloading (if you dont spend the whole clip, when you reload it will go back to 31, instead of 30, 21 instead of 20 etc.) as well as the movement of the character. How he gets up from prone, mantling objects, and crawling. If you typically play games like Call of Duty, then up the ante and spend your time playing a much more intricate, and immersive game.Read full review...


Very complex fun game

This game has great graphics and gameplay. I bought it because I'm very into the COD series and heard this was highly rated too. It is a much more complex game than I'm used to. I've been playing for weeks and still am not very good at it. Beware of buying this game used as you will have to buy a new online pass to play, it costs about $10. The game comes with a online activation code when purchased new and that code can only be used on one gamertag.Read full review...


This Game is Great

Overall the game is very fun. Unlocking attachments is great and quick. The class system, as always, is very balanced. The maps have a wide variety of focuses and strageties. The medic rocks! I would give it an A.

I think the main plus in this game is the size and variety of maps. Some maps focus on vehicles other don't have any, so if you prefer one or the other you wont be disappointed. The shear scale of these maps makes it so each time I play I am able to find different strategic points to take advantage of.

I still think one of the neatest features in the Battlefield series is how the classes are so different but yet all so useful in a squad. If you like first person shooters but aren't as good at the whole killing part you could always be a medic and revive your team mates then pull out the assault rifle if you get into trouble. You could also be a support role and help keep you team fully stocked on ammo.

The one disappointing feature is that the "destructible" environment isn't quite destructible. In the last Battlefield buildings could be completely leveled and walls could be completely take out. In B3 buildings cannot be destroyed and some walls are indestructible. So that is a little disappointing. Also unlike GoW or Halo there is no Horde or Firefight mode.
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What's Awesome: the environment around you is "live" everything can "crumble." Example: I was using cover near a tree. Tree was shot at trunk & it fell over nearly killing me. The lighting in this game is incredible. Graphics are as close to "real-life" as I've seen in any shooter. Fighter Jet mission could have been better. Tank mission was great. YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE EXPLOSIONS & SURROUNDINGS BEING DESTROYED. BEST I"VE SEEN IN ANY SHOOTER.

What's not good: Too many "dark" missions in campaign. You'll be asking yourself, "Do we only fight at night." I always play shooters on most difficult level to get longevity from my games. Sad to say, Hard on this game isn't that Hard. EA should have added a VETERAN difficulty. Beat the game too fast & breezed through the missions. Multiplayer is what BF is known for. EA claimed to have "fixed" the sniper problem. They didn't----Multiplayer is still dominated by the "Sniper". I wish EA would allow for a NO SNIPER option.

Be sure to INSTALL this game on your 360's hard drive. Otherwise load times are pro-longed. Tons of detail/graphics/explosions etc....hog memory.

OVERALL you will not be unhappy with this game & will love it if you're a fan of SNIPERs online.
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Awesome product!

This is cool game.Here is a very interesting campaign.I really liked multiplayer.The use of planes and tanks (which can be piloted by any player) has the effect of expanding the geography of the maps, many of which are huge, allowing up to 24 players to do battle.Structures in the maps can be destroyed, changing the environment to create new cover points and danger zones giving each battle a dynamic, live feel that’s wholly exciting. There’s a choice of four classes to play as (assault, recon, engineer and support), each one bringing their own strengths to the team and encouraging thoughtful, complementary selection. You earn points not only for kills but also assists, a currency which unlocks new weapons, attachments, gadgets and specialisations that increase your power in the game world on a per class basis.Read full review...


Hoping Battlefield 4 will be much better!

Expected much more in the game since it had a grand title release but was disappointing! Game has a lot errors in it which makes it harder to play the campaign. I believe the previous BF game was much more better and fun. Can't believe crates can't be shot and destroyed in BF3 even cars!

Overall- graphic were good game play was a total disappointment!
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Good product,and worth, But could be better.

Battlefield 3 is a great game, but could be better. The producer has ignored who got the Xbox360 Arcade (The simple version of Xbox360), when we start the game we can download an update of 1.5gb that can be only downloaded in the hard drive, but Xbox360 Arcade has about 300mb of disk free space. This update increase the quality of graphics. Without this update we can't enjoy the game like in the ads. The quality is good but could be much better with this update, and I have a pen drive attached on my xbox360 and I can't install this update in the pen drive. I feel a little deceived, because I didn't have this information When I bought the game. Anyway, the game is pretty good and worth. The online mode is amazing. Good gameRead full review...


awesome game, awesome seller

awesome game in great conditions, original box. no scratches... make sure you have enough memory to install the game if you want to use the HD capability..


Best realistic war shooter.

This game is so awesome. Especially with a good set of headphones! Graphics are amazing. Period.

I bought this product because I saw some youtube videos in which my jaw dropped because of the graphics. I was not dissapointed when I started playing it myself. Each mission is special in its own way, and there is no dull moment.

I am so happy with this game in every way. It is in my opinion better than the CoD series and WAY better than medal of honor Warfighter. There is just no comparison. This is a class A game without a doubt.
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