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BATMAN is back & FINALLY he has movie worthy of our money & attention.

Near the big-bang finish of "Batman Begins," the title avenger, Christian Bale, scoops up a damsel in distress, Katie Holmes,& spirits her away to his lair. Watching this scene, it was hard not to think how nice it would have been if Batman had instead dispatched the infernally perky actress, whose recent off-screen antics have threatened to eclipse this unexpectedly good movie. As it happens, the most memorable rescue mission in "Batman Begins" isn't engineered by the caped crusader, but by the film's director, Christopher Nolan. "Batman Begins" is the 7th live-action film to take on the comic-book legend & the first to usher it into the kingdom of movie myth. Conceived in the shadow of American pop rather than in its bright light, this tense, effective iteration of Bob Kane's original comic book owes its power & pleasures to a director who takes his material seriously & to a star who shoulders that seriousness with ease. As sleek as a panther, with cheekbones that look sharp enough to give even an ardent lover pause, Bale makes a superbly menacing avenger. His Batman is leagues away from Adam West's cartoony persona. Bale even improves on Michael Keaton. What Keaton couldn't bring to the role,& what Bale conveys effortlessly, is Bruce Wayne's air of casual entitlement, the aristocratic hauteur that is the necessary complement of Batman's obsessive megalomania. What Nolan gets, & gets better than any other previous director, is that without Bruce Wayne, Batman is just a rich wacko with illusions of grandeur & a terrific pair of support hose. Without his suave alter ego, this weird bat man is a superhero without humanity, an avenger without a conscience, an id without a superego. Which is why, working from his and David S. Goyer's very fine screenplay, Nolan more or less begins at the beginning, taking Batman back to his original trauma & the death of his parents. With narrative economy & tangible feeling, he stages that terrible, defining moment when young Master Wayne watched a criminal shoot his parents to death in a Gotham City alley, thereby setting into motion his long, strange journey into the self. The story opens with the adult Bruce in the middle of that journey, in the far reaches of Asia, where he first rubs shoulders with "the criminal fraternity," then a clandestine brotherhood called the League of Shadows. Lead by a warrior sensei, Ra's al Ghul (Ken Watanabe), and his aide, Henri Ducard (Liam Neeson, at his lethal best), the league invites Bruce into its fold, an offer he violently declines. Thereafter, he returns to Gotham City, where he assumes a dual identity as both the city's wealthiest citizen and its avenging angel. Intrigue ensues involving a crime lord played with brio by Tom Wilkinson, a headshrinker brought to skin-crawling life by Cillian Murphy & the last honest cop in Gotham, James Gordon, given expressive poignancy by a restrained Gary Oldman. It's amazing what an excellent cast, a solid screenplay & a regard for the source material can do for a comic book movie. It's obvious that Nolan has made a close study of the Batman legacy, but he owes a specific debt to Mr. Miller's 1980's rethink of the character, which resurrected the Dark Knight side of his identity. Like Miller's Batman, Nolan's is tormented by demons both physical & psychological. In an uncertain world, one the director models with an eye to our own, this is a hero caught between justice & vengeance, a desire for peace & the will to power.Read full review...


This is a definite buy if you collect dvd's.

This movie follows more along the lines of the comic book character. It is a much darker and more serious movie than the ones made in the 90's. Very enjoyable and a great addition to anyone's collection.Read full review...


Excellent Batman movie.

One of the very best movies I have ever seen. This story of Batman's beginning is very well made and the tv show "Gotham" could have been taken from it. Love, love, love! A must see.


Awesome product! Great value for the money!

I bought this movie because I am a huge comic book fan. This batman movie series is excellent. The characters in this film really portray the comic book characters. Brings everything into real life perspective. I would highly recommend anyone to watch all the batman movies in this trilogy. Compared to other movies, this has an amazing cast that is both entertaining and believable. You can really relate to Batman and his situations in life. There is a lot of emotions and development of characters in this movie.Read full review...


Mentor needed - 1800-CAL-LIAM

Liam Neeson adds so much to any movie. His natural intensity and poise is perfect for Ra's al Ghul in this movie. As an intense teacher and friend the movie rocks, the first half of the movie speeds by and you accept that it's real even though in now way would it be (it is a super hero movie after all).

The problem is Bruce Wayne. The movie is great when you don't have Bruce trying to fake being Bruce. You've got an actor playing an obsessive personality who in turn is playing a playboy.

This just seems forced like they are trying too hard to get the audience to believe this is happening. OK, well duh, it's a comic book movie, we are there to buy in, you don't have to work super hard to get us to buy in, don't force it. We want to buy in and if you don't go campy we will.

Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the movie and once again love the beginning of it. The actors are good choices and it's well played.

I just couldn't stop myself from rooting for Liam Neeson even though he has very nefarious plans. The conclusion and the subplot with Scarecrow didn't thrill. The ending was very disappointing and wasn't satisfying. Ra's deserves better!

For matching the fantasy of superheroes and our living world the Brian Singer X-men is still the gold standard in my opinion.
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Best Portable DVD I've Ever Had

This is the best portable Sony DVD player I have ever had. It is nice that the screen is on a swivel so you can adjust the direction it is pointing. It also lies flat for another alternative way of viewing other than the conventional method. Great picture quality and easy to use. Love that it has a remote as well. Highly recommend this product!Read full review...


"What I Do is What Defines Me!," A Quote from the Movie

With stars galore, the mystery of how Batman became what he is is explained in this 2005 movie that thoroughly entertains with gadgets, suspense, action--and a great plot.

Christian Bale plays Bruce Wayne as an adult, and we learn that he was overwhelmed with bats when he fell as a child into a well on his family's estate; soon bats were whirling all around him. He was rescued by his loving father, but soon his fear of bats caused his rich family to leave a play at which his parents were killed by a vagrant. Then he became a vagrant-criminal on his own, and from jail was recruited to join a cult of warriors in Asia called the League of Shadows. There he was taught the martial arts and fear conquering warrior tactics and much more by his mentor, Ducard (Liam Neesom) and the ruler of the cult, Ra's a Gul (Ken Wattanabe). Surprisingly, all the warriors got into a civil war, and Bruce killed them. Then, he returned to Gotham City to take up his rightful role as heir of the Wayne forturne but on the side a warrior in the disguise of a bat to rid the city of evil.

From there we are entertained throughly by his butler Albert (Michael Caine), gadget employee of Wayne Enterprises, Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), and drug dealer Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson). And there is a love interest too. The little girl Rachel Dawes who saved Bruce's life by running to get help when he fell into the well is now the District Attorney Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes).

This is a comic hero, but this movie is more serious than the previous Batman movies and has a real plot. And the special effects and music in this movie are out of this world. We spend much of the movie in the air viewing the technology advanced, futuristic city of Gotham while the plot unwinds with a story of drugs, poisoning, and world supremacy.

The pre-quel movie ends with a prediction of the future too, when a new menace comes to Gotham City. When Detective Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) shows Batman a playing card with the figure of a Joker on it, we know that there will be a sequel to the pre-quel. It happened in 2008 in the form of "The Dark Knight" with Bale reprsing his role.

This movie will not disappoint you. And it is not silly like some of the other Batman movies.
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Better than Dark Knight

Lots of people are smitten with the second Bale Batman movie, The Dark Knight, saying it is the best one but this one really is the best.

The Christian Bale Batman movies are definitely the best of all Batman movies, showing the original intensity that the original comics and story intended. They are dark and deep. The story is a tragedy, actually, and these movies show it in this light.

Perhaps people give the Dark Knight more than its due because of the untimely and early exit of Heath Ledger, and, in its own right is an excellent movie as well (5 stars from me) but maybe I am just a purist. The story of how it all began is what is most intriguing in the overall Batman storyline and this movie does a very good job of telling it. We are all going to die someday.

As I will probably get death threats from this, let me just say that I am just reviewing a movie here and I think Heath did a GREAT job in Dark Knight, I just found Batman Begins to be a better movie. I have already watched it several times and still to this day will watch it again before watching Dark Knight again.
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This and The Dark Knight are the best batman/action movies ever

Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are the only 2 batman movies worth watching they are more of an action film then a fantasy film. I really hope they keep the new batman movies on this level and also hope Christian Bale continues to be the batman. If you have ever liked batman you will love this one and if you could never stand batman you may just change your mind after this one and the dark knight. I hated all but the one with jack nicholson and michael keaton that one was good for the times plus i really like them as actors. Well anyway give this movie a try as it is a great movie if you like action movies that pack it non-stop you will love this one good luck and enjoyRead full review...


A Must Have 4 EVERY Cape Crusader Fan!!

Batman Begins discards the previous four films in the series and recasts the Caped Crusader as a fearsome avenging angel. That's good news, because the series, which had gotten off to a rousing start under Tim Burton, had gradually dissolved into self-parody by 1997's Batman & Robin. As the title implies, Batman Begins tells the story anew, when Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) flees Western civilization following the murder of his parents. He is taken in by a mysterious instructor named Ducard (Liam Neeson in another mentor role) and urged to become a ninja in the League of Shadows, but he instead returns to his native Gotham City resolved to end the mob rule that is strangling it. But are there forces even more sinister at hand?
Cowritten by the team of David S. Goyer (a veteran comic book writer) and director Christopher Nolan (Memento), Batman Begins is a welcome return to the grim and gritty version of the Dark Knight, owing a great debt to the graphic novels that preceded it. It doesn't have the razzle dazzle, or the mass appeal, of Spider-Man 2 (though the Batmobile is cool), and retelling the origin means it starts slowly, like most "first" superhero movies. But it's certainly the best Bat-film since Burton's original, and one of the best superhero movies of its time. Bale cuts a good figure as Batman, intense and dangerous but with some of the lightheartedness Michael Keaton brought to the character. Michael Caine provides much of the film's humor as the family butler, Alfred, and as the love interest, Katie Holmes (Dawson's Creek) is surprisingly believable in her first adult role. Also featuring Gary Oldman as the young police officer Jim Gordon, Morgan Freeman as a Q-like gadgets expert, and Cillian Murphy as the vile Jonathan Crane. A great addition to your collection.
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