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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value0% agree


Batman is worth every penny

Graphics: Excellent 9.5/10
Sound: Excellent 9.5/10
Controls: Great 8.5/10
Gameplay: Excellent 9.5/10
Replay: Very Good 8.0/10
Overall: Excellent 9.0/10

Note to the reader: This game has been played through and completed in its entirety.

Graphics: Excellent 9.5/10

The graphics are excellent, the cut-scenes and in-game graphics are seamless, and this is a great addition to the Fall 2009 line-up. It looks, feels, and has undertones of being "Bioshock-esque". This title pushes this generations graphics and leaves the purchaser wanting more. The shadows, lighting effects, colors, but more importantly the motions and combat animations are great, and really immerse you into the game. The bad guys, though repetitive, are detailed along with the backgrounds, and environments. This is a rich, and engrossing, environment.

Sound: Excellent – 9.5/10

The thing that sets this game apart is the voice acting. Games have had problems with cheesy actors, but this title gets Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil to do the voices of Batman and the Joker (from the Animated series). This game has the sound, from the sounds of the punches, groans, the heightening tension of the music when an attack is coming, and the sounds of The Asylum. The ambiance is set in the different areas by the increasing tones of heightening sense of importance through the use of music in this game.

Controls: Great - 8.5/10
Very well done and responsive control set. During combat, the controls can be pinpoint accurate, and makes it fun when playing the challenges. The downside is the use of Batman's arsenal, which the controls are lack accuracy.

Gameplay: Excellent – 9.5/10

Let me start by saying that when playing this game, there is nothing better than having an excellent Batman Game. With or without Batman, this game would be fun regardless, but just having this license makes it that much better. However, that being said, this game is a single player experience, and that is not a bad thing. Having a multi-player may have actually hurt this title. The computer A.I. will shoot you in the back, hunt you down, and will be aware of where you have been.

Replay Value: Very Good - 8.0/10

Once the game is over, you will most likely be wanting more. Luckily, there are many unlockables, multiple difficulty levels, and a challenge mode, with more maps to come, to keep you going. You will want to find all the upgrades for every weapon, and compare your times to your friends. After all that is said and done, you will have got your money's worth.

Overall – Excellent 9.0/10

This is an excellent game, and is almost a 10/10, but it is not perfect. This game is a nice addition to the end of the Summer 2009 release schedule and is worth every penny. This game is a great mix of pure action and stealth.

This game is a mix of Gears of War, Bioshock, and Assassin's Creed. Where this game does many things right, it is flawed and glitch in just as many areas. If this were another title name, I would still have enjoyed it still as much.

Verdict: BUY IT
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Awesome game! Great price! Recommended seller!!!

I bought this for my other half. He loves anything Batman! I already bought him the collectors edition of Arkham City, so when I saw this, it was a must have for Father's Day! He already has the regular game and he and our boys play it for hours! Thanks for a great item at an amazing price!!!Read full review...



Great collectable

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: respenhalfelven


Batman is good just more real photos needed.

Ofcourse The Batman and the company Eidos were the first attractive things for me. I bought it to my brother as a present and he liked it. But the annoying thing was the photos of the goods are sometimes can be captious. I thought that the bag is really useful, but it was a bag for putting the collections in it-not other things. By the way, the batarang seems so attractive and like a real steel used in movies but it is just a plactic and it can not be extracted from the stand. Everything was cool from the seller the mistakes in products are not ofcourse related with e-bay or someone else. Just an attention on the photos which are taken from somewhere or a real photo please:)I recommend the game for whom likes playing batman on ps3 ofcourse.Read full review...


Awesome product! The game it's highly recommended.

This is an amazing game. The graphics are excellent and the difficulty is so good that excites you play each level as well, being a collection package, the extras allow you to enjoy more of this excellent game.

I'm recommend it!!!!!!!! =D
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Wonderfull Box

For me, the box of these game was incrideble beautifull...
A great present for MR. Batman heheh.. Just great, and a great game to...



Amazing! I cant say enough about this game. Great Experience and very Cinematic. Best Batman game evar!


you oughta know you bought it (joker dialogue from tdk)

being 1 of the biggest fans of really serves you well if you buy this game and if you are not a fan of batsy than it sure is a starter to begin liking him as this explains what it feels like being the dark knight you can do anything you will want to do as batman in this "madhouse"Read full review...


Best Batman Game ever!

I am so glad Rocksteady and Eidos did not succumb to pressure to release this game back in 2008 to coincide with the Dark knight movie and instead chose to work on it for years to produce this awesome game!Read full review...

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