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get the sd card, screen cover and case. Great Deal!!!

I love the product because I can easily transport it. I have all the books to read I want. I can play angry birds. There are quite an abundant of apps you can download from B&N. At first I was disgusted at how long it takes to load when turning on (3 mins?). After doing some research I realized most nook readers just put the beast to sleep instead of turning off. Problem solved. Make sure you buy an additional warranty coverage, the basic Nook one does not cover dropping. And you will drop it. It is one slickier bugger. Get a cover to protect it, and a cover shield for the front. You will be happy you did.
I do wish that the Nook Tablet screen was larger. Also some formats don't always work. Or you have to download them to your pc, unzip, then load to the Nook. Which is ok if you remember to purchase the tablet and the mini sd card. The picture is good, sound is great on some, not on others. There is only so much volume the little guy can muster but overall a very satisfying piece of technology.
On going back to previous. There is a back arrow option if you are in bookmarks, or the web, but it you want to go from on app on top of another, no go. You can play music and read or play games which it amazes my daughter.
The plug in to charge is designed a bit poorly. The plug in is very possible to move or bend. I had to replace my cord, which thanks to the warranty was easily replaced. When I want to read I don't care if I have to be plugged to the wall. We bought EXTRA warranty and it worked out great because my husband dropped it on the floor as well.
I love it and would purchase it again. I may have to because I can barely keep it out of my kids and my husband's hands. You can use great apps like dropbox, netflix, loseit, angry birds, cut the rope. A lot of the apps are free or a few dollars. You also can order magazines online, newspapers etc. The website works fine for our house. We have a wifi modem and don't seem to have too many problems.
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A steal for the money.

Great tablet for the money. Very light and easy to hold and the display is very good. It seems to be a little slower than the ipad but for the difference in price its not a big deal. We got this mainly to keep our youngest off my wife's ipad but I use it much more than I thought I would. It has a very good quality feel to it and I think the screen is a great size.Read full review...


Refurbished Nook Tablet is a great product with a few shortfalls

I got this for myself as a Christmas present, and am very pleased with it. I got my wife the Kindle Fire for her Birthday, and she especially likes the 'audio narration' option as she reads many books. It would be great if my Nook Tablet had such an option for choice book purchases.
However, the biggest problem I had was re-registering the Tablet. I along with BN was not certain the problem could be resolved, since the Tablet had been reported ’lost’. After several phone calls and meetings between folks with BN, they 'reset' my account for the refurbished Tablet. This matter should have been resolved as part of the refurbishing process. I'm unsure BN would have done this had the Tablet been reported 'stolen'.
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good reader and decent tablet

Good book reader, easy to use. Nice screen. The children's books that read aloud are great for small kids. Netflix works well, although touch keyboard when logging into Netflix had issues.

The web browser is pretty nice. I browse in full desktop mode with great efficiency and pages look great. But frequently the browser crashes/stalls on sites that use Flash or other embedded apps (java, etc.). Turning off plug-ins helps this.

The price is good for a tablet, but if simplicity isn't your main priority then you can probably find better value in getting a regular tablet and installing the Nook application on it.
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ONLY buy if you're needs are modest!

Hardware spec wise, this is a nice tablet! HOWEVER, there's couple of things buyers need to be fully aware of before buying.
1. Although this unit is advertised as having 16 gb of internal memory, Barnes and Noble LOCKS the avaiable memory space for your own downloads to ONLY 1 gb. In other words, the storage space is basically useless UNLESS you download stuff you buy from B&N.
2. Severely restricted access to Android applications.

All this is ok IF you root the system with an Android root kit that's readily available - which allows you full access to Android. The root kit varies from $25 to over $50 depending on the memory size od the SD card it comes on.
So, if you consider the additional cost of getting full android experience than this tablet is NOT worth paying the full retail price for, ESPECIALLY with new tablets coming out almost every month and the impending release of Win 8 tablets. Also consider that you don't get bluetooth, camera, nor GPS which is pretty standard for every other "name brand" tablets now (except for Kindle Fire which I consider a piece of kaka for the price you have to pay).

I cannot recommend the stock model BUT if you can pick up a nice "rooted" unit for below $140, than it may be worth it for a SHORT TIME - remember GOOGLE tablet is coming out at any minute now for about the same price new as this.

In the final analysis - this tablet is already "near obsolete" - ONLY buy if you're needs are modest, or you're a novice to the tablet world and don't want to pay a high price to try!
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Great little tablet

I have had this tablet for 2 months now. I love it. I wanted a tablet that I could use as an E-reader, play games on and watch movies on. this fits the bill. Going on the webb with this is not to bad. I have had a few gliches with this but Barnes & Noble was great helping me out with it. Even though I did not buy it from them. You are limited on what apps you can install as you can only get the apps thru Barnes & Noble but for what I wanted it for it does not matter to much. I would like an oil changer reminder app, which they don't have. I like that you can expand the hard drive with the micro card. The movies I have on the card plays great. Nice and clear. Netflix Is mostly ok. Sometime it is not to clear but if you shut the Nook down and turn back on. It usually takes care of it. I like the fact that Barnes & Noble offers so many free e-book or e-books under 5 as I read alot.

The only think I can say that I don't like about this tablet is the volume when playing movies or Netflix. It is not to loud and really need to use the head phones. I fixed this by buying a Ihome mini speaker which doubles the volume. A Music bullet would work also. This tablet beats the other ebook/tablet that I have hands down.
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OK for reading; can't run most Android apps; buggy; klutzy interface

It's OK, but barely so.

The GOOD: Price, form factor, battery life. You can certainly read books!

The BAD: Very slow connectivity, even in my hotsy-totsy wireless environment; Klutzy interface... there is really no notion of "Go back"... it's been replaced by "Start over from scratch". Much of the time, you can't go back to a prior screen.

The DOWNRIGHT UGLY: Its sole purpose is to so unabashedly sell trendy books. movies, and magazines that it smacks you across the face. It's like an auto manufacturer saying, "Hey - it DRIVES. You want AIR CONDITIONING, TOO??"

This is an Android machine... sort-of. There are tens of thousands of Android apps out there, but don't worry none... you can't get most of 'em. You can only get what B&N wants you to have, and that's books, books, books... that they sell... oh, and music and video that they sell. And the occasional app that helps you buy more books, music, and movies that they sell.

Skype? Fuggedaboudit. YouTube [except on the browser]? Silly question. FAA Instrument approach chart / real-time weather apps? Silly boy! CPA Prep courses available on all of Android's other, "real", franchises? I laugh on you! Stanza [app for open source classical literature]? Huh? Nevah hoid ofit.

Then there are the bugs. I'll mention the top 3, to save space.

1) The roulette wheel tap of death... about 5% of the time [a huge number] a tap will take you ANYWHERE you want to go except where you expect. Pretty annoying after you've just typed in a long password for your bank access, and you suddenly get into the MOVIES menu!

2) Highlight hijinks... I'm studying to renew my flight instructor certificate. I laboriously downloaded the FAA Practical Test Guide to my desktop, then schlepped it over as a PDF [you can't do this natively], then tried to highlight. YES - you can highlight. NO - you can't highlight what you WANT. It randomly changes the highlight boundaries AFTER you take your fingers off! I gave up after 10 minutes.

3) Email adventures... I created an email account, downloaded from my server, deleted the junk, went to TRASH, deleted again, then went back to my IN box. The screen strobed 11 times, then all the junk was back in my IN box again! Four tries later, I guessed it was there to stay. This does NOT happen on my desktop, laptop, or iPhone, and it did NOT happen on my old company iPad. So email is largely useless on the Nook.

I "get it" about needing to make money, and I applaud B&N for trying to keep the stockholders happy. I also "get it" that they are historically a bookseller with no real corporate clues about this whole 21st Century thing. But come on, guys - there is a lot of marketing talent out there, and a few recent Wharton MBAs could have fixed you up over lunch! Nobody would accuse Steve Jobs of having shirked the whole money thing, for example. He opened his iPad up to all the apps that wouldn't crash it, and made a gazillion dollars selling iPads anyway!

You see, it's like this... if you LOOK like a smartypants innovator, people LIKE that, and then they don't feel so bad about buying your overpriced music. On the other hand, if you LOOK like a sleazy used car salesman, then the only diehard supporters you'll get are the ones for whom that makes no difference.

Yes, I know... for $200, you don't get phone, camera, magnetometer, aneroid sensor, or other infrastructure needed for some of the snarkiest Android apps. But I think they could have done MUCH, MUCH better!
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It's not an iPad or other full tablet. It's good for its intended purpose.

Seriously people? You're upset that you're locked into a device with proprietary software?

It's called revenue stream. You buy B&N's device, you get a decent tablet for dirt cheap by comparison to other tablets, and its primary purpose is to market B&N content to you. You either know this going in, or you're completely thick.

The fact is, many of the apps ARE free that allow you to access other services, like Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, etc. You pay for small-timer apps because that's the business model: app developers pay to get IN the market (Android, B&N, Amazon, etc.), so they have every right to charge you for their app if they want to. B&N doesn't require apps to be paid.

i'm not a terribly big fan of the actual hardware of the tablet (no camera, limp processor, etc.), but why so many people make such a stink about the software is beyond me. If you want more, pay more & get a full-fledged tablet. The Nook, Kindle Fire, etc. are media services devices. You pay less for the device so you'll pay more over time for content.
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Good features for the most part. Great color and video..not so great sound.

Love it! Battery life is not as long as I would like...need to charge it every night, even if I only read. If I use the internet alot, battery life is VERY short. All in all, for the money I got what I expected. Barnes and Noble site for buying books is not as easy to look for things as Amazon Kindle store.Read full review...


Great Value!

Great value for the tablet! I needed a basic tablet to put my college textbooks on and a web browser. I use it nearly everyday and it is perfect. the "got to any page" feature is really nice, as well as the "reading last" feature. I use the second to go to a textbook straight from looking the assignment up online. I didn't get this for the apps so I don't know too much about them. Overall, I am very happy with this tablet.Read full review...

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