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Long battery life98% agree

Good value94% agree

Good quality screen96% agree


I read on the bus

I've read more books in the past year using this Nook than in the past 4 years of conventional reading.
I read on the bus and next thing I know I have to hurry up and put the Nook away to make my stop. The time flies by. It is so easy to use. The battery gets low and you plug the charging USB plug into your computer to restore a full charge. I can download ebooks from my local public library so I have access to an infinite supply of free ebooks.

One has to, initially, register with Nook but after this is completed at a place of business with WIFI, you are able to read ebooks. If you need to read enlarged print, this function is a part of the Nook. The Nook is great.
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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: gogreendance2009


Basic, Solid E-ink reader.

This is an older model B&N nook, with good (not adjustable) contrast and low glare. I purchased because my Mother broke her GlowLight version, I gave her my GlowLight version (since I rarely used the light), and I purchased this as my replacement. Battery life, for some reason, seems a little shorter than the GlowLight version (maybe different size battery); but only going from 100% to 68% in a week of use, the battery life is more than sufficient. Easy to understand interface, and plenty of online tutorials to assist. Setting up for borrowing from public library (via Adobe Digital Editions) might be a bit fussy the first time; it is easy to use after setup and first sync. I stare at LCD at work for 9+ hours per day, so I find E-ink easier on the eyes when reading for that extra 45-90 minutes in the evening. Remember that E-ink experience is pretty much for black-and-white, low-refresh-rate activities, and cannot provide a "tablet" experience. But as an E-reader only, I love this series and the GlowLight series of e-ink readers.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: lobsternum2


The perfect reader for just reading!

Pros: The screen is sharp, the controls are simple and you just get to concentrate on reading. I carry this everywhere, and often read hours a day. It is easy to hold, with a nice grip and feel. I like the ability to adjust font and margin size. I buy books, get magazine subscriptions, and borrow books from the library. I like not being limited to one online store.
Cons: This is my second Simple Touch. The screen slowly failed on my first one, but it lasted 4 years of hard use. The page turn buttons wear out in about a year. But the touch screen works well for all actions even though the screen was loosing pixels daily. The storage for side loaded books is only 340 MB...out of 2 GB. The rest is taken up by Barnes & Nobel.
Over all, an excellent book reader, no frills, just function. I love it.
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read in store

it would have been five stars if the feature that allows one to read books, not in one's library, while in a barnes noble location, actually worked.

Also search function could have been made less clunky if one could actually save the results, even if temporarily, until one is done and opts to delete it.

i love the lightness, easy one handed reading.
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This is a great e-reader to own.

Already own a Nook Simple Touch. I use it so much that I wanted to buy a back-up in case my old one breaks down. If you just want to read books this is the e-reader to purchase. It's so easy to just grab and go on long trips, lunch breaks or just sitting in the waiting room for doctor's appointment. It's not bulky like a regular book and when you turn it on and select the book you were reading it takes you to the last page you read. How great is that? It's user friendly especially when setting it up. It's a great product.Read full review...


250MB not 2GB awesome product easily fixed with a cheap SD card.No Adverts!

Advertised as 2GB, I received a 250MB version. in a world where 8GB SD cards are 14$ I wan't to worried about it but, caveat emptor. I Live in Australia and bought the nook due to much better format availability and had a 1st gen for a long time. the lightness and price make this my go-to ereader, even though I just use it on the beach 95% of the time. Outside of that, the battery last forever so no worries on extended holidays.Read full review...


Nook Simple Touch

My wife and I both have these. The battery life is great, and the units are small enough to carry around easily. I just picked up this one for a spare, since I have dropped and broken one before. Easily expanded with a mini-sd card to an amount of memory you will never fill up.Read full review...

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I have three of these and have used them since they came out, this on was purchased for a grandson, unfortunately it was packaged as a gift and the paperwork lost, after charging all night, it doesn't work, we spent a half hour with nook support to be finally told that the serial number was off warranty and to send it back, I will review my pay pal bill to see if we can find the seller.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: luked1


Item as described. Shipped fast. Thank you.

Item as described. I have one for 4 years, and like it a lot - mostly due to "ink" technology. My boyfriend's kindle is impossible to use in sunny days in a swimming pool, and my Nook is just perfect. Since I had bought it, two my friends bought it too, and latest models not at all are as good as the first one. I have bought this one for my friend. Thank you.Read full review...


Excellent, better than expected

I originally purchased this product for college. Since I did not like the idea of having to carry five books around at once around the campus, I wanted to try this product to see if it could substitute for my heavy book loads. As it turns out, the product exceeded by expectation. It was extremely light and comfortable to hold on hand. I do not feel any soreness after reading on it for 3-4hours. It was actually better than actual physical books in my opinion because of the crystal print texts. However, there is a downside to it. If you are like me and enjoys feeling the actual texture of the book and the smell of the new prints...it does lack in that. But it only takes a few hours to get accustomed to this ebook reader. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this purchase and I would recommend it to a friend.Read full review...

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