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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use100% agree

Long battery life100% agree


Fantastic! Great iPod, excellent condition, great price!

Searched for an affordable device with enough storage to provide entertainment while away from wifi. This iPod has 64 GB, is in excellent shape (looks brand new), is truly wonderful and cost only $130.00. Lucky to have found it! Will probably buy a second one for my husband, too.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: dongduy1976


Lightweight with tons of space

Love the product. I brought a refurbished. The iTunes crashes all the time. I have to hit the home button three times before the screen comes on, other than that it is fine.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: hotbuyitems2016


could be better.

I got an ipod 4G 64gb for christmas. My first impression was it was a very slick looking device. Very compact and easy to hold, the screens a decent size, and the buttons are very well placed. The battery life could be better, It will usually last about a full day of usage on an over night charge. The screen seems to lag, freeze when its woken up from sleep mode while its playing music. All in all i give this product 4 stars. Extend the battery and Fix the lag for all 5 stars. Great present Thankyou Dad!Read full review...


A practical and useful device for my daughter.

I bought this iPod for my daughter, who is a kinesiologist. She spends much of her time helping others recover/rehab sports related injuries. She told me that music is a very important component of the program, so I bought the iPod for her to make use of it and improve her performance.Read full review...


Great mp3 player

Great player - easy bluetooth connections, a good amount of space, and very responsive interface. However, because it is an Apple product and Apple releases a new ipod every year, it probably will be obsolete in a few years.Read full review...


Syncing troubles but overall nice. Music ♥

I previously had the 3rd generation iPod Touch and LOVED it. Everything worked great no problems. I upgraded to the 4th generation and WHAT A MESS. All the new updates to iTunes and everything did not want to cooperate. It took me 5 hours just to get songs put on it. Having it sync itself is a fail. It only loaded maybe 30 songs out of 500. I had to manually put each song into the music section. I wasted so much energy trying to figure it all out. Once you get all that sorted it's great.Read full review...


apple rocks

best thing even comes out from apple i've been using apple products for 6-7 years yet and even i had any problem they were always here to provide with good service and this ipod touch 4'th genaration is so amazing with everything and this clear screen and good touch screen is what you can't find by any other company like any androids or any other touch screen itemRead full review...


Good development product!! ;-)

I had acquired many tablets during my life. One of them for example being an Archos tablet, but even though it has a good 7 inches screen, It did not satisfy me completely on media. However, screen resolution, user friendliness, amazing feautures is what takes this Ipod touch 4th generation to be over the level of sucessful.

P.S. Ip0d T0uCh 4th reccommended. :-)
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Great product

Excellent product has a lot of new features. The camera is wonderful. Also wether report and the map navigation is very helpful. Love it.


Awesome purchase

Great product. Arrived very fast.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: nikolheat-0

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