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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use100% agree

Long battery life92% agree


iPod Touch 64 GB 4 Gen

Not hard to use, you can still download manuals from Apple on how to use this item in case you need help. Most frustrating was that I could not download podcasts off iTunes, but once going onto the internet, I found how to download the podcast app that was appropriate for the IOS that is loaded on the iPod. So there are some frustrating moments, but with a little research, the iPod does everything I need for it to do. As for the battery life, not sure what long is, it's enough for me, and I have learned that if I turn off the open apps, the battery life lasts a lot longer than if I don't turn off the apps. Sound quality is better with headphones. I use this mostly to listen to You Tubes, podcasts, audiobooks and music, and occasionally to read emails.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: mercybubba


IPod touch

Partly due to all the newer bluetooth speakers available, the iPod touch has become the go-to portable music server around here. Great for taking outside when working in the garden.
Newer models are better for using services like Spotify or Amazon music, but the older models are still good for having easily accessed music -- the clear display makes them quite useable as ereaders too.
I realize most cell phones nowadays offer the same capabilities but there is still a niche for things like the touch in my home.
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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: dettony313


Would buy again...

Works great, and easy to use... Love all the features and the ease of use.... Good battery life and easy to connect via WiFi....


iPod 4th Gen

iPod 4th Gen is in great condition & small....perfect for travel

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: samcomputerusa


itouch 4th generation

itouch works well and that the battery is charged and also that the apps are easy to use.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: yellowstoneelec...


This has been a great investment to occupy my teenager when in the car.

This was bought for my daughter and she absolutely loves it and takes it everywhere with her. It has taken the place of her phone, since most of the time she used her phone for music or games. It is smaller than her phone so it is easier for her to hide it when she is carrying it with her. She loves the fact that it has a front and rear camera on it, because she is into taking selfies like most teenagers now and days. I did buy a second one that was DOA, but the seller replaced it and the second one is working fine now. The second one is for younger daughter that also is into music and games! She is pre-teen stage and is into a lot of the same things the teenager is. Can't buy one when there are two kids!Read full review...


iPod touch best music player and more

The Apple iPod touch 4th gen is a fabulous music player and more. It is basically an iPhone without the phone. You can surf the web,listen to music, play games, do Facebook and send text messages. I highly recommend!Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: used | Sold by: journeyjane


Easy to use with lots of features to help with daily chors.

Easy use. Clean features. Small enough to put in your pocket. Camera works great in a natural environment but lacks in a darker one. You will need alight source to take good pictures. The camera has only zoom as an option. All in all a great device to have for surfing the net playing music and taking pictures. Pictures are easily up loaded to your Facebook if you wish.Read full review...


Amazing "I love my iPod except for one thing"

An excellent Apple product :)!! It has a thin, colorful body and the Retina screen is amazing. The apps are excellent and work fast. FaceTime can lag slightly sometimes, but it's great for having a chat with one of your friends :D (I'm stuck on FaceTime all the time!!). iMessage is another great way of communicating with friends over Wi-Fi, since the iPod doesn't have calls or texting. The camera is OK, but could improve. The video camera is great, and it's HD! The music player is just the best! Great sound quality, and it is so easy to find a song, especially whn you have a load of songs! Overall, an AMAZING device that has fun written all over it!Read full review...


Worth a buy, but not worth paying more than what it's worth.

The design and features are nice. It's really nice to make music playlists on the go too. But I'm really unhappy, that they remove video playlists. I have a ton of videos on my iPod, and they're all cluttered into one folder. They had video playlists in the previous models, so that annoyed me even more.Read full review...

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