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Good sound quality84% agree

Easy to use92% agree

Long battery life91% agree

by Top favorable review

Lots of storage

Great iPod if you're looking for no bells or whistles. It plays music, and does the job. The WiFi pickup is slow simply because its an iPod that's way behind the times of upgrades for software and apps. Its an alarm clock and iPod alone for me. But as long as that's what you're looking for, you'll love it. Also, a great price for 32gb of memory.Read full review...

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by Top critical review

Headphone Jack Disfunctional Upon Receipt

The first day I received this iPod, the headphone jack was disfunctional. It makes a screeching noise the entire time, sometimes allowing parts of the song to come through behind the sound of the screech. I was very dissatisfied with this product, but this being my third attempt at purchasing an iPod on ebay, I gave up.Read full review...

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Music Lover

If You are a music lover, then the iPod Touch with a nice set of headphones won't disappoint!

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If you don't need the camera, this is the best music player for the dollar!

For it's age and going price. This is a no-brainer of a deal. If you can do without the phone and camera it is the best there is.
So easy to use and set-up that a manual is only needed for reference. Sound quality is excellent with good earbuds or phones, but speaker in pod is just average. 32 gig version offers a lot of space for very small $. Highly recommend if you can find one lightly used. For those needing camera you want the 4th-5th generation of the touch which is an equally great deal.Read full review...


Muy bien

El articulo fue entregado rapido y en perfectas condiciones

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I had to return it.


Nice ipod

Thank you.. The iPod was exactly what it said it was... It works great...

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Apple iPod touch 2nd Generation (32 GB)

This is the second Apple iPod touch I've personally owned. (5th in my family) I love it. If you've never used an Apple iPod touch or iPhone, you will be blown away by what all you can do from it. Music, books, banking, google, even Netflix, just to name a few things this little machine can do. The best part is that Apple makes it more user friendly that anyone else.

I have also owned a Microsoft Zune. (2 in my family) Compared to Zune, the Touch is faster, easier to use, and Itunes has a much wider variety to purchase from than Microsoft. I had the Zune first, but got very frustrated with it. The only plus I would give the Zune over the Touch is durablility.

Now my dislikes, the Apple iPod touch is too fragile and frequently has quirks that needs fixing if it gets dropped or gets even damp, not submerged, in liquid. But if taken care of they work great. So I would not spend a lot of money on it to give to a child. Also, it is tougher to monitor what a child does with it than on a computer. It's not just a toy, if it is in range of a wireless signal, it does have access to the internet and all the good (and bad) things it has to offer.

But it is such a cool gadget that does so very many things, I can not keep away from it. But beware of buying used ones from individuals, they usually always have problems. The refurbished ones from the manufacturers are better. They do try to make sure all the bugs have been worked out.
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Good unit , not alot of battery life but I would reccomend.

Nice unit. easy to use , lightweight , great for people on the go. The only complaint I have is that the ads say up to 30 hours use on the battery which is really not true at all. You get 5 to 6 hours tops with non video apps. With video 2 to 3 hours tops. I actually had to buy a Energizer battery pack case to get some extra usage time and even that doesnt extend it much. So if your buying it because of the long life , thats a falsehood. Other than that , it's a great unit and is handy to have on the go.Read full review...


My ipod

It is a great iPod sounds great

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