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Good sound quality80% agree

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If you don't have the latest OS and then the latest iTunes version you will not be able to sync the iPod. It is a real hassle. I have an older Power Mac Pro and cannot install the latest OS on it. I can't use my iPod.Read full review...

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It's green!!!

These little iPods were quirky.... The earbuds aren't the greatest... I've gone through three pairs in a month... But if you don't mind not having an option to skip through your songs, regular earbuds work just fine...Read full review...


ipod shuffle 3rd generation

The shuffle is an awesome ipod to have. Clips on your shirt and it's very secure. The quality and sound on this shuffle is absolutely awesome!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: stacella_m


Portable, but takes getting used to after regular ipod

This iPod shuffle was purchased as a gift for a youngster, but after using a regular ipod with a visual interface, I had to try this one out. The shuffle 3G is a very portable unit that connects to the computer through a tiny earphone to usb connector. (I'd recommend that an adult manage that piece for ease of loss on the part of a younger kid.) iTunes instantly recognized and allowed managing of songs like any other ipod. Playing back tunes is a bit more complicated... I still can't figure out after just a few uses how to select the song you want to play or how to choose a playlist which the shuffle does seem to support. I like the voice over music identification of songs (since there is no screen) but be forewarned that ordinary MP3's will not support the song ID voice overs, they need to be in Apple's AAC format for that feature to work. A nice feature in iTunes allows you to convert all songs to 128kbps when during transfer to the shuffle. Select the setting during iPod setup, and just drag/drop songs onto the iPod icon and the conversion happens automaticaly, although I think it leaves a second copy in that smaller size and file type on the originating computer's hard disk after the transfer. Sound from the shuffle is great, but it seems sometimes the shuffle has a touchy earphone jack, (hence lots of store returns may be sold on eBay for this reason), but read on for the fix. You can simply clean the jack with a quality brand q-tip that has had the cotton swap snapped off (or mostly removed with just a touch of cotton remaining so it is a loose fit into the earphone jack). Momentarily soak the end of the stick in rubbing alcohol and rub inside the jack to restore the connection to the earphones. This jack may get contaminated under normal use. For playback and control, you must use the earphones that have a control button in line with the ear piece as this is used to play/pause, advance the songs, control volume and has press-and-hold features like the voice over songs. This press-and-hold, then press again offers other features I haven't mastered yet for advancing through the songs and I believe to allow selection of playlists, but my "slow, fat fingers" haven't been successful in selecting playlists yet, just advancing through songs... hence the "shuffle" name, I guess. The song quality and volume are simply amazing from such a tiny device! It is as nearly as good as a regular ipod, minus the ability to select EQ settings. Still, for a younger kid and at a much lower entry cost, it no-doubt serves it's purpose - portable entertainment with one's favorite tunes. For me, (an older guy), I prefer the iPod nano 3G, for its small size, a screen, and much more song selection versatility - even video support.Read full review...


IPOD Shuffle

I placed the rating at good (instead of average) because it does what I need it to do. It is light-weight, in sync with my Ipod and is not cumbersome at the gym. Almost perfect. It would have been great to have better control over the music that is coming up. I also would have loved to "rewind" the same song when I get interrupted. I also am very worried about the earplug part because that is where the controls are. I haven't researched how easy it is/expensive to replace these in case I mess something up. Overall, the product does well for what I need it to do.Read full review...


Not Up To Apple's High Standards

Inferior in both design and function to the model it replaced (Generation 2 Shuffle) and to its replacement (Generation 4 Shuffle), the Generation 3 Shuffle is an Apple oddity.
With the controls mounted on the earbud wires rather than on the body of the ipod, the Generation 3 Shuffle can be used only with the specialized earbuds designed for it. No external playability means no music in your car's sound system or home stereo...this is an "earbud only" mp3.
(Be certain you are bidding on one that has the designated earbuds for Generation 3 or you will be making another purchase to go along with your Generation 3 Shuffle).
The clip on the back of the Generation 3 secures well to clothing, but the Generation 3 is said to be susceptable to moisture, causing the unit to either malfunction or fail.
Apple must have realized their blunder with the Generation 3 Shuffle as it had a shelf life of only a year before being replaced by the vastly superior Generation 4 Shuffle.
I cannot recommend this item.
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Apple iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation

This was a present for my 10 year old son. Who wanted his first iPod. I found this model very easy to use and just the right price. It is very light weight and holds plenty of songs. He also loved the black color, it came in.Read full review...


ipod 3rd Gen review

I bought the ipod shuffle 3rd gen. for when I go on walks its the perfect size and weight. And the price was right and it will hold about 500 songs i dont think i'll ever reach that, but its nice to have.The only thing I dont like is the headset its a very inconveint design.So I got the tapstick problem solved which allows me to use any headset i choose.over all its a great produce and would purchase another one if needed.Read full review...


The most amazing music player!

I heard a lot about apple and ipod and when I decided to buy mp3 player the only one I could choose was ipod shufle because it is small, lightweight and very convenient for me and everyone who choose high quality of sound and small size. 2gb internal memory is enough for almost 18 hours of music, anyway it is longer then the battery lasts. There is one issue: the headphones aren`t good enough, but when I connected my sennheizer, a`ve lost the ability to control sound volume and switch tracks. It disappoints, but I think I will be able to buy remote control from sellers from china. Anyway it is awesome and I think I won`t ever decide to change it.Read full review...


Nice gadget

This is a really neat device simply for those who already have an iPod. It is for working out or traveling and not exactly for true audiophiles as the headphones control the device. It is easy to use and the iPod speaks to you announcing the name of the playlist or song at your command. I use it for jogging and it is all I need and if I lose it or am mugged for it, it is not going to make me too sad (moneywise).

Downside for most would be lack of display and proprietary headphones, but again for the price and ease, this is not too bad.
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