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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use100% agree

Long battery life83% agree


Good ipod for the money. Would definitely recommend it to anyone!

I love the design and the fact that you can use it as a watch. It is pretty handy to have the feature in the design of this ipod. Battery is good and features are good. It could come with more apps but other than that the number of apps are alright. If you are looking for something that is small and compact and you can bring it with you pretty much anywhere, than this is the ipod for you!Read full review...



This iPod in great condition

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: swappbuddy


Great little music player

This Ipod is a great music player. The small size and built in clip makes it very convenient and discrete. Great sound quality and battery life.

I've seen some people upset with it not having video capability or games, but this really isn't the Ipod for you if that's what you're looking for. If you want video, go with the regular Ipod. It has a larger screen and greater memory capacity to store those moviesRead full review...


Great for fitness and music experience

Apple iPod nano 6th Generation seems to be the most innovative nano model out from Apple Inc. Its just simply the best mp3 player in that price range.. Other coolest features are RADIO, CLOCK (It's just so great, i love using it as a wristwatch), VIDEO features and the exterior is just the brilliant craftsmanship of Apple seems more appealing than the 5th gen Silver color tone and lasting.. The only discouraging thing came across was that it was assembled in a Apple Factory in China.. Yet the improved apple interface and features outshine the other product in the same price range.. Worth buying and feeling the quality of new Apple iPod nano 6th Generation..Read full review...


Apple iPod Nano 8G Orange

I love that this device is so compact, and also has a clip on it so you can easily put it on a pocket, pants, seat belt, or anything else you can think of.
This device gives you the features of an iPod while still being small enough to not be a hassle.
I am continually amazed by this device every time I use it and find new and fun ways to use it.
You can even add a watch strap and wear it as a watch!
Only con is that it doesn't have some features that normal sized iPod's do, such as internet and so-forth, but most people have smartphones nowadays to cover those bases.
Get this item on eBay for $80, and you will be glad you did.
Read full review...


Apple iPod nano 6th Generation

I like this version of the iPod nano because it is compact, has clip to hook to my wasit, and is easy to use. It also as extra features that my Sensa Clip doesn't. It has a touch screen, pedometer, and fm raido. I can listen to the TV through the FM radio as I exercise at the YMCA. I love this iPod!Read full review...


Great Buy! Small But Mighty.I enjoyed since day one.JOSHI.

Apple produce great product and this is one of them, small but mighty, i love this nano so light and easy to use full of futures. if you buy this, you will not be disoppointed.


Product is not perfect for all!

Hubby has an Ipod shuffle but I wanted him to have a radio too so I upgraded to a Nano, which has more memory and a radio. I found that with the Shuffle, he can play the songs exactly as they are on the CD. With the Nano the songs get shuffled. If I download and want to play an album on the Nano, I notice some of the songs missing or are in other places. It's a mess! The constant flicking drives my husband mad! He wants something he can set and forget while he's power walking. Needless to say, he hates the Nano and has gone back to his Shuffle even though he has no radio. Meanwhile, the lonely Nano sits in wait!Read full review...


Awesome product! Great value for the money

Love it!! Very easy to use and has great battery life. Just enough features to give some variety (radio especially) but not too many to overwhelm me.


Amazing product made just for old fashioned music.

I bought this because i recently sold my iPod touch because I don't need any of the apps/games/internet so I just wanted an old fashioned iPod with just music. this more than qualified and is much MUCH better than all the other mp3 players I have tried before. one of the features that I loved is Nike+iPod because it is so convenient whenever I go running!!Read full review...

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