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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use100% agree

Long battery life75% agree


Long lasting battery music player that fits in your pocket comfortably!

I bought this product because I wanted a very small music player that lasted long. The battery lasts 24 hours which was perfect because the small mp3's I wanted to buy lasted about 4 hours which if far from enough. The size was also a major factor in my purchase because I wanted an music player I could have in my pocket the whole time so that it wouldn't get stolen as I've had my mp3's robbed before because they were too big to comfortably keep in my pocket even while running.

I noticed that their isn't any video playback but I never bought it for that so it doesn't affect me.

Compared to the previous iPod nano's this lacks video playback and is better compared to an iPod Shuffle. I was originally going to buy an iPOD shuffle but I didn't like it's lack of screen and changing music track by track so this iPod was perfect for me. The extra of being able to see pictures is a fun feature even though the pictures are small and sometimes hard to see.

After 1 year, I had a problem with the button getting stuck. Do not leave this in hot places. It's a shame they went with such a tedious design to repair. The size of a black dot that is required for the button to click is like almost a grain of sand. Trying to repair it was so frustrating. I can't turn on the iPod because of this.
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Somehow it's a little different from my other ipod nano 6, but it is a good product.

I am satisfied with the product.

It is a good product. Its interface is different from the other Ipod Nano 6 I own. I have not got a chance to figure out the reason why the screens are different. But the functions that I was looking for are there. So I am satisfied.Read full review...

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I like the small size and large capacity of this 16g unit. Great looking and with the touch it's so easy to use. I don't have anything negative to say about the product.


Arguably the best all -around Ipod

I think this design is perfect for anyone strictly interested in listening to music from their ipod. It clips on to say, your belt, and is very small. Yet it still has a touch screen to quickly access your music. Perfect for me, being a runner. Speaking of which, it has the Nike + Running App, basically a pedometer which connects to your computer. It also has an FM tuner and the ability to view photos. THOSE ARE THE ONLY "APPS." Again, it really is just for music, with the addition of a pedometer. Battery life is very good, I use it fairly often and only give it a full charge every couple of days.Read full review...


Super product in a small package, it's great!

It is amazing how something that small can have so many great features and is so easy to use. The reception on the FM radio is great. Won't ever fill up the momory with music even that there is some much out there, plus my own CD collection.Read full review...


Great Little Player

I like everything about this. It is used so battery life is less than specs but still usable

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Amazing performance from a small device

I bought this to wear while walking the dogs (and any other time I wanted 'tunes') and have not been disappointed in the nano's performance. I only wish that you could get something more than 16gb as it is hard to choose which songs I want on it! The battery life is excellent and the operation itself is very easy. I love the fact that it is very small however didn't find it very useful for pictures as it was too small to see them clearly. I am totally thrilled with this purchase and only wonder what took me so long to buy it!Read full review...


nano exceeds all expectations in such a small package!!

love this little pod of joy!!! I was looking for a better way to store my music and have it be portable enough to take it with me anywhere,this product is flawless,so many benefits fromsuch a compact device,from the nike app,to the watch,radio,my music downloads,podcasts,pictures,amazing!!!!Read full review...


16 GB Apple Nano best Apple ipod yet.

I love this Apple ipod. Apple's technology has advance so much since I bought my first ipod. The new features (radio, fitness and photos) along with the screen so you can watch videos are a wonderful additon. Most people should invest in the 16 GB ipod. Unless you are a very casual ipod user 8 GB will not be enough. That is why I bought this ipod. I am very pleased with this ipod and recommend it.Read full review...


money well spent

great ipod. compact easy to use. ton of features. great buy. i'm not much of an electronics person, but this thing is very easy to master.

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