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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use100% agree

Long battery life100% agree


I Pod Nano 5th generation

It was everything desired and then some. Love old classic apple products.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: doreendesigner


Good for average listener/vinyl junkie who wants to use digital devices too

I bought this iPod to use as the digital component of my music collection. I own approx. 1,000 records, so I use this iPod to hold the digital files of music that I enjoy listening to but can't get on records. 16 GB holds about 3500 songs @ 160 kbps, so you'll have plenty of tunes to listen to and the FM radio is also a really nice feature. The voice recorder is great for recording lectures and presentations, and the video camera is surprisingly good. It's not perfect, but in my opinion, it's way better than the current Nanos Apple makes!Read full review...


Top of the line A.P.

Not only is the sound quality perfect but an amazing a amount of artists. Looking at it was an awesome price.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: mlharm



Lady was really nice about everything and shipped it right away. Was really surprised how fast it got here

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: doreendesigner


NOT red

It's a good high quality iPod, but it says that it is red, but is clearly pink.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: gogogadgetsny



works great

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: savvyshoppe12


Great product with great features

Love all of the features including the wheel. I did not want the 6th generation due to the poor reviews in regard to handling while running or on the treadmill. The 5th generation is everything and then some with the pedometer, radio, video etc. It is so much better than the new 6th generation, user friendly. The only negative is that you have to use the arm band while running or a pocket. No clip due to the size.Read full review...


One of a kind!!!

One of the most awesome mp3 that anyone could buy, from those that like to make short films to those who just use it for the regular basis. I would consider this product to many due to the excellent features plus the name says it all "Nano" (light weight, and prefect design for those hard core runners). The nano 5th gen. can not be compare to any other mp3's out there. The newest nano is awesome as well but it just lags one thing where's the camera? But over all any nano's from the past to newest and any other apple iPod products is worth the investment. Happy bidding everyone!Read full review...


Apple iPod Nano 5th gen-GOOD!

I love my nano. I needed a replacement for the (4th gen) I lost and thought I'd upgrade to more storage and features. In the 5th gen I'm especially happy to have the built in radio, which you can only hear with the earbuds. It has built in speakers (a plus) but the fidelity is not great, as you might expect from so small a unit. The video is fun, although I find the lens in an awkward place when filming. I wish Apple had not reversed the position of the sockets for the earbuds and other power/synching cord which, as a right-hander, I find awkward when I'm listening and playing games...but not so big a thing. Overall, I'm really happy with this unit and I'm glad I bought it.Read full review...


Love it!

This is a great iPod for someone who thinks the Touch is too big and the current Nano's window is too small. It's got lots of options, e.g. music, video camera, radio, video and 16gb of space. It doesn't take still photos, but that's o.k. with me because I can upload my jpeg photos to it and take them wherever I go. I had to pay above the original sticker price for this no-longer-available Nano because so many people like it more than the Nano that is currently available and this version is hard to find. Also remember to use the option iTunes offers to convert your higher bit rate songs. I didn't know about this option until after I had already loaded 1,200 songs which took up half the space on this 16 gb Nano. When I applied the option (it took hours to condense all my higher bit rate songs) it gave me back tons of space so I now have 11gb left to play with. I think Apple should get rid of the shuffle and the latest Nano and bring this version of the Nano back.Read full review...

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