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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use100% agree

Long battery life0% agree


Fantastic product, jam-packed with features! Love it!!

Bought this because I really am not a fan of touchscreen products. They are too sensitive. Anyway, this is a huge upgrade to my 4th gen Nano. I really like that one too, but this has some great added features, including the larger screen. Pedometer, FM radio with station ID and song tags, etc...
Even though this is not the newest version, I think this is all I would ever need for listening to music, viewing short video clips, pictures. I am sure I do not use all of the features on this Nano, but the ones I do, I really enjoy.
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Works great

The product works well. Easy to use. Battery ran down after 8 hours of plane flights.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: hw_13


good quality, easy to use , small and lots of storage.

The stereo on my motorcycle is able to communicate with this unit and certain generation. The storage is 16 gb. Which traveling long distance you will not a have to find radio stations to listen too. It clear over the system. Easy to set up and operate and small enough not to take up to much pace.Read full review...


Apple 5th Generation iPod.....WINNING!!!!

This, I believe, is the best iPod Apple has ever made. I started out with the shuffle and upgraded to the 5th Generation (at the time the newest generation iPod Nano). I tried out a friend's 6th generation (for a test run) and I have to say the 6th generation Nano's touch screen, is crap! If I wanted a shuffle...I would have bought a shuffle. The 5th Generation has any an everything you could would want in an iPod. Full screen, a pedometer that comes in really handy, Genius Mixes, a camera, a pretty decent speaker for when you can't find the earbuds ;-), what I call shake-n-shuffle, and much more! Everything doesn't have to be teeny and touch screen in order to be better, Apple. I will have this iPod til I die, or they come out with one that actually *is* better. 5th Generation iPod Nano TOTAL WIN! 6th generation iPod Nano....FAIL!!!Read full review...


Great Device! Tiny, yet perfect.

I find that 16gb of flash is plenty of room, especially since I can change which 16gb is on it whenever I want. The click wheel seems to work much better than on my 3rd generation iPod. The video camera captures video a lot better than you'd expect from such a tiny little thing. Voice memos record perfectly. I use this about two hours a day for music, and I find that I only have to charge it like once a week. It's perfect for my needs.Read full review...


Exactly as described, timely delivery & excellent communication.

Love this generation of the Nano. The video and screen are great. The click wheel is better than the touch screen on the newer generations. Those touch screen are a joke! They's too small, too easy to break, too easy to lose and it's just plain silly to have a touch screen that small. These 5th gens are the way to go.Read full review...



Works great and just as described, I like the size because it's not too small and won't get lost and misplaced as easy as the tiny iPods.


Best model of ipod

In my personal opinion the best model of Ipod released thus far. Extremely light, small and portable, the 5th gen nano is able to perform music and video playback along with a camera and radio accessibility into a tiny package. The best of both worlds, I can carry around several movies and all of my music in its generous 16gb storage space without even noticing it in my pocket. A great buy.Read full review...


Multi-functional, ergonomic, MP3 player

The 5th generation IPod Nano is similar to the 4th generation in that it is small, light, and has a great, feel I might describe as ergonomic! The games included with the tilt sensor are fun, the 16G of space is very handy, and it certainly functions very well as an MP3 player. This new generation has some great new additions too though. The video camera works really well and is nice to have. The Genius mode is also a fun new addition and increases the music listening experience. Overall, I am impressed and am happy with the product!Read full review...


This was a great purchase, great value for money

This product is so nice since it has a camera and video tapes. Granddaughter who is 10 loves this and uses it for all her music and pictures. I bought this used and have no regrets, my granddaughter is thrilled!Read full review...

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