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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use100% agree

Long battery life100% agree



Not only did it get to me almost a full week before it was supposed to, it was in better condition than I kind of expected it to be. I thought it'd have a few dings and there's really nothing that sticks out. It's beautiful and looks new. 11/10Read full review...

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Used Nano iPod

I received the unit almost immediately! It is in perfect condition. Couldn't have asked for anythng better.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: cs80904


So happy I bought this

I liked the size and the screen size of this model--although 5th generation could have been similar. I like being able to figure out how to use this without having to slavishly refer to a guide, and although I am never going to have videos on this tiny a screen--what is the point of that?--I do like being able to read content as easily as this displays. Love the color--easy to spot, and think that you should have a protective shell or cover for it. Easy to load, easy to use, easy to see--better than the 6th generation by far, and with 16 GB, will hold whatever you need.Read full review...


Love it still!

Bought a new one as a replacement for the one sent through the wash. The 4th gen nano is spectacular and has never once let me down. Better battery life than my previous 2nd gen ever were (when I was still using them of course). I also prefer the 4th to the 5th because of the size. They're a lot easier to keep track of than something basically the size of a coin.

If you want a cheap, reliable iPod, I suggest the 4th Gen nano. Doesn't matter if you get 8 or 16, both are spectacular.
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Nice investment

I do really like this item. Great amount of memory for a small lightweight player. I do like the Genius feature that helps you make quick playlists off songs you really like. The 16gb is more than enought for me to keep a wide variety of music for a little while. I suppose I could watch a movie or a video on the screen, but it's a bit too small for my taste and I doubt I'd enjoy watching a 90 minute movie that tiny.

I mainly use my Nano for the gym and on occasion I plug it into my car stereo, but I bought it for the gym. If you get an armband and a good set of headphones it keeps you going. One feature I noticed on this model compared to the other iPods I own, and have owned is that when it plays songs they have a five second overlap/blend. It's a nice feature that makes you feel like you have a radio station on or personal DJ. Especially when you are sweating on a bike, it's a nice feature to keep you rolling ahead.

I personally like the orange color, but my girlfriends has a pink one. Whatever keeps you going.
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The first Ipod I ever payed for

This is a replacement after my 30GB ipod video died, I like the cover flow feature, great if your on shuffle and want to hear another song from a certain album. Screens a little hard to read at a glance, I could do with less cover art and a little larger text.
Another thing I'm a fan of is how little mass it has, my old ipod would bounce in my pocket and feel like it would take my shorts with it. Also if you drop it and catch the headphone cord it doesn't have the weight to disconnect from the headphone jack which is nice.
All in all if you want an ipod for music and not videos I recommend this as an upgrade when you need it, wouldn't go out and buy a new one for the reason of having a new one though, its just a bigger HD.
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very good

is a good product with enough capacity to store a good repertoire, ideal size and beautiful color. Almacea videos and pictures, great sound and great functionality thanks to the wheel has to choose


Apple iPod Nano 4th Generation Orange (16 GB)

This iPod is nice and slim, light, and has a great display. It has more than enough memory for my music and several movies. Plus I purchased it at a great price. Well worth the investment. I wasn't sure how the orange color would look, but once I had it in my hands the color is fantastic.Read full review...


Perfect product

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: swappbuddy


So good...I bought another

I've had a iPod Shuffle which worked great but didn't have enough memory so then I bought a (MTSU) blue 8GB Nano. That works great but I wanted more memory so I recently bought this (UT) orange 16GB Nano. The only problem now is to find the time to chose which songs I want on it to fill it up.

One thing I wish the iPod has was the ability to mark certain songs for deletion at the next sync or to actually delete them from the iPod without having to go thru iTunes.
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