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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use100% agree

Long battery life100% agree


Ipod nano 4 works well

I was happy to have been able to buy this older model since the one I currently own is getting "tired." I would have gladly given this new (to me) ipod five stars; however it does not have an internal speaker as does my other one. I don't know when they stopped putting in speakers. I don't like ear buds, etc. so having the internal speaker is nice for me. Otherwise-works well and is reliable.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: ipod_wizard


Great for the money!!! Definitely a good buy for those who can use an ipod!

It's not a 5th gen ipod with all the bells and whistles but it supports videos and pretty much has the same audio quality and simple functionality of previous ipods.

It's a great alternative to those who have iPod Classics in a smaller form factor. I used to own an ipod classic 30GB but an nano 4th or 5th gen with 16GB of memory more than enough to satisfy both your video and music needs.

While not the most portable of the ipod nanos this nano delivers the same apple quality you'd expect if you're just an eager music listener.

The accelerometer is really great for scrolling between artists & albums. Has a lot of good options when the center button is played during songs such as shuffle (shaking works too), genius, rating...etc.

The battery life isn't as advertised it varies depends on the listener and the listener's headphone but it does last a good while before it dies.

overall it's still an excellent ipod to have for anybody out there looking simple solution to your music/video needs. Highly recommended even without the 5th gen's other features it's great grab n go music player.
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awesome product for the money! Great value!

old school but very good, holds a lot of info, easy to use, my daughter uses it all the time , very durable and small


great product, works great, had many before. very nice.

would recommend, very good product, had good battery life, screens big, hold decent amount of music.


Great Unit

Ipod Nano 4th generation is a great unit. I have 2 4th generation Ipods, one for my motorcycle and one for home use. Both have performed well and have taken some abuse. Will continue to use this unit until I wear it completely out.Read full review...


great seller and good device

this is a great device, in particular for my purchase, i knew that battery was dead and i bought a new battery for change it


Great Product for the price!

It is great. Just an extra iPod to keep one on our boat and not have to take our home one with us. It looks new and works great! We are very pleased with the iPod and having 16G memory makes it even a better purchase for the price.Read full review...


Great, much better than subsequent Nano''

I got it to use to play music in my sons room since the iPhone 5 has the new dock connector and no longer works with all of the dock compatible stereo's around the house.

I like it much better than the newer, small , square nanos.

plus, little guy gets to rock out to ELO now
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4th Generation iPod Nano 16 GB

I owned the 8 gig refurb version of this iPod for a little over a year and it was fantastic. My original one cam up missing and I didn't want to replace it with some knock off brand of MP3 player like I have owned in the past. Apple makes a truly outstanding product. I didn't want to upgrade to a new version of the iPod, because I had really gotten used to the operation and the features of the 4th gen nano. Also, I wanted more storage since I listen to a lot of Mike and Bob radio show podcasts. I haven't listened to the radio since I have owned an iPod. It is terrific!Read full review...


Great product. Great sound quality. Great design

It's an Apple designed product. Need I say more? The 4th generation vintage is still state of the art technology. 16 gigs can fit a heck of a lot of albums. Working with this Nano is easy to learn, and finding the manual on line for downloading is no problem either. It's light; the screen is sharp, the color is vibrant; and the sound is full - especially with good headphones in use.Read full review...

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