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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use100% agree

Long battery life100% agree


Great overall music player and light. I would highly recommend

It's really reliable and I like this size of this ipod. It fits nicely in my hand and is really light and portable. It holds lots of music and although the features of the more current ipods are great, I like this one a lot!Read full review...


Great product!

Great item despite advances in technology to newer models. It is stil bug free and so easy to use with iTunes. Light, portable and very durable! I prefer this over keeping tunes on my iPhone!


Good mp3 player. Cheap, breaks easy, better suited as a temp. replacement.

Bought one used cause my old 30Gb went and died. Only after two weeks of using it the bass went out (the ohm resistor shorted out) so now the songs sound crappy. If you want something that's going to last you, buy new. Honestly you get what you pay for, sometimes.Read full review...


Love the 2nd gen Nano's

Nano was nice and clean and wrapped in bubble wrap. Just took the nano and programmed it and was using it right away. The 2nd gen 4g nano holds lots of music and lasts about two days with the charge. The newer ones have lots of extra features, but if you just want the music the nano is perfect. Now have four of them and just love them!Read full review...


Price was good, but using control wheel is frustrating.

I bought this MP3 player so I could mostly listen to books. A head injury has left me unable to read print books, so an MP3 seemed like a great solution. This particular unit uses a touch control dial that is difficult to use. Sometimes it works with my mittened or gloved finger, othertimes, not. When I'm trying to restart a selection after stopping for a while, I can click on "Now Playing" and it starts up where I left off. Othertimes I have to search through several directories to find my book, then jump through the chapters until I find a close starting point.

I would really like to be able to 'rewind' a few sentences when I couldn't hear well, or didn't understand what the reader said. So far, I don't know how to do that. I've listened to entire chapters over and over though. It is frustrating.

The battery life is great. Even on this used unit, the charge is sufficient to last 6-8 hours.

This is a great starter unit or perfect for a child.
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Good to Go

Everything functions enough to paly the 700+ songs. I like these little nanos for ease to while working around the house (outside)

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: irishone5864


Product is at end of life don't buy

bought unit as a backup, it would not hold a charge threw it away. Product design and if new would probably be ok. If used battery is probably at end of life.


This ipod is excellent.

My 6 year old decided he wanted an ipod for christmas, so we decided to buy him a used ipod rather than a brand new one. I bought the ipod online from an awesome seller. She told me that the ipod did not work because it needed a new battery. I thought no worries because I had watched videos on You Tube about how to fix the problem. It was a simple fix, and the ipod works perfectly. Yes, I was disappointed that the battery had died that quickly, but the new battery and tools only cost me $3. Plus, I bought the brand new ipod, barely used for $25. These ipod are great to have especially for young children who are very into music. Especially because now I don't have to listen to his music in the car anymore. Great product! I wouldn't go with any other brand.Read full review...


Great iPod, works awesomely and cool colors.

I've repaired several of these iPods before, and I have to say that I really love this particular generation of the iPod nano. They all work great and are able to play your music and what nots as you wish, plus the fact that it comes in some awesome colors too.Read full review...


Everything works good

I will buy again.....

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: sfgoodwillrecom...

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