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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use33% agree

Long battery life33% agree


New Lease On Life 4 iPod Mini 1G

This iPod mini was professionally refurbished by the seller. The battery and storage capacity were upgraded. The iPod was reset to factory setting. Storage capacity increased to 16 gigabytes. The new battery will hold a charge for over 8 hours. It is very easy and simple to use. I plug in a pair of low tech panasonic rp-sp15 mini speakers. Yes, I held on to these after my walkman portable cd player was consigned to the recycling bin! This iPod mini is perfect for my old speakers!Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: juice0804


Love the mini!

For slightly over $20, I am in love with my new (new to me) Apple iPod mini. It's so little and cute. The seller was great. It's a really nice mint green color and one thing that I like about buying used iPods beside the fact that they are so affordable, is that most of the time, they come with pre-loaded music. Not a bad deal!

Would definitely recommend buying an iPod mini... great for workouts and to take on shopping trips. :)
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In-expensive way to listen to your music on the go-bring a wheelbarrel tho!

I bought this thing because, quite simply, my car had a plug in for it lol. I bought the green because, you guessed it, my cars green. I love the ease of use with this thing, it is so easy to find the song I am looking for, and the games (while simple) are suprisingly addicting. My only design flaw is the size and heft of it--its a bulky little thing (yes, I know, its the first generation and all the ones after it got smaller and smaller). I chose the bulky first generation because I have no plans to ever carry it around; it will forever stay plugged into my console (except when I bring it in to refresh the song list), but if i had the desire to use it like it was intended i think the size would deter that. Overall--it was cheap cheap, and it works great and I love it so much, I actually bought two so I could have a backup!Read full review...


Apple iPod Mini 1st Generation Green

These older iPod's should only be purchased if the battery has been replaced.
I have been a Mac user and programmer for 20 years and love all vintage Mac stuff.
Replacement of battery for older Apple item is expensive,requires technical knowledge and the Apple store often can't or wont be much help.Newer Intel based Apple products are less expensive and supported by Apple.Also most older iPods will not charge from the USB port! You will need a wall charger or Apple Docking Station,also some dock's and car chargers won't do the trick either! Once the battery is depleted you have a paperweight at best.Before-warned!Read full review...


Just what you need

I loved the fact that it did what an iPod is supposed to do. Play music and well if anything.

Also, I got two of my past iPod touch stolen from me which is why this is perfect because people see it and think "Um, thirty bucks? No thanks." And if someone does steal it, I won't get heart broken and be bent on replacing it immediately. Good iPod for anyone who just needs something for music, if you are looking for something that is your "entertainment machine" then get something else and keep it at your side at all costs.

LOVE IT!!! Great as a weapon and even better as a music player (preferably for those who no longer care for looks) Cheap and good to use.
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Good choice

I had an iPod mini which had a broken display protection screen and I was looking on eBay for a replacement housing; I came across this very reasonable offer for a refurbished used iPod. I did get a "like new" iPod in perfect working condition and without any blemish!
I could not bring myself to cannibalize it for parts and eBay came to the rescue - found a new housing and now I have two like new iPods.
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Just bought an IPOD Mini 4GB

I'm new to the IPOD revolution, so this is my first purchase. I know it is an older model, but I am really impressed with it. I transfered 808 songs to the ipod from my computer with space left over for probably another 300 or 400 songs. The menu feature is fairly simple to use along with most other features on the IPOD itself. I'm not a huge fan of Itunes, which you have to use in conjunction with the ipod to sort, transfer music, etc.... I prefer windows media player, but because it is microsoft, doesn't work with an apple product I guess. I like that the older ipod is a little bulkier than newer models. I have held and seen the new Nano's and there is just not much to them in my opinion. I am pleased with my purchase and recommend the product to others.Read full review...


Great buy for your money!

I must say, the first generation Ipod green is a great music player and beats any mp3/mp4 player i have ever purchased, great sound and very addictive. I love this, and the color is very beautifull a light shiny green and holds allot of music, this music player is higly reccomended as it also doesin't cost that much ! :DRead full review...


Apple ipod mini

easy to use and a great thing to have when exercising or in the car. It is a handy little machine that can pretty much go anywhere but has a perfect size screen not like the ipod shuffle.


1ST Generation IPod Mini

The 1ST generation IPod Mini is a must for new users or those who want a simple MP3 player. You can sync up to your music quickly as the ITunes program goes out into your computer and finds all your music you can put on your Ipod Mini and then updates it to play on it then you just connect it to the computer and BING let it finish and you can listen to music. SIMPLE. :)Read full review...

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