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Excellent product. Great value!

I wanted to purchase a reasonably priced iPhone for my son, and this fit the bill. Price was great, phone looks brand new, obviously kept in a case. We both have iPhones now, as well as iPads, and keeping a teenager's schedule on the phone, with alarms, is great! And we both can sync everything to our iPads.
I hate to admit it, but this phone really helps keep us organized. We homeschool, so we can work on school anytime, anywhere with the apps we have downloaded. The zip list app is a huge help making grocery lists. You scan an item in, select the store, and you're done! As you buy the items, you remove them. It couldn't be easier. I love it!
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-=White eschy and stylish ...=-

Excellent Model: Case Study: more than a year
Advantages: Stability. Functionality. Practicality. In fact, the phone itself - sheer virtue of its owner. Of the key features that I personally use regularly - iPod, game, Safari (this review I am writing once again with the iPhone yet), Stanza (a program for reading books), and various office applications from the AppStore - "TV Guide" - a program TV, "NewsDay" - news from around the world with all the details, "Awesome Note" - Notes, scoring lectures there, very conveniently, you can scatter them into folders. And there are small applications that make your life easier and simpler - the sea. But there are also applications and the giant: "MusicStudio" - a program for writing music. No, not properly configured. A full-featured program for writing music, PhotoShop express - needs no introduction. If we formulate all of the above in one sentence - the AppStore is all that you just might need. Courses in English, GPS-card applications for the formation of its program of fitness, frivolous applications for tomfoolery (changes in those voice distortion, etc.). In any sphere of life will help you iPhone. Just do not skimp on the unlimited internet, it is really needed;)

Disadvantages: The main drawback - since it is impossible to use a different phone)
For detail, of course, there is, but here they would think ... Oh yeah, I remember. One must be very careful when replacing the SIM card, as well as between the SIM card slot and the screen, no caps, respectively, it is very easy to place the dust on the glass. For work has no effect, but the eyes calluses.

Comment: I would say so. iPhone - a Porsche from the world of mobile phones. You can not love Porsche, but you can not say that this is a bad car, because it worked on the genius of his business, he invested in a variety of means, the car has the appropriate status and place in history. Same thing with the iPhone - you can hate it, find it a bunch of imaginary faults, but to call it a bad phone - simply silly. Beautiful, stable, reliable. Simply the best. The rest - think for yourself. I hope my review will be useful to someone.
Thank you for your attention.
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Highly recommended product for a person who's just starting out with iOS

Bought an iPhone 3GS - 32GB. Its a great phone. And this is coming from a guy who switches phones more than he has fingers on his body. Overall a good buy. The screen is awesome. It is bright and clear. The 3MP camera provides decent pictures and good video, but I've seen better. The battery life utterly does suck. I hit 20% in 4 hours of use, which is horrible compared to my HTC. The iPhone iOS definitely is the BEST mobile OS around, with Android close behind it and Windows Phone 7.5 running in 3rd.


Cons: Small screen: only a 3.5
Seen better cameras
VERY EXPENSIVE when bought at a store
Multi-tasking kinda sucks

Overall: a good buy. I highly recommend this phone, but if you want a better iPhone, go with the iPhone 4S (more expensive but, your choice! :] )
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Great value for the money.

I like the price, since it is an original iphone. I was a little weary of the phones condition because of the top right corner of the phone has a little seperation between the back and front panels, it wont go back together but a simple cover will solve that problem.Read full review...



It is a great phone and i like it a lot. I would recommend this phone to anyone. I got it with a good deal. The pone is new and the battery is last very long..................... too much to say about this phoneRead full review...


ASTRONOMICAL BOOST from 3G! I'm in a whole NEW cosmos!

After suffering under the oppression of being a 3G owner for so long, I had an epiphany that I could get a not-too-expensive upgrade without having to renew my AT&T contract at this critical time in Apple's product line development here on eBay. However, I never suspected how much of an upgrade switching to the 3Gs would be. It's infinitely faster than I'd imagined--I still haven't quite gotten used to not having to wait. I opted for a white, 32GB model, and even this has thrilled me beyond measure. I love the stark white color because I never misplace my phone for very long anymore, and I love being able to load all of my (too many) apps onto this phone. I mean I can't gush enough--it was everything I was missing in being an iPhone owner: better camera, video recording, compass w/ dynamic maps, printing abilities, airplay abilities, game center, background applications, wallpaper, screen orientation locking, notes accounts, accessibility options, longer battery life, faster syncing, typing, texting and browser experience (in general, no longer just sitting there for the phone to load an app or to actually type the letters I pressed minutes before only to realize I made a mistake or it autocorrected wrong), less application crashing and I'm sure much, much more. I've only really started to realize how much different the 3Gs experience is than my 3G. It's like being a new iPhone owner all over again. I'm excited to use my phone again, and I curse much less. Needless to say, I'm quite satisfied with the 3Gs and don't see upgrading to any newer model iPhone/iOS device prematurely. If you are still a iPhone 3G owner, I can't express to you how much better your life will be on a 3Gs. W00T!Read full review...


Great product. Awesome value. Will use a lot.

I love my new iPhone. It is working very well for me and I am using it with Straight Talk. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get an iPhone. Has many features and is easy to navigate.


The 3GS is where the iPhone peaked

This definitely has to be the best iPhone that Apple produced- better than the first, the 3G, and the iPhone 4. This is coming from someone who owned the iPhone 4 and decided to go back to the 3GS due to mounting problems. Unlike the iPhone 4, you don't have to worry about reception issues with the 3GS because the antenna is placed at the top where it should be. This phone is also a lot faster than the 2G and 3G (loads apps faster, less lag, overall a more fluid experience). The only things the iPhone 4 has on this phone is that it has a better display and a faster processor. The faster processor doesn't make a huge difference considering your still limited by AT&T's lame excuse for a network. Many will say "oh this doesn't have facetime unlike the iPhone 4". Let me tell you the truth about FaceTime- you are never going to use it. It's just like a fingerprint reader on a laptop- it's one of those things where you say "oh, this will be cool to have" but you never use it. The 3GS also has that fantastic clamshell design that fits perfectly in your hand unlike the iPhone 4. The 3GS is just the best of everything: best design, no antenna issues, etc. This phone is simply the easiest phone to use: there is really no learning curve making this an extremely intuitive device. Besides, who would want to pay over $500 for the iPhone 4 with no contract when they can get this phone for much less? All you're paying for are frivolous features that you probably won't use. Aside from a few features, they are basically the same phone. Software is updated amongst all iPhones so you can still be up to date. Bottom line: the 3GS is the no-nonsense iPhone that does everything you need it to do and does it well. You won't regret this: the iPhone 3GS is hands down the best iPhone.Read full review...


Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB : a successful smartphone family!

The iPhone 3GS looks exactly like the previous model. It shares the shape and the same external controls, but the iPhone 3GS is unique in a handful of ways. You can get both memory sizes in white or black, and the iPhone 3GS display sports a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating that is supposed to attract fewer fingerprints and smudges. The new model shares the same dimensions as its predecessor, but it's slightly heavier (4.76 ounces versus 4.7 ounces), a virtually unnoticeable difference.

The menu interface is also the same, but in the past year, as we've added apps to the Home screen, something new has begun to bother us. As intuitive and simple as the interface is, it becomes unwieldy after you get above four menu pages. Swiping through multiple pages is tedious; and it's rather painful to drag applications from page to page if you're an organizational freak. We hate that there's no way to categorize related apps into folders, such as one for news, another for social networking, and so on. Not only would this cut down on menu pages, but you'd also be able to find your app faster.

The iPhone 3GS includes support for Nike + iPod, which integrates your iPod with a sensor that fits inside Nike running shoes. You use it as a pedometer to track your distance traveled and your pace. When you turn on the app in the settings menu, an icon will appear on the Home screen. The headphones included with the iPhone 3GS also show changes. You'll find controls for using the Voice Control feature, adjusting the volume, answering calls, and controlling music and video playback.

If you’ve been holding out on buying an iPhone, there’s no longer a reason to wait. What’s more, if you can afford the new 16GB or 32GB iPhone 3G S, be certain to snag it for all the additions and improvements over past models.

If cash is tight, however, pick up the 8GB iPhone 3G and be sure to download the new iPhone OS 3.0 (see sidebar), which adds a fraction of the options found in its big brother. It would be remiss, though, not to mention that the iPhone isn’t for everyone, be it someone who just wants to make phone calls or those who prefer typing on a button-based QWERTY keyboard rather than the iPhone’s “soft” (on-screen virtual) keyboard option. Make no bones about it: This is a premium, pocket-friendly multimedia device for those looking to split the difference between business and pleasure, or prefer their mobile phone loaded with bells and whistles.

Still, between fresh features such as video recording and speedier program loads; generally enhanced performance; and overall ease of use, the iPhone 3G S is now the smartphone to beat for everyday shoppers. The gauntlet has officially been thrown down. Let’s see if manufacturers such as Palm (Pre), RIM (BlackBerry Tour) and Nokia (N97) can keep up.

With all the hype around each iPhone release you might be lead to believe that the iPhone will change your life. One thing that's for sure is it will demand you change the way you use your phone. You'll need iTunes on your computer, you'll need to train yourself to use the on-screen keyboard and you'll need to charge the phone each night. If you're willing to make these concessions then the iPhone 3GS will definitely deliver.
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I own one, and I love it

Ok, I have wrote a review on buying used IPhones from Ebay " "
and now, I'm here to give you my opinion regarding IPhone 3Gs 32GB WHITE, I have been an owner for this phone for almost 3 months, and I'm taking a very good care of it as it's like my own baby, but, as any cell phone, each has it's cons and pros, so, let me start with the advantages as all of other people do :)

PS: This is only my PERSONAL point of view.

1. LCD:
Clear, big (but not the biggest), very sensitive and double touch :) (gestures)
2. BIG Memory
Yup, I love having big memory for movies and games.
3. Very funny applications
Despite I'm working in software industry, but, this cell phone (as I must say and repeat it again and again) rocks by it's software, you can install hundreds of software and the phone will never come slow (unless you messed up :) )

4. Easy to use, if you are a Nokia (or other brand) user, you will take some time to get to use to it, and when you do, you will never will return to Nokia again :). (PS: I have used plenty of brands with different types of Cell phones Operating systems).

5. Cool Camera :), I like it even from the 3G model but, with the 3Gs, you can record VIDEO :) wow.

If all the previous features are great so, What's is not COOL then,

actually, I have some :),
1. Many functions are missing, for example, you can't send files through bluetooth, Even there are some software that tries to solve this issue, but, still NO NATIVE Support, if you have international numbers starts with 00 not (+), the Iphone won't give you the caller's name, and so on.

2. Apple domination, I mean, if you want to install some software that doesn't exists on Apple Stores, basically, you can't, you will need to JAILBREAK it to install it, I don't know why Apple do that, even if it is not legal software the reliability goes on the user, that's doesn't mean I install illegal software, I actually try the "lite" versions and if I like it, I buy it.

3. ITunes still not very professional when comes to IPhone, there are some good software (free) that gives uses a very good control over their IPhones like "IPhone PC Suite".

4. Unlocked version, is so expensive, when compared to other High end devices.

After all, I can't give this device less than 4 stars actually, I wanted it 5 :) but, I can't

All the best.
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