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I love my iPhone 3GS

I went from and iPhone 2G to a 3GS and have been very happy with this phone. The capacity allows me to store just about anything that I can ever want in terms of movies and music. The 3G network access is snappy and to use the device as a phone is also great. No issues with call drops greater than any other phone that I have had. The only cons for this phone are the camera is ok, not great. A flash and higher res camera would be nice and the battery life could be better and would give this phone and excellent rating. I have to charge this baby every day where as the 2G I was charging only every couple of days. The iOS 4 upgrade slowed the phone down a bit and the multi-tasking capability isn't doing much for me at this point. Perhaps once more apps support background tasking it will make the feature more interesting. If you are not ready to go 4G yet, this is a great device that you will give you a lot of capabilities for your money.Read full review...


iPhone 3Gs - Improves on greatness / Affordable iPhone

Please also read my reviews of the iPhone 1.0 & 3G.

I've owned a cellphone since 1992. I've always had a "top of the line phone" (I've always had AT&T = formerly Cingular = formerly BellSouth Mobility)

In 17 years having cellphones, I've had over 100 (Yes 100+) different models & makes

The iPhone uses GSM - an international standard technology for cellphones. Verizon & Sprint use CDMA (& variants) - this technology is found in very few places widespread outside the USA & Europe.

One minor hardware complaint about the iPhone has been addressed by Apple - the new iPhone 3GS has an oil resistant coating - making it easier to clean and less "smudgeable"

The 4.0 iPhone OS is very stable. The addition of copy & paste, video, & tethering make "jailbreaking" completely unnecessary

I haven't had signal issues w/ many phones, it's always clumsy interfaces.

Every phone I've ever had, no matter how long I've had it - I've had a problem placing a call on hold & answering another call or joining a call into a 3-way. The iPhone interface is so well designed features are clearly labeled - I don't have that problem

I had an HP iPaq 6515 - I hated the keyboard. (Which is similar in design to Palm & Blackberry smartphones w/ physical keyboards) Physical keyboards on cellphones are hard to see, crowded w/ characters & difficult to use w/ my large fingers. iPhone users should try the pogo stylus if they have issues, but give it it time - you will become proficient within a few weeks

The camera on my iPhone 1.0 & 3G was great. The camera on the new iPhone is stunning though. I see myself taking even more pictures. I use the HP iPrint app to print my photos out. The side by side comparison is noticeable from the 1st gen iPhone camera. The viewfinder & capture buttons are crystal clear. It's easy to transfer photos from iPhone to computer for editing

Unlike most smartphones - that have Windows Mobile, the iPhone has an intuitive interface that's easy to understand & navigate. There's no need to read a manual; it's just simple to understand. A Blackberry makes me ask, "where do I go?" & "what do I do?""

The iPhone 3GS has a faster processor (600Mhz vs 433Mhz) & more RAM (256MB vs 128MB). This makes the iPhone 3GS feel significantly snappier.

Because an iPhone uses standard iPod sync & charge cables - accessories are easy to find.

Battery life is very good & improved from the previous generations of iPhones; even when utilizing power draining features like Wifi & Bluetooth.

I can actually use the calculator on an iPhone, unlike on other cell phones where you have to figure out corresponding keys

The Google Maps feature is amazing w/ the ability to use satellite data, the addition of the compass & GPS pinpoints your location w/ amazing accuracy & even better than dedicated GPS devices. The GPS integration w/ LocateMe is awesome

My complaints:

- Edge data network is acceptable & what I connect to the most often, but I still have to pay for 3G data access = $10 more each month
- FM transmitters don't work well due to interference

The new iPhone is definitely worth the upgrade. I now have enough room to back up the important parts of my hard drive to the iPhone, thanks to the 32GB capacity. I have right at 8GB of music & 6GB of pictures, text message, apps, etc - so the 32GB model will come in handy for me
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Apple iPhone 3GS 32 GB Black

What can you say about the iphone. The Best interface in the market right now. Stable OS with full fledged browser for internet with 3G support. The 3G(S) with "S" standing for "Speed" makes this alot quicker then the Iphone 3G. It's a little pricey & Apple doesn't allow 3rd Party Apps.

The iPhone is undoubtedly the best smart phone available on the market right now. With the iPhone, things just work.

The phone just seems to work flawlessly. The fact that it has the full-fledged browser (and not a "stripped down" version) is a big plus too. You don't have to wonder if you can go to a site because it is not compatible for the mobile browser. If it works on your computer, it will work on your iPhone. :)

And then you have a complete iPod in your pocket which is one of the best iPods Apple has released so far. With cover flow and touchscreen interface, the iPod experience is delightful. It's like touching your music. :)

So what could be better?
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Product summary

The good: The iPhone 3GS finally adds common cell phone features like multimedia messaging, video recording, and voice dialing. It runs faster; its promised battery life is longer; and the multimedia quality continues to shine.

The bad: The iPhone 3GS' call quality shows no improvements and the 3G signal reception remains uneven. We still don't get Flash Lite, USB transfer and storage, or multitasking.

The bottom line: The iPhone 3GS doesn't make the same grand leap that the iPhone 3G made from the first-generation model, but the latest Apple handset is still a compelling upgrade for some users. The iPhone 3GS is faster and we appreciate the new features and extended battery life, but call quality and 3G reception still need improvement.
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Nice Tech

This is the state of art phone, I really like the built-in magmatic compass,
the phone is just great, sensors all over the phone, caution must be taken when you handle it, any ground crash might make the phone useless ,,,,, it is made for a delicate soft hands . not for rough use. the screen should always be clean, or you would look at your finger prints at all time, screen protector is a must, overall , you have got to have a good budget , First: to buy the phone, Second: to buy the case and covers to maintain it , Third :to buy the useful applications that you bought the phone for, otherwise don't think about it !Read full review...


What's the hype

I bought this iPhone by mistake, but I was lucky it was in good shape as described or better. Everything is in good working order and it came with everything including box and some extras. So I'm very satisfied with the buying process.
Now the iPhone, well I had to unlocked since it was not intended for AT&T, unlocking process was easy no problem.
I began using the iPhone and it works like any other phone I've had Motorola or Nokia mainly. Bluetooths is close to useless, only for a headset or handsfree unit. No file transfer.
If you want to store contacts in the SIM for using in other phone, can't be done unless you find and application for doing so. If you want a ringtone some friend has, it cannot be copied through bluetooth! Almost everything has to be done through iTunes. That's a pain, I don't like iTunes at all. The whole system is very rigid unlike any other cellular phone I've one or used.
Bottom line, close to below average rating. Good things, lots of applications some quite useless by the way. And you also get an iPod touch which has no radio and I like having a radio with me, so that's is not good for me, when going out I still will carry my other phone with a radio or an MP3 player with a radio. I'm not very fond of having to download an application for lots of things other phones do by default.
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Notes cannot be arranged alphabetically, no search menu

I just found out that on this particular iphone3gs, the notes cannot be arranged by name or alphabetically. No search menu to find what you are looking for on the notes. On itunes can synchronize contacts, calendar, notes, etc. from my outlook 2003 but from the iphone back to outlook 2003 for your backup synchronization seems not to be working. It is only a one way thing on synchronization, i.e., from outlook 2003 to iphone3gs. Also the unit gets hot when used for a long time. I hope that they fix these deficiency in the future or give all those who have this iphone a patch and not to depend on a third party software.Read full review...


very expensive!!!!

first and foremost for anybody like me who wants to buy an unlocked iphone to save money....think again! not only is this phone very expensive, it is too costly too for apps! you can't customize your ringtone unless you pay $14.99 for i'mtoo ringtone downloader otherwise you have to keep paying $.99 for any ringtone you want. if you are a real techie then you can try the tutorial on youtube but i find that very complicated. the camera/video doesn't have zoom feature unless again, you buy that from the appstore. you want camera flash? either you download it free and suffer the quality or again pay for it. the iphone i bought is for my siblings, now i'm wondering if i did them a good deed because of the fees one has to pay all the time for minor apps. i will be sticking to my nokia 5800 navigation series, nothing to pay for customizing ringtone and so easy to do too without having to do it on pc and camera/video has everything working for FREE, including navigation. there you go iphone this tough economy consumers need to be SMART!!! although on the upside, iphone does look and feel "elite" makes you feel like one, just hope your pocket can keep up with the fees here and there.Read full review...


Modest improvements--still lacking in areas

I've owned all iterations of the iPhone--and this is by far the one I was most impressed with. The switch from the 3g-- 3gS puts the previous 1st-- 3g jump to shame.

The 3gS variants are almost identical to the previous 3G iPhones. The major changes are NOT cosmetic in nature. The CPU has been improved from 412mhz to 600mhz, the ram has been doubled, a new graphics chip has been installed (providing OpenGL support), a new camera, and an internal compass has been built in (see more). Sadly, there is STILL no 3rd party routing software available--google maps is sufficient though.

Thoughts: 3G vs. 3G S

1. The battery life for both is rather similar. SLIGHT improvement in the 3G S.
2. The LCD digitizer (touchscreen) is practically the same with both editions--3G seems brighter.
3. Dimensions and case sizes are nearly identical--3G S is a bit thinner. The engravings on the back are different, but you're getting the same pretty case from the 3G.
4. Unaided GPS (without AT&T tower assistance) is just about as weak in both models... but the 3G S sports an internal compass, allowing for amazing accuracy and directional navigation while hiking and "street-walking". Hands down, the best new addition to the 3G S.
5. The new CPU and graphics chip combine for SIGNIFICANTLY decreased loading times when partaking in both graphically intensive gaming, and everyday activities (web browser loading). In games, this contributes to increased frame rates which are highly noticeable.
6. The internal camera has been boosted from a paltry 2mp to an adequate 3mp. It's not spectacular, but it's in line with current offerings. It features autofocus, which is a very nice addition. FINALLY, users have built-in video recording capability without going to extreme lengths.

What is disturbing about this model:

1. Do NOT let it overheat. Make sure you keep it charged in a cool location with sufficient airflow. This means DON'T put it on fabric. Don't overcharge, and be sure to inspect (check for overheating) regularly. The first time it overheats (it will be HOT to the touch), the battery output will GREATLY diminish (1/2 to 1/3 capacity), and should be changed through Apple.
2. There is NO apple-supplied application for checking and resetting the iPhone battery. This is provided for MacBooks, but not the iPod line
3. As with all iPhone models, buy a case--a Zagg InvisibleShield to protect it from scratches and the odd bump/bruise--or a silicone case--I highly recommend a screen protector. iPhones are FRAGILE (see below).
4. Internal components are flush with the case, and simple dents will cause components/features to fail.
5. DO NOT attempt to open ANY iPhone model for repair if you do not have experience--the cases/trim are prone to dents/bends, and you are likely to scratch/damage internal components if you attempt to replace the digitizer or battery yourself (the most common repairs). It is better to take them directly to Apple stores for repair.
6. Based on who you talk to, Apple will ONLY honor the 1 year manufacturer warranty if the iPhone is linked to an AT&T contract. If you have Jailbroken/Unlocked your iPhone, reset it to factory firmware and specifications before attempting to deal with Apple Repair.
7. No external HD capacity detected--camera only.
8. You have to deal with iTunes to activate and sync music.
9. Still no front-based camera for video-conferencing... very important to business users.

Hope this helped
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Still a good phone...

Everybody knows about the iphone features, the pro of this phone is mainly the interface and software (easy to use) and no. of apps available. I think the major issue is battery live... it's worst than other competitor phones in this price range. I also hate the fact many websites doesn't work due to lack of flash.Read full review...

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