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Good value66% agree

Long battery life66% agree

Small form factor100% agree


Straight forward and reliable, works just like my old one.

One of the questions is "does it have a small form factor?". I have no idea what that is but this old workhorse is tough, goes everywhere in my back pocket and does everything it's supposed to with great reliability. Actually I dropped my old one and fractured the screen bad but it never quit doing everything right, just got irritating fingering that cracked up glass. Don't let anybody talk you into upgrading. I surf the net, send and receive texts, take pictures and movies and email. Pretty great for a $30 device.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: unlocksrus2000


First iPhone

For my very first smartphone , it's great I'm loving ........

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: justinas760


A whole new smartphone experience!

I bought this product as a reasonably priced solution (as a used product) of a highly sofisticated smartphone and it did pay back! Being used to my Blackberry, using an iPhone is an experience I did not expect and one I would definitely recommend to everyone!!!
In my iPhone i found a whole new world of apps and features and gadgets etc. I nevel really expected to find in a device of this size.
One drawback: the battery life is too short. But on the other hand, the device charges in no-time!
In all, a product I already love!
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call quality and 3G reception still need improvement

It runs faster; its promised battery life is longer; and the multimedia quality continues to shine.
The iPhone 3GS' call quality shows no improvements and the 3G signal reception remains uneven. We still don't get Flash Lite, USB transfer and storage, or multitasking.Read full review...


Best Phone Ever, great balance in Price/quality/functions

the iphone 3gs is one of the best cellphones i ever had (besides motorola v3i)
in comparison to its big Brother the iphone 4, is almost the same, without the "retina Display" the rest of the phone is just the same as iphone 4, Fast, same OS, multitasking, good camera, a lot off free apps, and if you " jailbreak" it , is much better!

if you cant afford a iPhone 4, an 3Gs is just as good as a 4!

excelent for listening to music, playing games (the games are Awesome, PSP -like graphics) messaging, social networking, sms...etc

its an awesome phone, just learn how to use it, and you'll love it!

Highly recomended! (if it's AT&T locked, the factory unlock is around $8 here on ebay)
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Awesome phone...great value for the money!

I bought this phone to see if I wanted an iPhone...former android user. My contract is almost up with tmobile and I want to switch companies and wanted to try the iPhone. This phone doesn't have some of the features as the newer iPhones but it is easy to use...syncs with iPad and also syncs calendar events with iPad and my PC which I find very helpful! Music and phone audio is great....battery life is substantial.Read full review...


Great phone but not from this seller

Overall the phone is great….Once I get it fixed it should be a nice phone….It has had it share of problems already but I believe they were from being packed in a medium flat rate box with no packing material….The potential of the phone is wonderful and I don't want to go thru net 10 again to activate a new phone so I'll fix this…I'm down to it just no sound and I'm waiting on parts….It would have been a great phone from a reputable source….And it will be when I get done with it…..Read full review...



after my iphone broke down on me earlier this yr i had a samsung galaxy s it was great till the part of where you charge the phone got messed up. so after careful consideration & looking thru many phones i just couldn't get use to another phone. Im on my second iphone. very easy to use. love this phone! i would definitely recommend this to a friend. the iphones are never a let down.Read full review...


easy to use

seems to work OK at this time.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: shoppers_portal


nothing compares to the iPhone 3gs!

the iPhone 3gs is an excellent smart phone for the price, quality, and the overall sturdiness of the phone. It's a very "solid" phone and is a lot neater in my opinion than any droid I ever had. The picture quality is great although there is no flash on this iPhone or front camera. this phone operates on the latest iOS and has great battery life too! I love my iPhone 3gs!Read full review...

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