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Durable,Takes excellent pictures,Less risk to accidental body selfie.

Since I started to have an apple iphones my most favorite is Iphone 3GS.
With my hard plastic cover on it,I had dropped on the cement floor perhaps 10 times and it didn't break-excellent durability. I can't complain of taking easy prominent pictures whether in the sun or in the dark and they pictures are seem to be as it appears within your actual eye vision.-Excellent for taking pictures. Most of gadgets are almost identical to other iphones except it has a compass.
While other individuals prefer to have new better ones, in my fingertips as long as I have my 3GS and I know quite well how to use and for now in my opinion it is irreplaceable.
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I'm lovin it

Very easy phone to use and very light weight and small not bulky my only complaint would be that its not a lot sports cases for this phone but the capabilities for this phone are endless.


Don't know why, but it won't charge up anymore and I had to buy a new phone

I tried a couple less expensive music playing devices and they were not in the same ballpark as an iPhone for quality, ease of use and features. Also love watching old TV shows that I transfer from my DVD collection onto this unit. Pandora is an excellent radio station that you customize to only play whatever mix of music that you choose. Oh, along with taking excellent photos and video, this thing also is a phone which I only yesterday activated. I was using it so much in the aforementioned ways that I finally decided, might as well have the phone turned on. While the newer versions are good for those who must be on the cutting edge of todays tech stuff, this older version suits an old guy like me just fine and is more affordable. On the neg side, I never did figure out how to use iTunes so I found a free online software that transfers songs and videos etc from my pc to the iPhone and it works ok if you nurse it along. It's called Imtoo Phone Transfer. I've joined the 21st century and never go anywhere without this thing. Update, a few weeks ago (today is 3/2/14) it suddenly would not charge any longer. It could be the car charger I plugged into caused it or it just was time to die, I don't know but the on line suggestions like rebooting it or cleaning the charge port did not work. Very sad. Had to buy a new phone. The guy at the AT&T store was not surprised that it died because of its age.Read full review...


Very good price.

It's good because the price was great and i like that it works with my prepaid plan. It's nice and lightweight. There's 2 little spots on the screen but it's not a big deal. I like it over all.

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Best investment you can make.

When it comes to smartphones, the applications make or break the phone. Apple has the best applications in the smartphone market to date. While I'm writing this review, the 5S and 5C have already been out for 7 months. This phone is still an excellent investment for someone who loves smartphones but hates having to be tied down to a contract. What do you have to lose? A $50 investment gives you a phone that can do everything under the sun. I'd only advise against this phone if your so narcissistic and crave taking selfies with front facing cameras. This phone doesn't have one.Read full review...


Awesome product

With 3.5-inch display screen, the iPhone 3GS cell phone gives you a clear view of all the contents and applications. The Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g connectivity of this Apple smartphone allows you to chat with friends, view your mails, and surf from almost anywhere. The 3 MP camera of this Apple cell phone lets you capture your favorite moments with amazing clarity. The iPhone 3GS cell phone features 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor that lets you easily operate various applications at the same time. The 256 MB RAM of this Apple smartphone rapidly processes all your files and data. The Li-Ion Battery of this Apple cell phone offers 12 hours of talk time so that you can interact for hours together.Read full review...


good product, iOS 6 version as well

i bought this product because i want/needed & iPod & later wanted to use it as a phone and unlock it with simple mobile or another phone carrier. the only thing i dislike is that i wish it had the iOS 7 version instead of the 6. although this phone is heavier than iPods and all the other updated iPhones it is convenient and easy to use.Read full review...


Good phone, excellent. I would recommend this product to a friend.

The price is good.This iphone are very easy for use. I love iphone Apple 3gs 16mb (because) this iphone offered many opportunities and the phone is very robust.


I have nothing negative to say

Well it meets all my requirements, easy for me to use although its not my first one,would purchase from here again, if need be.


Excellent product and had time to confirm this by a knowledgeable person.

This is an excellent product. It has the appearance of a brand new iPhone. I had almost given up on the idea of buying on Ebay because so many reviews found unexpected problems when the phone first arrived. So I decided that I would not buy any product that said no returns accepted. This product had a money back guarantee for about 15 days. Also the attachments came at no extra cost. This was a plus for me. This is my first smart phone.

I bought the phone to take to Thailand where my wife and I will spend 18 months. I wanted a phone that I could unlock and use there using the inexpensive sym cards. I immediately found an experienced person who would do this for $30.00. Many people said that I could do it for free by guidance on the Internet. But I found conflicting instructions and knowing how easy it is for me to foul up by doing it myself I opted to have someone I knew he could do it with no problems. It was worth it and I got confirmation that I got a very good phone.
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