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Good value83% agree

Long battery life83% agree

Small form factor66% agree

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perfect older model

Makes and receives calls/texts just fine. Camera has zooming benefit but lacks auto-focus. Limited in software updates and apps but those features are overrated anyway. Because it's considered antiquated, it's usually available for a bargain. Some people consider the iPhone 3 a dinosaur but it's an awesome phone if your needs are simple.Read full review...

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by Top critical review

Dont get it

Hello pplz i advise u not to buy this item bec the first shipment the iphones wasnt working and we had to wait till the next day to recieve them and the replacements the screen waa cracked and home button was stuck i am not a very happy camper at all SO PLEASE DO NOT BUY THE IPHONES THANKSRead full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: rvtwireless


Great phone

I got the phone for my 17 year old daughter we haven't contacted it to a phone company yet but when I took it to metro PC they said we would be able to connect it to they service. Thanks

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: greatestatetrea...


Works great!

Great price, great phone!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: justinas760


Great product for its price. (reviews pluses and minuses)

Positive: nice prise, easy to use interface, great screen, is excellent design, easy to install programs with appstore (there are plus and minus to use iTunes), work fine with mail, online services, the technology push is implemented perfectly, easy to use player, a lot of useful programs (mostly online services).
Negative: A little annoying slow response phone (3GS nicer in this regard), very quickly pollute the screen, small battery life especially when using WiFi, quiet speaker when playing melodies (when talking microphone and speakers work fine), it is impossible to put a call melody more than 30 seconds, it is not possible to use the phone as a flash (no special tools and progamma itunes transferred to a PC).
Conclusion: at the current price I am willing to accept the shortcomings phone, consider buying it now, right decision, but would recommend to all to acquire the model 3GS (16/32 Gb). It costs a bit more expensive, but it will save your nerves. Although in everyday use 3G is inferior.
Recommendation: For the phone iOS ideal for tablet I definitely would have chosen Android. Mobile needs a simple interface and easy operation with one hand, compatibility with other devices is not as important. Definitely 3/4/G/GS/S best in this segment(imho). I recomend to you not to install iOS 5 or later on 3G, it will work slowly, this phone can't work in multitasking mode on iOS 5... as 3GS(imho)
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muito boa qualidade

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: refurbished | Sold by: yigounet


3G is obsolete and hardly usable (buy at least a 3GS instead)

Apple has made sure that this phone is obsolete and hardly usable. They have made sure that none of the newish apps (not even whatsapp) will work on this phone as they don't allow any of the more recent OS upgrades to work on this phone. Apple has done this to make sure customers are forced to upgrade to newer phones.
Need 3GS to any of the newish APPS. Don't purchase used 3G as it is completely obsolete. At time of this writing 3GS is still a good phone and will work with a newish OS and as a result with many of the neiwsh apps. The 3G is however totally obsolete. Stay away from 3G unless all you want is a phone and a basic browser and email machine.
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Best phone out there with everything you need.

I love the iPhone. I had one before. It's the best phone out there. It has everything you need: Phone, texting, voicemail, internet, calender, maps, email, ipod, camera, facebook, games, apps for pretty much everything! It's pretty easy to use, too. The only thing that's difficult is setting up your email the first time, but if you search online for the settings, it's not too bad. I get them unlocked because I am on T-Mobile, but it's nice because you can also customize it too, changing the wallpaper, icons, and slider.Read full review...


My 1st iphone, pretty well pleased!

This is my first iphone. I am generally well pleased with it. Like with anything there are things I wish it had or that it would do differently. I love that it can handle my music my contacts calendars all in one device. It came with alot of gadgets to use it as i exercise while I am in the car and attachments for my belt or waist. Wish the battery lasted longer. And to top it off i am using it on the straight talk network $48.91 a month unlimited everything!Read full review...



Battery died on me quickly. Wasn't sure where the task manager was to exit out of task applications (that was draining the battery life). Silent to ringer button on "settings" wasn't working properly. Screen froze on me a few times. Other than that, I liked the features and the easy accessibility to apps and music. Just said that good apps with mac products must be paid for. Wanted to test drive an iphone but it really did not deliver. GOING ANDROID ALL THE WAY!!!Read full review...

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