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Long battery life100% agree

Good value100% agree

Good quality screen100% agree


Nice product you can,t regret the money you use to buy it

It is a nice product
I like the product cos is more faster
Surely I like any of apple product
Very nice and it works very faster than other tablet that I have
So I will tell people a bout the product because is very nice productRead full review...


Absolutely love my new iPad 2!

I love it! I got this iPad like brand new, 32 GB, 3G, WIFI and UNLOCKED for the same price as a 16 GB WIFI, And not a scratch on it. Very impressed and happy with my purchase!


good experience

So amazing using Ipad2 mean while this is the big revolution at the new world,no matter where you go this could be your big and wonder full body.


Well worth the money

Very handy unit to use especially with the 3G on this iPad , it makes it more usable away from the homes Wifi system


Love it!

Great product! My wife and daughter have one and I am always
borrowing it to take pictures and check on things when we are
traveling. A lot easier to see than a smart phone.


Good product!

Good product! Now I know why so many people like it and crazy with it.
Easy to use interface, kids are loved it. Slim n light, when you watch TV or movie on the bed, feeling so good.



Couldn't have scored a better piece of equipment for such a good price. Love the functionality of the iPad and the fact that I can remote just about anything.

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