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Good LCD monitor still stands up

Used a pair of these monitors at work for a few years. Far better than Dell monitors being used at rest of the company. However, design over function makes this difficult to stand up. Only 1 position. When these were new, 3rd party monitor arms cost $500! For a pair, $650. Still being made, but only when you place an order w/ that company. This was before VESA standard mounts. Next generation of Apple Cinema Displays were encased in aluminium, and have narrower bezels around the edge. Basically, today's Apple monitors are the best. These older monitors give a good range of color & viewing angle. For the cost of used you can't go wrong. Just figure out a clever way to make them stay upright if that's what you want. Otherwise they only have 1 angle to view from. Now I have a pair for my home Mac at a low cost.Read full review...


Used, but works great.

I bought this used for a great price. I previously owned the much larger Cinema Display, but it had burnt out. It was all very plug and play as Apple always is, so no problem with install. I was also concerned about compatibility with my G4, including the physical plug, but it all worked fine.Read full review...


Apple monitor

the apple monitor has been working great.
the picture quality is excellent and i have no problems with its performance so far.
the only problem i encountered was getting the power adapter which turned out to be more expensive than the monitor.
but overall it works GREAT.
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Apple 20 inch display

This is an AWESOME display. Apple made a great product...again. For its age and size it is still in the top even by today's standards. The only gripe I have is that it has an ADC connector, which REQUIRES an apple ADC to DVI converter. These converters are becoming very rare and costly. Why Apple can't seem to maintain a standard (even for other apple products) is beyond me.Read full review...


I will only buy Apple monitors from now on!

Love this monitor! It's sleek and compact and doesn't have a million cords to go with it. It helped de-clutter my desk area. The USB and fire wire ports are conveniently located on the back of the monitor at the bottom. The brightness, clarity and color are just what I need to see the graphics I'm creating at 100%!Read full review...


magnificient experience

this is a great apple monitor at very affordable prize/ just what I was looking for. I can recomed this to any one.


Very nice deal, price was right and the deliver was in time.

I have an old mac pro G4 and I needed a monitor that could give me quality for my work. This monitor is not only good, is so far the best one I have.


Very Nice at the eye but need adapter for new PC/Mac's

This is a very good look at the eye, i bought to replace a CRT but if you don't know about this monitor the video input is ADC (apple display cable) and you need an adapter that can be equal or higher than the price of the monitor in my case is higher, beside that at the eye is better than a CRT :)Read full review...

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