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Good graphics100% agree

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Animal Crossing City Folk

I'm 23 and I've been a fan of the Animal Crossing series for years. I bought a Wii just for this game and it didn't disappoint. The gameplay on the Wii is, needless to say, very different from the GC and DS versions. It allows you to be a little more interactive with the game (Wiimote motions) which I really like. I feel like I'm doing a bit more than just staring at a screen and toggling joysticks. The downside to the Wii version is you have to point/aim and select items in your inventory with the Wiimote. There's no scrolling through and selecting with the D-pad. You can play this game with or without a nunchuck, but the nunchuck makes it so much easier. The only thing I've grown to dislike about Animal Crossing (as an adult with responsibilities) is that it is a real-time game. I don't always have the time to keep up with it.Read full review...

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Animal Crossing - City Folk 2008 Review

Yes, this is an old game, but we had a copy and played it for many hours on our Wii. We recently bought a refurb Wii because we have so many Wii games and they are not backward compatible on the Wii U, so it was this or buy a Wii U, an gameverse we are not ready to put that much money into.

The game works basically the same as the original Game Cube Animal Crossing except it has a city you can take the train too. You can buy stuff in the city but not a lot there moves your game forward if you are just trying to pay off the renovations on your house.
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Great ongoing game for kids and adults. Tasks to complete for your neighbors as well as earning bells to pay off your mortgage or fishing, catching bugs, collecting paintings and lots more to fill your museum. Years of playing and I'm not done. It rains, snows and you can get a suntan working around town. So much to do. Leisure family fun.Read full review...

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Great game

Great game for kids. I even play.

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Bought this for my little sister... I don't see Her much anymore.

Game seems great but not very action packed. good game for youngsters because you learn to handle money and mortgages and so fourth, in a very simplified way.Read full review...


Slice of life Video game!

Day to day activity ;living in a animal town.
Netting insects, fishing, digging fossils There are a lot of virtual activities;in the daily life
of a human making it in a animal world............ The kids love it!Read full review...

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Great!! New experience for me but confusing

I bought this product because I like virtual world games.

I like the Animal Crossing Series. I have Wild World, New leaf, and City Folk. However I do find that city folk's controls are a little confusing. And the world's a little too big for me. It takes me 4 minutes to get to my house (which is located right under the Town Hall) And I always visit the Town gate which is 2 minuets away from my Town Hall.
Also speed when I run is slow. I wish it was more interactive with the other villager than Tom Nook like Wild World. The graphics are good.

To tell the truth I like New Leaf better than city folk but I can't say I wasted $20.00. It was a new experience for me since that was the first animal crossing game on Wii. I
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I'm loving it!

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Awesome game. Loved it from childhood. Strongly recommend it.

this is a great game to play. Age does not matter and this game is literally ENDLESS. there is no way to beat the game. it is like sims but funner and better in my opinion . its fun and reminds me of childhood and its just an awesome game that everybody should have. OR get the ds version which is equally good.Read full review...


Great game gone so so

This game was tops and 5 star for a number of years. I now give it only a 3 star rating because of Nintendo support (yes it involves game play) thus 3 stars. Nintendo cut the WiFi support on many games, this being one. Special visitors do pop in from time to time, and add a change to your routine. Your friends "WERE" able to visit via WiFi and WiiConnect24, bringing in high pay items from their town. This service has been cut by Nintendo. No one outside the regular cast can visit. So no one can bring in items from the outside to help make the town prosper. You can still have a bit of fun making the town your own, but the sparkle is reduced. But for the right price, go for it!Read full review...

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