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America's Next Top Model DVD is NOT of TOP quality

While the aspects of the show can be debated on and off for quite some time, the quality of the DVD production itself, cannot. It is a sad fact that this DVD series was NOT made to high production standards. Firstly, the DVDs were manufactured in Mexico and are double sided. Because of this, the chance of you receiving a series set with one or more flawed discs is VERY HIGH. In renting alone, I had to return TWO separate discs because they refused to play (this was tested on multiple players and game consoles). Furthermore, the sound is poor. Music is typically louder than voices; forcing one to lower or raise the volume accordingly. Lastly, the editting of the show itself is choppy. I didn't count exactly, but Tyra Banks states "Congratulations, you are still on your way to becoming America's Next Top Model" more than 100 times total. This will annoy the average person and make the fast forward option a quick friend. Overall, unless you are a fanatic about the show, I would suggest renting to keep yourself safe. There are no MUST SEE extras on this DVD that you are missing; so if you have seen the show in its entirety on television, don't waste the time or money buying this product.Read full review...


Mother of All Dramas!

If you are a big fan of America's Next Top Model, then you defenitly need to own the seasons on DVD. I started watching the show on tv after it was already on for a few seasons and I regreted not starting it from the very beginning. I was excited to see that Season one was on DVD and here on Ebay. I bought it and could not stop watching it once I received it in the mail. The drama and excitement that the models have to go through was amazing. I cannot wait to watch for the other Seasons to come up for bid on Ebay. Season one will always be the best because it was the first of all seasons and the beginnings of the show.Read full review...


Great condition 4 a great $$

What I like about it is that it is a model DVD. As a former model, I love anything that is about models/modeling or fashion. I decided to buy it because I want to get the whole set of America's Next Top Model. It is a very interesting show if you have the passion for fashion, models and attitude.Read full review...

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