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Long battery life80% agree

Good value80% agree

Good quality screen75% agree


Large Screen E-ink Screen E-Book Reader

IMO an excellent if aging E-book reader which also has audio capability. The large screen size of 9.7" diagonal measurement means either more text is available per book page or the font size can be increased, advantageous for some readers. The downside is that this is heavier and bulkier than other Kindle e-readers and IMO deserves a dedicated hard case for carrying or a cover and a dedicated slot in a briefcase or large tablet carrying case. What may be considered an advantage or disadvantage, depending on the user, is that it does not have a touchscreen so all tasks are performed with the keyboard and the 5 way joystick controller and paddle switches along the right side of the screen. No left side switches, unlike it's close cousin the Kindle 2, so this one is designed primarily for right handed users apparently.

There are three models in two basic generations. The early units are all white and are marked as Model Number D00611 on the back and have serial numbers starting with B004. Later units are Model Number D00801 and have serial numbers starting with B005 (white units) or B009 (cobalt units). The big difference between the units is that the early units have USA only 3G communications and the later units have worldwide 3G communications. Also some of the early units may not have the e-ink Pearl screen which lowers contrast slightly. No way to tell that other than a visual comparison with a later unit or a disassembly and knowledge of part numbers.

You may see some units mis-listed in that the listings claim 3G and Wi-Fi communications. Incorrect as no Kindle DX units were made with Wi-Fi per Amazon. At a minimum a DX Kindle is going to be three years old so may need a new battery. There are refurbishers out there or there are videos available on how to open the unit and replace the battery. Damaged screens are replaceable too but i will leave that to the experts as I am told that there are LOTS of small screws involved. The large screen is vulnerable so at least to me the fitting of a protective cover is worthwhile. I am not sure if a so called screen protector is worthwhile as it looks to me like it might protect from scratches but not impact. Due to a relatively minor screen impact I had to have my screen replaced in one Kindle DX.

If size, weight and portability are primary concerns then the Kindle DX is not the way to go. ALL other Kindles have 6" diagonal screens and weigh lots less, and some other brands of e-readers have been made with 5" diagonal, 7" diagonal and other screen sizes so there are multiple choices out there, including on ebay.
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Regret getting this item.

The item was received VERY fast. That portion was great. The screen had a line on the RHS as listed. What wasn't mentioned was that the speakers were non functional. I opened the case and reconnected the speakers. After doing so, the screen went black. Lessen learned - if there is a stripe on the screen, that is indicative of a bad screen. It's about to go.Read full review...

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After hacked OS addon, its a good solid reader that is well worth owning.

The device itself has potential. Having used most of the 'hacks' on it to open up its ability I now use it primarily with the custom OS addon called 'Duokan' in English. It is a Chinese OS for similar hardware that has been migrated over to add massive support for other reading options. It typically provides a dramatically better reading experience.

Of course, using such wouldn't have been needed if Amazon hadn't given up supporting the device the year after it came out.

Could really use a slim outline instead of so much wasted space. It's not even touch screen, so your palm touching the reading pane isn't an issue. Device does NOT shut down when left idle. Continues to drain battery to death. Must be recharged every 3-4 weeks to prevent battery damage.

Cases need relief over the slightly raised nub/button as too much pressure can break the button.

Biggest plus is the screen estate. If you are a fast reader the bigger screen really helps. fewer screen refreshes and a more pleasant reading experience on the whole.

Device is relatively easy to use, easy to repair, less likely to break than an average tablet, and AMAZING readability/battery life compared to tablets with LCD's or similar.

Don't be afraid to try the OS hacks. They make the device much better.
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Excellent item....exactly as described !!....Flawless transaction..A+++++++

I purchased this item for my daughter and she couldn't be happier. It performs exactly as described and she can download books with ease. She reads a lot and is eager to purchase books through Amazon. She and I both agree that the Kindle DX is a great value and very convenient.
Colin R.
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This was a great deal!

The product needed some cleaning up but works flawlessly and was a great deal! Now I have to write more because ebay now requires a 100 word review and take more of my time with this. Do you know how my day is spent? over 3 hours of my day is spent writing reviews! Is there anyone marketing reviews out there? THAT is the next big market!!!!Read full review...


very good

i love it very much!!! The only thing i'm not satisfied is the high price.

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Large display and 4GB content is all I need

I bought Kindle DX for the large display. I'm old and my eyesight is poor. I use it to adjust the fonts larger. It's not too heavy. There is no WiFi but only the 3G. I can add kindle compatible data and pdf's manually.Read full review...


Awsome product

light and easy. Anyone who has doubts about an ebook reader should take a trip to the nearest retail outlet and try one. it is a lot more comfortable than holding a 3lb book.


Great product

Kindle look great, white body and backside is a aluminium.
It have 9,1 inch display so I can read large pdf with many pictures.


I want to use it constantly!

A fantastic electronic instrument; surpassed all my expectations. I also have a Sony Reader which can not compare in any respect with the Kindle DX.

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