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Great starter laptop.

Great laptop! Build quality feels a little cheap, the screen flexes a little, if you try to open the lid with one hand from one corner.

But it is surprizingly light, and it does not get hot, even when it plays DVDs or does CPU intensive tasks. Not like my sister's Inspiron that you can make omelet on.. forget about resting it on your bare lap, LOL.

This laptop is actually better than advertised. It arrived with a P6200 CPU, not a P6100, as was advertised. P6200 is rated slightly faster.

Wireless is a solid performed, even with weak signals.

The battery lasts about 2 hours under light CPU usage.. a little on a low side, but OK with me.

The screen is impossible to see in bright sun light.. it reflects everything since it is glossy.

I only wish it had one or two expansion slots.

Overall, it's a very good deal, all for under $300, including shipping, refurbished.
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Acer has the best deal on the planet for a $300 laptop!

My daughter is starting college in the fall so I wanted to get her a new laptop. I wasn't sure how good it was going to be until it arrived. The laptop is super fast and very quiet. It is so quiet that I thought maybe something was wrong with the fan. The laptop screen is very bright and wonderful on the eyes. The machine is thin and slick and it even has the webcam built in. I am seriously considering buying another one because it is such a good deal. I did my homework before I bought this machine and it paid off! This is a WINNER.Read full review...


Solid reliable laptop simple but strong and trustworthy .

I have owned several Acer laptops but this one has performed the best with no real mods done aka processor upgrade or wifi card upgrade . So for this has been working flawlessly for me with media web surfing and graphics i dont play any games so dont know what it will handle but it does stream videos real well with no pixelation .
The hard drive is very large with 500gig and works fast and quiet..
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Acer Laptop runs well!

Took a chance and purchased a refurbished Acer Laptop,also bought and extended warranty with Square Trade. So far the laptop runs very well, I paid quickly for it and I received it quickly, thats the kind of business I like to do with Ebay vendors! I purchased it for an upcoming trip, so far I have no dislikes,and compared to my 10 year old Sony Laptop, it can run circles around it. KM, Long Island, NY.Read full review...



My daughter liked it a lot she enjoyed it!!! We use Facebook games yahoo etc....Our computer Dell are too slow they're old. This laptop Acer is good we have no problem. This product is great!

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Outstading value.

I've bought two of these Acer laptops. The first from Cosco, the second a refurbished machine through ebay. I bought an HP for a daughter in college. I'll take the Acers. The refurbished machine in particular. They have everything I need in a computer, and the don't get hotter than the stove top. The HP gets hot enough to cook breakfast on.Read full review...


I still use every,still work good,i love it.

I have a hpg4 laptop,my wife drop it,that time the laptop not workking well,so i thank i need another one,so i go to ebay and costco try find one,my wife told me to buy goog one,but i use loptop just for watching movie and news,so i buy it,the loptop still working well,i and my wife very happy,because the laptop only cost about 300$,when i toid my wife the price,she do not believe it,so thank ebay.Read full review...


I am very happy with this Acer Computer.

I never thought that I would ever buy a used or refurbished product. However, this Acer Computer works as good as a new one. I am very happy with the purchase and using the computer for work.


Excellent price fast shipping. Awesome computer.

This laptop is a lot better then i ever expected excellent price.I bought this to update my old laptop for myself .Very impressed would do again .


A good buy. Quick, great price.

I haven't used it a lot yet because my daughter has claimed it. That should tell the story right there. She likes it.

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