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very quick shipping and quality movie

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40 yr old virgin

great movie,steve carell is funny as hell !

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Funny movie; definitely would recommend!

So I had always caught this movie on TV and never thought too much about buying it. And then I realized: I watch this movie every time it comes on TV and don't get tired of it. I decided to buy this movie so I could watch it whenever I wanted. Thanks to, I got it at a cheap price.

This movie is hilarious and is great to watch if you need some laughs. Steve Carell plays Andy, a 40-year-old man who has never had sex. His friends find out and the whole movie revolves around them trying to get Andy laid.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and can definitely watch it over and over again.
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Buy Used DVDs

You can do really well (cost-wise) if you can settle for used DVDs and not insist on the Blu-Ray version. The used DVDs generally work just as well as new, even though the box may be a little shop worn. And Blu-Ray is only slightly better than standard definition; generally not wotrth the expense on an older movie like this that you just want to watch and have a few laughs over. The movie itself is quite funny albeit ridiculous in places. I only paid $.99 for it so I thought it was quite a bargain.Read full review...


The 40 Year Old Virgin

In my opinion, this unique movie is a hit- especially if you like the acting style of Steve Carrell (sarcastic and stupidly funny) AND can get around the fact that the storyline contains MANY references to and graphic descriptions of sex that are sometimes quite crude. If you can't see the humor in this sort of thing- or at least get past it-- you definitely will NOT like this movie.

Andy (Carrell) is a socially awkward 40 year old who has never "done the deed." He makes the horrible mistake of revealing his "secret" to his buddies from work during a poker game and his life is forever changed... His buddies vow to help him end his virginity and begin giving him a bunch of LOUSY advice about women, which of course he follows. They also have a lot of fun at Andy's expense, poking fun of his "situation." Meanwhile, Andy meets a woman he really likes. They start dating, but he is afraid to tell her he is a virgin and is actually AFRAID to have sex with her. Not knowing he is a virgin, she totally can't understand his apparent lack of sexual interest.

One thing I really found refreshing about this entire sex-obsessed storyline is that although Andy is ostracized for his virginity throughout the movie, the point that staying a virgin was HIS CHOICE and that he was ultimately saving himself for the right person- even at age 40- is driven home in the end. (Although I have to say that point almost appears to have been thrown in as an afterthought, as it only comes up at the very END of the movie.)
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Amusing and yet corney, with a hint of true humor!

I was surprised when I rented the DVD to find out that althrough this low budget movie looks corny and is, that it is a movie in which morals and values and true love win out in the end. I will not say how, but "40 Year Old Virgin" does have some endearing moments. The main character has bad experiences and has foregone sex and has surrounded himself with collectables and toys and he pretty much has kept himself amused. When he is invited to play poker with his fellow workers they find out he is still a virgin at the ripe age of 40. Needless to say this is when the fellow workers decide to help him become
I do want to say that eBay features prominantly in the movie. That I find funny!
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The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Imagine you combined a few of the best parts of Something about Mary, 40 days and 40 nights, Sideways and ( as strange as it might sound) an after school special. Now, throw in more profanity than really necessary and imagine that the combination worked.

Plus, unlike the Josh Hartnett film, 40 days and 40 nights, there is some actual thought given to the kind of person who is shown.

It's not Shakespeare. It's not Once Upon a Time In Mexico. And it's not the Usual Suspects, but for what it is it works.

And what it is, is the smartest dumb movie I've seen in a very long time.

Among its many surprises, is you have a peer group of men who actually look out for each other.

You also have an attractive grandmother who is not the standard cookie-cutter grandmother.

These are just two of the many departures from the expected that make this anything but the one-note comedy that the commercials make it seem like.

The 40 year-old is cut from the same cloth as Steve Martin's early masterpiece, the Jerk, and as someone in his thirties, it's refreshing to see a funny movie, where the main character is not a 20-something.

Plus, the soundtrack is a surprising combination of some of the forgotten treasures of pop and broadway.

Perhaps, the best of all, it's nice to be reminded that everyone is running on their own schedule in life.
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Good movie, but not suitable for all...

I was very hesitant about whether or not to watch this many people saying it's really nasty, so I went into it really not expecting much (very leary), but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...the storyline is actually really sweet. I could do without the language though...the 'f' bomb was used soo frequently! (much more in the 'unrated' version...) Good movie, bad language, I would recommend it to watch at least once! Especially if you like Steve Carell (that's the only reason that got me to watch it in the first place!) He's a comic genius!!Read full review...


The 40-Year-Old Virgin

One of the greatest man-child coming out of his shell movies Ive ever seen. Andy is a man that had the worse luck when it came to relationships coming soooo close to closing the deal but never get there. Well now he's 40 and become very reclusive and social-phobic. It all changed with one poker game that revealed his virginity. Now Andy's 4 new friends has made it their life's mission to get him layed. After dismissing rounds of terrible advice, questionable hook ups and speed dating; Andy decides to go ask out a woman that he met at the EBAY STORE and then the growth begins....Read full review...


Just like sex, you'll want it again and again

Steve Correl finally gets a movie of his own and it is a doozy of a good one. Steve plays a 40 year old virgin who is working in an electronics store ala Circuit City or Best Buy. He eventually falls the character played by Catherine Keener (Academy Award nominee for Capote).

This movie is not designed to be high brow comedy by any stretch of the imagination. The movie is along the comedic lines of Anchorman or Old School. It is very funny though not quite as funny as the previously mentioned movies. Each time I watch it I find something new in it. You'll laugh until it hurts, but it hurts sooo good.
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