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Good value100% agree

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Glued to my seat!

My wife and I picked up Season 1 of "24" last summer at a garage sale just on a whim...she had never seen the show...I had seen bits and pieces of the last 3 seasons. We have since purchased and "binge-watched" every episode through Season 5. I have Season 6 and will probably start it soon. Season 5 has been the most action packed 24 hours yet! We would watch several hours every time we sat down...couldn't pull ourselves away! Buying the complete sets on E-Bay has been easy, inexpensive, and reliable.Read full review...

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Wish it was still on TV

This was one of the absolutely best series on TV. It was unfortunate that the network executives decided it had "run its course" especially when there are so many other programs of very little entertaining value. Wish it were back for a full season or more.Read full review...

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Jack is super spy for another day

24 was a great series, and season 5 is no exception. Like the concept of a real time suspense action drama. The bonus disc is a forum discussion with some of the actors, producers and some outside people, interesting but not superb, but as a free bonus was worth a watch.Read full review...

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Very Good, Many Plot Twists

Fantastic season, my favorite season.

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Great show!!!! I am hooked!!!

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This movie is enjoyable and exciting!!!

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24 is still a fun Roller Coaster ride, and hasn't aged a bit ..

It was fun to go back to 24 and see all those great familiar faces. .Good guys And Bad guys . . : )

And I was surprised that it didn't look dated. . it was still just as exciting, and tense as it ever was . .

I highly recommend rewatching it .. I actually clapped when Jack saved the day and got the bad guy. .or girl .. : )
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Jack is back to save the country and his friends.

Season/Day 5 of 24 a wonderful follow up to season 4. The drama, writing and acting are top notched. You will be on the edge of your seat through these 24 hours as Jack tries to keep the world safe from terrorists after being drawn out of hiding when friends of his are targets for attack.

The bonus features, in my opinion, were not as good as in previous seasons - but the feature covering the music of 24 is awesome! I was very impressed in how they show you the same scene with 2 different music tracks and how music really helps tell the story. In the same scene with 2 different must tr4acks you will have a completely different take on the scene - just by the music.

This DVD is great and a must have and a must watch before season 6!

Note: I gave it 4 out of 5 as the shows are awesome but the bonus material was not as good as previous seasons.
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24 - Season Five (2006, DVD)

Wow, what an adrenalin ride this series is. Season five proved to be in "24" style a non-stop adventure with twist up until the last episode. I became addicted to 24 when I unknowingly rented season one from the video store. In a few short months we have viewed all seasons that are released. We like this show, but struggle with some of it's political presentations. Season 5 had all the same torture scenes and weak women characters (could the writers put atleast one strong non-narotic woman character that stays alive?) that we don't like, but it included a plot by the government that most accurately represents the kind of decisions our government is making for us today.
Really there is no need to review this item, because once you start watching 24, you can't stop. They got us hooked, no matter how good or bad the show is. Good thing that above all else, Jack is the ultimate stud, the acting is good and it is overall a quality production.
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Great story line.

Half way thru watching this season. We have learned that, as in previous seasons, bad things happen if you are around Jack Bauer. We also learned that the CTU building still needs more lighting in the halls and Chole still has a pout face and personality disorder.Read full review...

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