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Good value100% agree

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DVD Movie

A MUST SEE! Great leaning material. Pay close attention, to what they are trying to tell you, & what the Government IS NOT TELLING US. It will help you when the wealthy take over,

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Most amazing season I've watched so far.

The inclusion of the alternate ending was most appreciated, however I am aware of the fact that UK VHS releases had more content in certain episodes that aren't included in the US version. Strange.>
24's First Season is regarded by many to be the gold standard for 24, and it amazes me how the lead characters (Kiefer Sutherland and Carlos Bernard primarily) have kept a constant performance from the beginning of 24 to its current season. Moreover, the quality of this season, for it being the uncertain first season of any show is amazing. Powerful storytelling, well-done cliche's (not an easy thing to pull off), and 24's greatest quality - character development. It has certainly stood the test of time almost a decade later.Read full review...


The best way to watch 24 is on DVD!

The first season of 24 is well worth the money.

If you are new to the 24 series this is a must see DVD as it does help set up the entire series and will help you follow even the most recent season on FOX.

This 6 DVD box set contains all 24 hours of season one. The bonus material is very limited, it only shares a message from Kiefer Sutherland and an alternative ending to Season one with optional commentary on the ending.

The DVD is best viewed (at least for my wife and myself) at night in a dark room with surround sound. Watching the season without commercials and a week between episodes helps the story flow better.

This series IS NOT for children!
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24 Season 1

This is the first season of 24. Nobody heard of Jack Bauer before this came out and now he's a household name. This show drags you in like nothing I've ever seen before. Is it the best show ever made? No. Is it a show that you can just watch one episode at a time? No. This is probably the most addictive show ever made though. You only want to start watching this when it's a 3 day weekend and you have no plans because you won't want to leave the couch! Great show, worth buying. Available all over for around $15 or cheaper if you watch ebay enough.Read full review...


"24" Season 1 & Season 5

I have been looking at purchasing the entire set of the TV series "24" for quite some time....the cost is what has held me back. When I started shopping on ebay, I found every season that I was looking for, and ended up buying through auctions, every set from every season. I gave these to my husband for Christmas, and he was really happy with it. (Even with the writer's strike, we were able to watch "24" - the early seasons that we had not seen). What I ended up paying for the entire set of all 6 seasons that I purchased was less than it would have cost me to purchase 1 season in a retail store or even on some on-line sites that I had looked at. This was some of the first purchases I made on ebay, and has made me a loyal ebay shopper ever since. Now, almost anything that we talk about purchasing either for personal use or our home, I check out ebay first.Read full review...


More Riveting - More Compelling than any Major Film!!

24 is an action packed mini movie that has terroistic threat that must be dealt with by the CTU(Counter Terrorism Unit) in one 24-hour period per season; each episode is one hour in that 24-hour period. Each season has been able to become more intrigueing and exciting than the one before! Do you like sitting on the edge of your seat? Do you have want to have to remind yourself to breathe? Do you, like most Americans, need a hero? Then you will love 24!
My husband, son, and I could hardly wait for it to come out on DVD and watch every action packed episode. We became hard-core 24 Addicts after stumbling onto the show on Fox during season 4, aired in 2005. There was so much action, so much intrique, such incredible special effects, intense character development, and yes, that is what we saw in only one episode! We ran, not walked to the video rental store and began watching the series on DVD. Our family quickly developed a routine of having 24 "watching parties" every weekend to watch 8 or 12 episodes at once, with Jack Bauer the guest of honor! I never can get enough of the show's movie-scale set and exciting, intense action.
The interpersonal relationships are so thoroughly explored, all the while these unseen heros of our great nation are saving lives, the country, and the world in fresh and unpredictable ways, and often at their own personal expense. The characters will inspire you, enrage you, sadden you, and cause you to rejoice all in one episode! Watching one episode of 24 is like eating a Lay's potato chip: YOU CAN''T HAVE JUST ONE! Watching the show on DVD is the ultimate way to experience the ticking clock; the evolving and resolving of monumental terroist threat all in one 24 hour period! How amazing is that?
And as if the excitement of each episode is not enough, we even created a game at each spot in the DVD made for the commercial break whereby the show fades to the clock ticking; after a few seconds the ticking clock is shown again with a period of lapsed time; meanwhile all three of us (and any friends also present) try to guess the seconds that will be shown on the clock when the show fadse back in. Of course, we all have a 1/60 chance of guessing it correctly; and the excitement and tension of the episode seems to carry into our little game making it tremendous fun! By the way, my husband is the reigning 24 clock champ with having guessed correctly 14 times in the watching of all four seasons! Try it with your family as you watch, it really is fun!

The clock is ticking ... get your hands on the complete DVD set with special features and commentary! It's time you got excited about something, and this is it! Once you have watched this drama in real time, everything else is just fantasy!
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This is going to be the longest day of my life.

From the first seconds to the last season one of 24 provides a rolercoaster of edge of your seat moments. The entire show plays out in real time and thanks to the brillent writers of the show its able to keep you interested in every characters sub story. Kiefer Sutherland stars in this series as CTU agent Jack Bauer and he is in charge of seeing that a black presidential canidate David Palmer isnt assinated by a group of terrorists. Along the way his family is kidnapped and there are people in his own agency that might be involved. This season of 24 is sure to please its a gripping action/drama well deserving of 5/5 stars...Read full review...


Great buy, excellent price!

Me and my family is enjoying the 24 season 1. It is such a great buy for the money i paid for it. I plan of purchasing all the 24 season. they dont make good tv show like this any more.


Warning: Extremely Addictive

Before you watch these DVD's, make sure you have the entire season ready and cancel all your plans for the weekend. You won't be able to leave your couch. The first season is undoubtedly the best in the series and by the time you're done watching this, you'll be ready to tattoo Jack Bauer's face on your back. Elisha Cuthbert is a little annoying as his daughter (and frankly if it weren't for her, Jack wouldn't be in so much trouble), but Sarah Clark kills it as Nina Meyers and the show is so well written with amazing cliffhangers from episode to episode, you'll have to set an alarm to remind you to eat and go to bed. I swear by this show and these DVD's are a must.Read full review...


Best Series Ever!

This series was filmed in 'real time' and chronicles a government agency called CTU (Oounter Terrorism Unit). The leader of the L.A. division of CTU is Jack Bauer (Keifer Sutherland). The 24 show series is packed with action. There are 8 season of the show. I am on Season 7 and have not been disappointed yet. It is the best television series ever produced. Keifer Sutherland is the man.Read full review...

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