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Cincinnati Bengals Tickets

Cincinnati Bengals Tickets - Description

The Cincinnati Bengals started playing football as an expansion team out of the American Football League in 1968. Like several other American Football League teams, they joined the NFL when the two leagues merged in 1970. Although the Bengals have only appeared in two Super Bowls and have never won a Super Bowl, they have still contributed great things to the NFL. The Bengals were the first NFL team to form a gameplan around the no-huddle offense, rather than using it only when the game was winding down. A former Bengals assistant also created what is known as the "West Coast Offense," and a former defensive coordinator of the Bengals invented the zone blitz. Mike Brown, the current owner of the Bengals, assumed control of the Bengals after his father, Paul Brown, died in 1991. The Brown family has been in control of the Bengals during their entire history.

Watching the Cincinnati Bengals

Paul Brown Stadium is an especially interesting place to watch a NFL game. The stadium is nicknamed "The Jungle" not only because of the fact that the stadium hosts the Bengals, but also for the fact that the Guns & Roses song "Welcome to the Jungle" blares from the speakers at the beginning of every game. Paul Brown Stadium is the only NFL stadium to be on the list of "America's favorite 150 buildings and structures" because of its interesting architecture. The stadium is located right across from the Ohio River and is a short walk from Cincinnati Riverfront Park and parts of downtown Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Bengals' Paul Brown Stadium

Ohio’s Paul Brown Stadium has been the home of the Cincinnati Bengals since August 19, 2000. Total seating capacity is 65,535. It is one of the few NFL stadiums to house only one tenant, as well as being one of the few venues named after an individual, rather than a corporation. There is a practice facility with three fields adjacent to the stadium. In a 2007 survey of America’s favorite buildings and structures, Paul Brown Stadium was the only football venue listed, and it ranked 101st out of 150 sites.

Cincinnati Bengals 2011 Team Outlook

Two rookies are giving Cincinnati Bengals fans high hopes for the 2011 season. The team received good grades from analysts on its draft earlier in the year. The Bengals selected A.J. Green, a junior wide receiver from the University of Georgia, with the fourth overall pick. Green’s physical characteristics have been compared to those of former superstar Randy Moss. The Bengals also drafted Andy Dalton, a quarterback from TCU. The four-year starter placed ninth in Heisman Trophy voting his senior year. With these additions, the Bengals have the nucleus for a return to the high-powered offense Cincinnati was known for in the past.


Cincinnati Bengals Tickets

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