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Camera Wholesale Lots

Save Big and Buy Cameras Wholesale

Buying wholesale cameras, equipment and accessories in bulk, or “wholesale lots,” is no longer confined to retailers and camera refurbishing businesses. As with so many other goods now sold at wholesale or discount prices when purchased in volume, bulk cameras have made their way directly to the consumer market. Shop eBay’s virtual camera store for wholesale lots of digital, film and vintage cameras, or for new and used camera equipment, parts and accessories.

Wholesale Digital and Film Cameras

Buying bulk digital cameras can save you hundreds of dollars. Window shop our wholesale digital cameras for a professional camera from the brands you trust most. You’ll find Olympus, Nikon and Canon digital cameras; you can also pare down your search to that one DSLR camera on your wish list. For the film camera aficionado, eBay’s wholesale film camera inventory has classic cameras like the Kodak Instamatic and vintage Polaroid. You’ll find many new and used film cameras, including endless varieties of the classic 35-mm camera. Whether you go with a Vivitar digital camera or one from Pentax or Casio, you can find them all on eBay.

Wholesale Camera Equipment and Accessories

Shop eBay’s new and used wholesale camera accessories for digital and film photography equipment and parts. Search by brands like GoPro or Leica for compatible flash units, lens filters and camera repair tools, or browse for mixed or uniform lots of light meters, filter cases, camera bags and other generic accessories. Find accessories for your Vivitar camera, extra Polaroid film and other wholesale photography equipment.

Vintage and Antique Cameras

Remember the Polaroid camera? In its day, the very word “Polaroid” became synonymous with instant camera. Or how about the supreme Rolleiflex and Eastman Kodak’s Brownie? If you’re a collector, you’ll enjoy browsing these classic cameras and discovering the rare movie camera and other prized finds intermixed in our wholesale lots of vintage cameras. eBay’s search options make it easy to buy old cameras. For high-end antique cameras and ensembles, filter your results to include only your preferred sellers or those that accept returns.

Camera Repair and Replacement Parts

Do you repair or restore cameras as a business or hobby? You’ll find countless old cameras for sale just for their parts by browsing our vintage, digital and film camera lots. Be sure to explore other camera wholesale lots for in-demand film and digital camera parts, like lenses and shutters for Canon and Nikon cameras. Save time by refining your search to show only those items listed as lots, and don’t forget the film!