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Whether you use a radio scanner or two-way radio for work, you need a handheld marine radio for communication on the open sea, or you’re shopping for walkie-talkies for your kids to use for fun, you’ll find everything in communication radios online. Buy and sell scanners, CB radios, Ham radios and other forms of electronic communication on eBay. Browse the selection of new, used and refurbished radio communication devices from all the top brands—including Motorola, Baofeng, Standard Horizon and more.

What is a Radio Scanner?

A radio scanner is a communication device that can automatically tune two or more frequencies. When a scanner finds a transmission, it stops, at which point the user has the option to listen to the frequency, save it to the scanner’s memory, or continue searching. Scanners are typically used by off-duty emergency services personnel, police officers, reporters, aviation enthusiasts and hobbyists. They range in size from handheld to home base models. From RadioShack Radio Scanners to Base Station Radio Scanners to scanners made by other top brands like Whistler and Uniden, you’ll find everything in scanning communication electronics on eBay.

Ham Radio 101

Amateur radio, otherwise known as ham radio, is a hobby involving radio communication electronics. Amateur radio operators use communication devices to converse with other ham operators, and they call themselves “radio hams” or just “hams.” Radio hams have to pay a fee and pass an exam in order to use ham radio service. Ham radios are usually more powerful than standard CB radios and use special radio antennas to get the proper signals.

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Want to buy or sell radio communication devices? Let eBay be your source for buying and selling radio communication online, from CB radios to radio antennas to police scanners.