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What Are the Different Options for Music Stands?

Music stands come in a variety of makes and models. Choosing which type to use is up to the preference of the musician, the conductor, or the band. Most stands are adjustable for height and use a tripod for stability. The biggest difference between different types of stands is whether they are foldable and portable or whether they are meant to be stationary. Stationary music stands are often heavier than portable ones, with a solid music support platform. They also sometimes include a shelf below for placing other accessories such as rosin or pens. Folding stands are preferable for musicians that travel, and they can range anywhere from lightweight to heavy-duty models. Musicians who need to more weight on their stands might choose the stronger options. 

How Do Metronomes Work?

Musicians use metronomes to control the time element of a piece or performance by listening to the steady beat it provides. Metronomes can be set to any tempo the musician or the piece of music requires. Once they are set, all the musicians has to do is follow the beat it sets to time out and learn a piece of music. 

How Do Tuners Work?

Electronic tuners pick up the musical notes played on an instrument and detect the pitch for the musician by listening to the frequency of the sound. Certain notes have a fixed frequency, such as Middle C at about 261.626 Hz, so the tuner compares notes to its programmed, fixed frequencies to read the note. It then tells the musician whether a note is sharp, flat, or in tune.