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Car brakes are the most important part of a vehicle's safety system. Whether you have a short drive or a long road trip you need reliable, consistent brakes that you trust. There are two sets of brakes on a vehicle, one in the front and the other in the back. Each tire has its own brake.

Types of Brakes
There are two types of brakes found on most vehicles, disc and drum brakes. The two principal disc brake parts are the brake pads which squeeze against the brake rotors to slow the car. Typically, you will find disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the back.

Know Your System
There is more to the braking system on a car than pushing the pedal and slowing down. It consists of a series of steel tubes and reinforced rubber hoses to connect the different components of the braking system. The master cylinder is made up of two parts, each attached to different sides of the car so if one fails, you still have two brakes that work. Although not used often in automatic transmission cars, every car has a parking brake which controls the rear brakes through either a hand lever or a foot pedal. 

Help When You Need It
The anti-lock system has significantly improved the safety of modern vehicles. Many drivers have had the unfortunate experience of simply driving down the street when all of a sudden it’s necessary to slam on the brakes in order to avoid being in an accident. They hear the squeal of the tires, smell the rubber burning, and are just thankful to have stopped in time. The anti-lock system is designed to work when lockup occurs due to fast, hard pressure put on the brakes. The system detects when one or more wheels become locked up or is not moving as fast as the other wheels. It will rapidly pump the brakes to unlock the wheel. Lastly, to help with the amount of pressure required to engage the brakes, the power brake booster amplifies your foot’s pressure requiring minimal strength to stop even the heaviest vehicle.