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Tune up the strings, crack your fingers, and dive into a realm of country, folk, Irish traditional, or any other type of music by supplementing your sound with the funky, bluegrass style of your own banjo. Although commonly associated with the folk scene or with old-time American music, a high-quality banjo can serve as both a strong, central instrument or as a subtle rhythmic backing whenever musicians are looking to add a rustic, country, or bluegrass hue to any genre in which they are interested. Furthermore, despite popular belief, there is also a wide variety of banjo styles and designs available, including the four-stringed tenor banjo, four-stringed cello banjo, four-stringed plectrum banjo, vintage banjos, a banjo ukulele, or even banjos with five or six strings as well. In addition, you can discover your banjo from several highly respected brands, such as Gibson and Deering. Whether your musical passions lie in the rustic, bluegrass sounds of the banjo, or whether you are an experienced banjo virtuoso, eBay features one of the most complete new and used banjo collections that you can browse through without even leaving your home. You can strike up the bass guitar and the drums or just relax on your front porch while plucking away on your very own banjo.