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Zumba Fitness  (Wii, 2010)
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Zumba Fi...Zumba Fi...Zumba Fi...Zumba Fi...

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Created: 12/15/13


No, I would not recommend this product.

i am a white girl with no rhythm and for me this zumba game is "no bueno"... i ant clearly see the steps nore does it correct me when i go with the wrong leg... i cant get he steps down for the life of me and honestly i dont like it.... and i got the entire kitten kabootle

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Created: 04/08/13

Not a good beginner's guide to zumba, poor quality graphics.

No, I would not recommend this product.

This is the beginning generation of movement based gameplay. It will work as long as you move the controller (no matter which way or how). Dance styles are not easily learned, as the computer goes to fast for you to fully grasp what they are doing. There is not much in the way of choices for music, most of it is latino based. Visual performance is very poor, mostly just lights flashing and a poor CGI background.
Overall, if you want to learn zumba, go to a class, for the money you spend here.

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Created: 01/13/11

nice game thank you

nice gameI bought the NewPhone 74205 three weeks ago and was immediately impressed with the number of features available on this inexpensive phone. It has a 1M-pixel camera, video camera, and speakerphone. The NewPhone's size is perfect for carrying in a pocket and the battery has a pretty good lifespan of roughly 4 hours. My only complaint is that the menu system on the phone makes you click four times before you can find someone in the address book, set an alarm, or perform a additional functions. Other phones I've owned have simpler menus and get you to important features easily. Overall, I'd recommend the phone if you're on a budget.

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Created: 01/23/11

OK....but good old videos are more for me

This item is ok, if you feel you need points to motivate you. I've come to the conclusion that these games take more time getting them situated than just putting in a workout video. I decided to order the actual Zumba workout video instead. One thing, I read on other peoples reviews also, is that it would've been helpful for a prompt on the next move to be illustrated on the screen. You have no idea what the transitions are from one move to the next which kind of stinks. In the "Just Dance" games they have little prompts below (for the next move)...and it's so helpful for keeping up and transitioning. I think if I were back deciding to order this or not...I would pass. Would've saved me the money.

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Created: 01/29/11

Zumba Fitness (Wii, 2010)

The zumba dances themselves are fun and choreo is true to zumba DVD's but use of the zumba belt is not necessary and sensor not really accurate to game. Even if you stand still and do nothing---character says "good job" "you're doing great."!
Obviously if you are serious about getting the most benefit out of it you will try to mimic as prompted---purchase of belt unnecessary for use.

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Created: 06/09/11

Great Product. Not for Begginers

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Bought this product as a workout Game.
They should have a Hip Hop version of this.
Positive- Really Fun Game. Exciting and Fast Paced.
Negitive- Not for begginners unless you have some intense energy. Only wish it had an english song setting.
One of the Great workout games. It keeps you moving constantly.

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Created: 07/08/11

If you are already familiar with it, you will love it, but not for beginner

No, I would not recommend this product.

I had heard about Zumba and was told it was a fun but manageable workout...maybe the regular dvd's are but the Zumba for the Wii is difficult. Trying to learn the dance steps is NOT easy...either it doesn't advance to the next step or it flies past it so fast you have to start all over...Definitely not what I was expecting...

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Created: 11/02/11

Disappointed. For it to be a Wii game, it's kinda crappy.

No, I would not recommend this product.

I was really excited to use this since I have been to real Zumba classes. I was quite disappointed. The graphics are pretty crappy and the remote doesn't pick up all your moves.I tried to do the "learn the moves" section and it didn't work out very well because when you wear the belt, it goes too fast ad the remote picks up too much movement. But if you don't use the belt it doesn't pick up much movement at all Sometimes i just stood there and shook the remote and it still didn't pick up all the movements. There is no happy medium. I have had other friends tell me the same things. I would not recommend this.

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Created: 03/26/11


I don't know if it was my expectation that was let down or what but the Zumba fitness program is nothing like what I had thought it would be.
The basic moves are simple enough to do, but it goes really fast and not fun. The belt thing to score points is worthless. It should not have been made into a 'game'.
Would I buy it again if I had seen it before purchase? Probably not.

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Created: 06/21/11

Great game, great price!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The game is a lot of fun. I haven't done the hip hop portion yet, as it is a little of beat and there for difficult if you have rhythm. Besides that, I love it!

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