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Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Judith Sc...
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Your Pre...

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Created: 02/07/09

Good Book

I decided to buy this because my cousin recommended it. It is one of the few good books out there on pregnancy. My husband and I are reading through this book together. It is nice because it is divided up into each week of pregnancy. There are pictures each week of the baby's size; however, the pictures that they say are actual size are not actual size (but that's okay, I can measure). They mention many important topics such as eating right, exercising, tests throughout pregnancy, complications that may arise, the baby's growth, and changes in the woman. They don't go into great detail about some things, but they understand that most pregnant women will not experience these complications. It is easy to read, and as a nurse I believe has valid information. I would recommend it to a friend.

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Created: 08/10/09

Book bought as gift

I bought a copy of this book for my daughter when she was expecting her first child last year. When two ladies I worked with both became pregnant, I passed on my daughter's copy and bought another for my other friend. This book gives easy to read information in a week-by-week format. It shows how the baby is growing and what changes are taking place. What I like is that it is not all about heading for that epidaural...it gives information on alternatives to run of the mill births, and also talks about nutritional and emotional needs. Great book!
It arrived in a timely manner, in great condition. Thank you

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Created: 08/16/10

A must have for every pregnancy

I have made sure to have the most recent edition of this book on hand through all of my pregnancies. Now that I am expecting baby #4, I was sure to order the latest version. It's probably the most reassuring book you can read when you are in those sketchy days of your first trimester. It's nice to be able to see what your baby and body should be doing exactly when they should be doing it. The fact that the sections are bite-sized keeps you informed without being overwhelming, but it is so easy to navigate that you can look forward in your pregnancy to be prepared and know what to expect. It's amazing how much you forget from one pregnancy to the next; it's nice that I have this book to go back to to refresh my memory and update me on the latest trends and medical advice.

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Created: 02/09/10

Your Pregnany Week by Week

I used this book with my first pregnancy but loaned out my copy. A few years later, I am pregnant again and wanted to have the book for reference. Very informative and full of little bits of information that you might not find in other places or even think to ask. Your Baby's First Year Weed by Week is another must.

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Created: 12/26/09

Great book for mothers and fathers to be

Th format is very simple and not overwhelming. Both mothers and fathers to be will find usefull information. I love that it is broken down week by week so I know what is going on right now with the baby, and what to expect for me. Lots of information, some can be skimmed over if it is not relevant to you or looked up again later if needed.

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Created: 04/19/09

great book...wife loves it-very detailed week to week

Wife is 10 weeks pregnant with our second child and is very intrigued by the week to week development of the baby. Exciting and generous information for mom and baby.

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Created: 04/09/08

Great read!

This book was easy to read, easy to follow, and overall incredibly informative in a positive way. Unlike other pregnancy books that can be intimidatnig with medical advice and all of the scary "what ifs", this book told me what I needed to know in a comfortable manner. My husband even enjoyed reading it b/c it was realistic and entertaining. I read mine each week and couldn't wait until I turned another week pregnant to read on and learn about my week and what I could expect. It's the only book you need. For guys, I recommend the brother book of this, Pregnancy for the father to be. It is a great compliment for the father and aligns well in a practical way. My husband read through it and enjoyed it.

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Created: 09/13/11

great, informative book, A must have during pregnancy!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Great book! Modern, Informative and positive. Definite recommend for any pregnant woman and/or daddy for an abundance of great info.
I had a previous edition during my last pregnancy and had to re purchase for my current! Must Have! :)

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Created: 05/02/11

A must for any new parent!!

I am a first time mother and wanted a book that would offer m insigt as well as little hints for my husband. This book offers both. I also like that it includes an approximate weight gain, week by week, as well as the approximate size of my growing baby. I also enjoyed the weekly pregnancy exercises.

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Created: 03/04/11

Pregnancy Week by Week

Great book. I buy one for every young lady at our church expecting their first baby. This book breaks down the pregnancy into a week by week explaination of what's going on with their baby. Very fun and exciting info.

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