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XO Vision Ematic
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    Created: 05/08/10

    Amazing for the price, hilariously bad interface

    So let me preface by saying I payed 22 bucks for one of these. So I am extremely happy with my purchase. I had just lost a 4GB Sansa clip+ on a camping trip (there is such a thing as TOO small) and bought this to replace it. It does a LOT more than the Sansa clip, cost me 1/2 as much, and is only a little bit bigger. It also comes with some much needed accessories like the rubber skin and the wrist strap to help prevent my dumb *** from losing it.

    I wasn't expecting anything fantastic because of the sheer value involved. Its basically generic Hong Kong electronics, with some very poorly translated menus. Some of which are kind of funny.

    For example, Track Rating is referred to as "Level" (i.e. 3 Stars = "Level 3"). So you can assign all of your songs a security clearance, which is nice. And when it shuts down, it tells you in no uncertain terms that it is "shuting down."

    But not all the interface issues are as harmless or funny. The main problem being, when you turn the thing off, it kind of forgets where it was. Every time you turn it on, it will be in the main menu, and you need to pick a function before it starts to do anything. If you were in the middle of an mp3, it will still remember your position in the song, but you have to navigate through 2 menus to get back to it and resume play.

    Secondly, the volume control is a little clunky. It would have been nice to just put two extra buttons on the side of the thing, like Sandisk did with the Clips. On the Ematic, you have to press the VOL button and hold it for a second, then press < and > to adjust when the bar comes up.

    The thing is very menu-based. You're not gonna be able to control too much without looking.

    The camera functions are great to have, I will probably end up using it frequently as a still camera, just for fun and documentation of my adventures. Make no mistake, this thing does NOT take fantastic photographs, and the video is extremely grainy. Anything not in direct sunlight will come out looking like it was shot on a cell phone cam (which is basically what this is).

    If you want to use it as a digital camera, or a DV recorder, it's not exactly a 'quickdraw' device. It takes a moment to get into the camera mode and start shooting/ recording. And each time you take a pic, it takes about 5 seconds to store it before you can shoot again (and this was only at 1600 x 1200 resolution). So if you're trying to photograph cheetahs or spy planes, choose a different camera.

    It has a lot of fun little touches that I didn't expect, like the built in speaker, startup and shutdown wallpaper options, funny sounds, etc.

    If you're poor and don't give a rat's patootie about name brands and slick functionality, this little guy works just fine. But be forewarned, the interface is clunky!

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    Created: 07/10/10

    Cutest little compact gadget

    Purchased this as a replacement for a lost mp3 player. Had a few problems in the beginning because of not quite understanding how it works/how to download onto it,but once we got that figured out, the only problem was it wasnt keeping a charge. just a note to those of you who are new to this item..TURN ON THE POWER when charging.That solved the charging issue. This is really nice because you can listen to your music as you take pictures or view the pictures also. It also takes videos. They come out pretty good. A great little compact gadget which we are glad we purchased.
    Comes with a strap to wear around your wrist so it wont be dropped, small enough to fit in shirt pocket or pants pocket, easy to use and also has a rechargeable battery..just plug into computer to charge.
    I gave it a rating of "good" because it could have had complete directions in a booklet to show you how to use it, but they tell you to go to YouTube to see how to use it and it doesnt quite explain everything.
    Overall, its worth the $$ spent on it and would make a nice gift also.

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    Created: 01/30/11

    Ematic EM504CAM (4 GB) Digital Media Player

    I like to read reviews, and after reading a lot of them on other web sites, I dident want to purchase this item! However I did Just because I dident have a big budget. I have now purchased 5 with this purchase, not because they have gone bad, but because they are a great item. I purchased another brand that was $229, and what a piece of sh!!. Ematic EM504CAM (4 GB) Digital Media Player Great Item!! Great Item!!

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    Created: 08/10/11

    If the stupid thing didnt shut down it would have been cool.

    No, I would not recommend this product.

    I was so excited to get this mp3 player! It has a camera/video camera, handy tools, and of course an mp3 player. I should have paid more attention to the price and realized nothing that cheap could be that great. the first few weeks i was in love with this thing and hadn't even put music on it yet! Then the stupid, cheap thing started shutting of for no reason with a full battery. Then, 5 weeks after i bought it it finally just stopped working with no damage done to it.
    Ematic sucks!

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    Created: 03/23/11

    ematic em5 4gb

    I brought the player to replace a broken one. I decided to up grade a little so I went for the features like the camera and recorder, the player is compact and lightweight, however it can be a bit difficult to operate for some of the features you may not ues that often.

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