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Wolf Creek (DVD, 2006, R-rated Version)
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Created: 09/13/06

Last of the pack but runs well with it.

2 jerks said this review was not helpful because I compared it with Hills have eyes and did not give credit to the orig 'hills have eyes' of 20 years ago. GIVE ME A BREAK! Get a life. OK, with that past us, here's my take on THE FOLLOWING movie

A great horror flick is hard to write, so I have been lenient on them. With that said, OK, joining the family of movies with folks getting lost only to find gruesome fates, England jumps in with 'Wolf Creek'. If your interested I did the research for the following...

Wolf Creek = 2005 England
Wrong Turn = 2003 Canada
Hills Have Eyes = 2006 U.S.
Detour = 2003 Australia.

Four countries have their own versions of this plot. By date (see above) you can tell who copied who first. It seems that Wolf Creek at the end 'hints' at their story being true. It never comes out clear and says it. I think that's an 'AKA' Blair Witch plot tactic. Wolf creek was OK. It was worth the ebay buy and worth pay per view. $11.00 in a movie house plus $10 for popcorn candy and soda... I may have reduced the rating to below average. As the other ratings said , I agree. Scary and the protagonist is a sick S.O.B. If you saw any of the other 3 movies I listed (AKA-The Family) then you will like Wolf Creek. I don't provide spoilers so that's all I'll say. My opinion though, Wrong Turn was the best! Followed by Hills Have Eyes, then Detour, then Wolf Creek. If the price is right, SEE THEM ALL! You'll have fun like I did comparing them! Wolf Creek is 'suppose' to be based on true events. If that's true, I'll give 'extra credit'.

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Created: 05/10/06

If you hated Hostel, you will hate this one too!

We are huge fans of Horror Films, so we bought this movie at the same time as we bought Hostel. I must say I was equally disappointed with both of them. Wolf Creek starts off REALLY slow just as Hostel does, but at least it's a storyline about 3 friends who go on a roadtrip and not some bad soft porn show. I enjoyed this one a tiny bit more only for the fact that "IF" you make it to the end of the film it does actually have a "scariness" about it, (in a very small dose though), and not just a Bloody, Gore fest like Hostel is. Neither movie was anything close to what I call a "scarey" movie. They just don't seem to know how to make em' scarey anymore. If you are thinking of adding this to your Horror collection, my advice would be to rent it first, before you spend your $ on it. And if you want to see one that is really scarey... my suggestion is to look for a movie called "High Tension", it is badly dubbed, but the movie itself is way more scarey!

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Created: 06/07/12

Same old, same old

No, I would not recommend this product.

I purchased Wolf Creek as it was advertised as being not only a scary movie, but also one based on true events.
Wolf Creek starts out pretty slowly. It is set in Australia and at times the characters are a slight bit hard to understand due to their thick accents. If I had not read the back of the dvd box, I wouldn't have had a clue as to what was going on. Like I said, the movie starts out slloowwly. Once things get going it only slightly gets better. It has the ususal "screaming, hysterical" female, the "calm, smart" female, and "a guy". Aside from a few moments of "I've not seen that before" was your average "horror" movie. And don't get me started about the ending......."unresolved&​quot; and "many unanswered questions" come to mind. Top all of this with the fact that it is based on true events, and the movie leaves you feeling very sad for the actual victims. If you are looking for something "fresh" from a horror movie...this isn't it.

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Created: 07/08/11

just ok not a verygood movie

No, I would not recommend this product.

went to sleep two times , the best thing about the move is the name , and it does not match the movie

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