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Wii Fit Plus [Bundle]  (Wii, 2009)
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Created: 01/10/11

Love my Wii Fit!

I love being able to get some exercise in even when the weather is bad. Even when I belonged to a gym, I had to make time to get there and back home, and when the roads were bad/dangerous due to weather conditions, I can still work out here at home. I combine this with my home pilates workouts.
There are a few reviews here that copy each other - sounds like someone is bumping up the reviews by reposting as someone else. However, you be the judge :)
I hardly ever write reviews, mostly because most sites want every detail of your personal info before you can post, but I don't mind when there is a site like this where I can just give feedback/opinions and be done with it.

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Created: 09/02/11

I have a love/hate relationship with my Wii Fit Plus that changes daily!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

We've been enjoying our Wii for almost a year, but had gotten lazy with some of the sports and were playing several of them while sitting down. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that you're not getting much benefit from doing that. I had heard about some of the fun exercises/activities that came with the Wii Fit Balance Board and I was interested in checking it out. It has definitely gotten us back on our feet and we're now using our Wii more than ever. We can see a slow improvement in our overall balance and stability on our feet. It hasn't done anything to change our weight or strength, but that's probably more because we don't work all that hard at it. Our overall experience in using the Wii with the Balance Board and Wii Fit Plus has been positive. Sometimes I hate the comments of the little cartoon B.B, and I have to grit my teeth. Some days the games are fun and some days it's just kind of tedious, but in the interest of fitness, we persevere. It has been a good addition to our Wii life.

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Created: 02/07/13

Fun device for kids

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

My six-year old loves this. I like that you can track your progress... even if you don't use all the exercises. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you can do with the balance board + games. As far as the exercises go, they are fun, easy, and low impact. Not for hard core exercise, but fun... especially for kids.

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Created: 02/07/14

Great Product All Ages..even Old Folks!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Tired of your old routine? This is the Best Program Ever. Whatever you like to do from yoga, dance, step, baseball, balancing, bowling and much much more. You can even
create your own routine. What more could you ask for?
Set the pace and off you go! Want results? They give you feedback on your progress too! Perfect.

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Created: 03/07/10

Wii fit Plus w/Balance Board

Simple to use interactive Video Game to get in Shape or just learn about fitness. Especially easy to use for those of us not into gaming; this brings the world of video games into our living rooms. You can start by hust "playing" games that are really testing your balance and agility and move into yoga, strength training or aerobics. Customize routines or let the friendly helpful interactive guide help you figure where you need the most help. You can track your progress, set goals & really see if you are getting stronger and or losing weight. Also included are informative tips on everything from how you are moving to simple diet reminders.

I strongly recommend this for user of any age who want to have fun while getting in better shape; plus you can purchase other games to have fun with the same system.

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Created: 11/24/12

Great value. Works great even for guys!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I bought this product to loose about 80 lbs. I'm a 27 yr old male who works 70+ hours a week 7 days a week. So I needed something at home that would still give me that gym feeling. This went above and beyond my expectations. The workouts are great , the BMI/Weight tracker is extremely accurate.

I recommend this to anyone trying to loose weight and still get that at gym feeling and burn. Make sure you install the Wii Fit Plus Channel on your Wii as well. There you can add your entire family's profiles, including your dogs/cats. I have both my dogs on there, this way I can keep track of their weight as well. Make sure they're getting plenty of exercise and not too much food intake.

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Created: 04/13/14

Overall a great product! Keeps you coming back for more! Effective and fun!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The overall product is very well put together, feels like an actual quality piece of equipment, and works quite well.

I bought this Wii Fit Plus to help with my health issues and to get the little one in a healthier routine as well. I wanted to have fun doing some exercise an not feel like a complete goober doing so. This definitely delivers!

I haven't used any other similar products, but I can tell you the pros and cons of this one.

+Fun (tons of games, exercises, and multiplayer capable)
+Effective (definitely keeps you moving and focused)
+Informative (shows calories used, weight, BMI, graphs, etc.)
+Beats going to ANY gym
+There are tons of accessories for it (usable ones, not just for show). lol
+Overall a very fun way to work out

-Balance is everything for this product. So, for those who can't stand on one leg for long (i.e. young children, elderly, or otherwise impaired), this isn't the product for you.
-Can't use on a thicker carpeted floor. Won't work right.
-Battery operated. So, it can die in the middle of a routine.
-Isn't very soft on bare feet. Perhaps an aftermarket cover would help.

Hopefully I offered some insight on this product! Overall, I would give it an 8/10 rating. It is fun, keeps you coming back for more, teaches you on how to improve your current lifestyle, and is overall a great way to keep focused on your healthy living goals. With a weight loss and BMI index goal, you can keep track of how close you are to your goal.

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Created: 12/04/11

Very good product even its simulation capability can be improved

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I like it a lot. It has some games that are not reflect real-life workout routines. I walk and jog though the board simulates the jogging routine way off than real life. I believe it can be much closer to real life.

In general I like it and I think it best feature is that it is wirelessly connected to the console.

I'd recommend it to homemaker people as it can be easily started and can get your profile activated then start from where you stopped previously in order to continue any routine you started with.

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Created: 02/08/10

Wii Fit Plus with board

It is fun. I'm not sure how much actual exercise it produces, I suppose there is some, but, running in place is nothing close to running outdoors up a hill. I suppose I could take offense to the system "inflating" my Mii and telling me I'm obese -- but, it made it's point. lol I'm thinking the exercises are more arobic than anarobic in nature. And, I've never done yoga and don't plan to start now. That's all...

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Created: 12/15/12

Fun product but not something you should invest in if want to get in shape.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

It can be fun and helpful. It has a handy program to keep track of your fitness. I would not solely depend on this for a completely healthy work out but it is good to have fun with and something to occupy your time and keep you moving.

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