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West Wing: The Complete Series Collectio...
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West Win...

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Created: 10/10/09

The West Wing Compelete Series, DVD

This compalete 45-DVD set of the award-winning television series, THE WEST WING, remains the "Best Value" of anything I have ever purchased on eBay during the ten years that I have been a member.

Nothing I have ever purchased on eBay has given more pleasure, more quality enjoyment, for so long for so little cost.

At a total initial cost of around $100.00 posptaid, that computes to about $2.00 per DVD disc...and with (conservatively) two hours of viewing time per disc of several series' episodes, that's about $1.00 an hour for quality entertaiment.

And, figuring that my family and I will probably watch the entire series maybe four times during the next five years of so, the "Net Cost" is about 25-cents and hour. Now, is that great value or not?

My wife and I find withn these 45 DVD discs...superior writing, phenomenal cinematography, world-class acting and intricate story lines that need to be viewed several times to catch all the innuendos, play on words and little "leaks" of stories that will be revisited in future episodes: "Oh, yea! Now I get it! Remember back in Episode Three, they actors said something like this might happen someday...now here it is! How clever!"

Rabid professional political advisers may arguably be able to knit-pick the ultra-fine factual errors in many of these story plots, but the real drama of "what life must be like in the White House" brings common folk like me light-years ahead in our understanding of the complexity of national and international politics and diplomacy. And that's a very cheap education for only 25-cents and hour! It's almost like getting a degree in Political Science for only $100!

Perhaps it is the lack of consumers' well-documented lack of interest in politics that keeps this 45-DVD disc set of THE WEST WING priced so low. I am still trying to complete my DVD series of NORTHERN EXPOSURE...but at more than $20.00 per disc, my programn series remains woefully limited.

In summary, the 45-DVD disc complete series of THE WEST WING remains one of the best values you will find in the rapidly-expanding world of eBay.

I encourage you to take advantage of this cheap education.

After you view the entire series, if you don;t enjoy it as much as I did, simply list your "used" DVD set on eBay and sell it for $50 or so. That will reduce your cost of viewing still lower to 10-cents and hour or so!

What are you waitng for? Buy It Now! It's a No-Brainer!

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Created: 03/14/08

West Wing - The Complete Series

The West Wing is quite possibly one of the most engaging series that ever debuted on network television. The series showcases the harsh realities, stresses and political intrigue that engage the American Presidency. The United States is unique in that it is the only surviving presidential republic form of democracy on the planet. All other western democracies use a parliamentary system with a prime minister - the difference being that a Prime Minister does not have as much power as a presidential figure does.

The show does take a staunch pro-democrat stance on the issues presented to the white house, as this party in American Politics is arguably a more progressive, and more controversial platform than right wing, smaller government conservatives would like to see. The show manages to take all the boring things about government: tax relief, human rights, nuclear weapons, gun control, abortion, school prayer, gay rights, and a host of other issues and brings the struggles and history being made behind each issue into a fun-to-watch, laughable, and engaging exercise that seven seasons cannot do justice to.

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Created: 01/02/09

Great dramatic series

The West Wing is one of the best ensembles ever put together for a network television drama. The quality of acting, writing, and presentation are exceptional. This is different from other dramas, as it provides an accurate look into the everyday operations of the White House. It was my favorite TV show, and I was sorry that it ended. The production of the videos in this collection is top-notch, and the Dolby Digital sound quality is the best.

If you are a fan of this series, this is indeed a worthy investment.

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Created: 04/20/09

West Wing: The Complete Series Collection

This is a remarkably well written drama series. Many people do not know that this series was to be the re-birth of Rob Lowe. He was supposed to be the main character. Thankfully Aaron Sorkin thought better after the series began and took on a life of its own. The characters ebb and flow in and out if episodes and become main and supporting characters constantly.
The one thing my wife and I loved was the intrigue and the behind the scenes feel to the series. We on many occasions wonder if some if any of the actions are remotely close to real life.(told you it was great writing). If you watch and follow the series to its completion youwill find serious and remarkable similarities with the most recent 2008 Presidential election. Remember this series was written and was complete a couple of years before. The irony and parallel to the real election was at times scary. You have a minority candidate with not much experience aginst a older white very experienced senator.(sound familiar?) The democratic candidates can not seem to agree on a candidate until the very last minute at the convention.(sound familiar). This will be a series that you will watch and watch and watch. You will develope favorite episodes, characters and phrases.

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Created: 01/24/09

Packaging: A; Disc Format: A++!

The packaging for the West Wing Complete Series Collection is nothing short of beautiful. The DVDs are stored in tri-fold pieces of glossy cardboard, which are meant to resemble file folders, and organized by season. While this presents a nice appearance, the discs can get scuffed when removing and replacing the DVDs from the folder. You will want to be extra careful, although, I've found that no matter how careful you are, scuffs are just going to happen. The folders are protected from the weight of the lid by a clear plastic space filler, which helps to ensure the integrity of the tabs on the folders.

As for the DVDs themselves, Warner Bros. did an excellent job of ensuring the menus are uniform throughout the entire series, as well as re-pressing the DVDs into single-sided discs (as opposed to the double-sided discs used in the individual season releases) with uniform disc art on all 45 DVDs. For those who are as particular about their DVD collections as I am, the single-sided discs alone make this a worthwhile investment for anyone who is interested in collecting the entire series. However, remember that beneath the surface of the discs and their new artwork, lie the exact same discs found on the individual season releases. There is no new content for the Complete Series Collection. There is, however, a nice booklet included with episode synopsis and air date information, as well as a reprinted copy of the script for the pilot episode.

Overall, I give the West Wing: Complete Series Collection 4 out of 5 stars. It excels above most other complete series collections I've seen with its only major downfall being lack of additional special content and the tendency for the discs to scuff from the hard cardboard folders.

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Created: 08/02/10

West Wing Complete Series Not a Disk Worked

I ordered a complete series set of West Wing.
When I put them into my TV to play, they do not work.
The DVD player makes a knocking sound, and says no content; which it doesn’t do to any of DVD I own.
I tried them in a different DVD player and it says disc is corrupt.
I have tried each disc as well as put them into my computer.
The computer says they have the West Wing content on them, but they will not play either.

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Created: 02/03/07

West Wing

I'm obviously a fan of the West Wing thus I purchased the complete series. I don't even watch regular television anymore, truth. Aaron Sorkin is a gifted writer and every member of the cast is top knotch. In my opinion, the best television series of all-time. I would change only one thing and that's the writing for the final season. Wouldn't of gone w/ the Santos for President storyline. That kind of turned me off and I don't believe I watched an episode the final season. Oh well, perfection they did not attain but they've gotten closer than any other show I can remember.

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Created: 04/08/13

Inside the Whitehouse and the occupants who work and live there.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I had watched a few episodes of West Wing on TV but was unable to watch it all. I was impressed with what I saw and decided to buy the entire series when it came out. The set I purchased from Ebay was great and sold at a very affordable price. The show was up-to-date as far as political issues and really gets down to the nitty-gritty of running for high political office in this country. The phrase "if you want a friend in Wasington, get a dog" rings true. The show also brought to light the very true fact that a candidate's staff can make him or break him. The killing schedule required to run for office makes one wonder how any marriages survive in this crazy atmosphere. The writing was accurate and the complete cast were all really outstanding. The main thing I took away from this series was that we had better be very sure that the top man is exceptionally strong and sure of his decisions made after hearing from upteen people telling him what he should do. The bottom line falls to him. I enjoyed the entire show. The dialogue was very witty and funny at times, and seemed to flesh out and define all the characters. There is no doubt that power corrupts and some politicians, not all, are very prone to corruption and fall in love with power. Comparison shopping revealed that I got the best buy offered. Thank you Ebay.

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Created: 11/29/10

West Wing Series

The West Wing is a great series. Not only does it give you an insiders view (many of the episode writers included former White House employees) of the White House and the governing process, it also has a number of compelling story lines. While I never watched the series during its original NBC broadcast, I began to watch re-runs on Bravo and became hooked.

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Created: 10/03/10

Television Done Right!

The thing that set the West Wing was the rapid-fire dialogue that gave the appearance of being natural, rather than scripted. No TV drama has matched it.

The acting, direction and casting were also excellent. The variety of situations portrayed, kept everything fresh and interesting.

While the show had a Democratic Party view of the world, it was reasonably even-handed. Only the last season seemed a bit flat, but possibly that is to be expected. After all, an administration on the verge of leaving the White House, is likely to be less energized than one that has just arrived.

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